One Life to Love

July 26-30 1999

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One Life to Love is a weekly (schedule permitting) look at the ups and downs, highs and lows, and ins and outs of life in Llanview.

This week, Lindsay's story continued its powerful forward momentum, the teen quad heated back up, and a "mystery" woman emerged from the shadows.

Lindsay falsely accused is such a great story. It's believable, well-crafted, and absolutely masterful in its ability to enmesh nearly every character on the canvas and turn longstanding relationships upside down. Bo and Sam's rocky history is set aside in their common defense of Lindsay. While against her will (and better judgment) Nora is in league with Dorian, forced to play the angel on her shoulder to RJ and Sophia's twin devils (and obliged once more to keep a devastating secret from Bo and Sam). Watching Viki killing Dorian with kindness is too much! Finally, a fresh twist on their longstanding feud. The only person involved who doesn't fit in is Tea. Using Ms. Delgado's newly revealed backstory to explain her weird (over)reaction to Lindsay fell flat. The two situations are completely dissimilar, and, if anything, Tea's long-simmering guilt and shame would more likely provoke empathy than self-righteous condemnation.

This week, Lindsay's trial got underway at breakneck speed, with Sam and Hank's opening arguments whizzing by in fast motion. Sadly, these particular courtroom theatrics are this strong story's weakest element thus far, with both sides seemingly in improvisational mode, content to call people to the stand as they catch their eye in the courtroom
(Oh, Jessica Buchanan just walked in, she'd be good. Say, Jessica, have a seat in the witness box). Thank heavens Judge Fitzwater is there to lend the semblance of dignity to these rather slapdash proceedings.

Of course, the real action in Lindsay's story is occurring outside the halls of justice. Finally, Bo has more than just his fabled gut to go. Yep, Bo gets a clue! The building security tape reveals Lindsay handing a piece of paper, possibly a *gasp* check to a young man right outside the galley (you know, that place where people buy paintings and artists whose work is sold receive payment). Naturally, Bo shares this evidence with Sam (just a tad unethical wouldn't you say, given his status as commish), but do either of these hotshots suggest subpoenaing Lindsay's bank records -- nah! Instead Bo marches up to Lindsay-Liar-Pants-on-Fire and demands the truth. But since Lindsay is on the road to redemption and can only tell one lie at a time, she hangs her head and mumbles "I don't remember" instead of rattling off a plausible explanation.

And speak of the devil, Jeff Barnes turned up to taunt Lindsay in her cell (one of about 20 visitors she received that day). The newly recast ethically challenged former lab technician was in full smirk-and-lurk mode. Loitering right under Bo's nose. Can you believe Lindsay paid this guy a half-million dollars to doctor those lab results her entire settlement from Clint? I wouldn't have offered a penny over $100,000. Consumer Tip: Look how much she saved by altering Bo's test results herself!

Dorian continued her bad penny routine, showing up anywhere and everywhere sporting a series hats that practically scream, "I'm Guilty!" Yessiree, this lady has a lot more to hide than a bad hair day. And then there's the fact that she turns three shades green at any mention of the accident. Hey, Bo, forget about your gut, try opening your eyes!

This week's other big event was Jessica and Will's return from their plot device, er, grief therapy road trip. What to make of Viki's laissez faire attitude towards her daughter? I was a bit shocked as she chirped smugly to Ben that her little girl is all grown up and there's nothing more she can do for her. Sounds to me like mommy's too busy playing doctor with Gentle Ben to worry about her recently traumatized little girl.

After some french toast and a quick trip to Lindsay's jail cell, Jess made a beeline to Cristian's crib, throwing about an ocean's worth of cold water on the new lovebirds' post-coital bliss. HA! Even I felt sorry for that slinky minx Roseanne as Cristian's "love the one you're with" philosophy seemed to evaporate on the spot. (Though how nasty was it when she gloated about hitting the sheets with Cris to his own mother -- ewwwww!) Frankly, the Ann Landers in me wants to pack these kids off to college -- in four different states -- with Roseanne getting a big dose of therapy before heading off to an all-girls school. To me, Cris and Jessica's so-called love is just overgrown puppy love that should've faded to oblivion long ago. Even fans of this couple can't seriously believe they're ready for marriage.

Well, it's already splashed all over the soap mags and on TV promos, so these coy torso-only shots of Asa's new secret weapon seem a bit silly (though I did chuckle at the "SC" monogram on her designer briefcase). I'm excited about Skye Chandler coming to Llanview, though disappointed by her unimaginative defacement of Ben's newspaper photo with a simple red "X" What? no Martian antenna, goatee and beard, or crossed eyes?

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