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One Life to LoveTell a Friend


November 20-24 2000

Due to Monday’s preemption and Friday’s football coverage (yuck), it was a three-day soap week, so consider this a mini-Midge.

Freaked out by her lack of funds, Roseanne asked Cris to pay back the $3000 she loaned him to fly to Ireland. Unfortunately, Cris isn’t exactly flush at the moment. R.J. was on hand and had a good chuckle at Roseanne’s expense. R.J. was even more amused when Rosie had the nerve to hit him up for a loan.

Now I’m a bit confused. I had assumed R.J. was behind Roseanne’s newfound poverty, but apparently she just frittered the money away. Can you really blow a cool mil on designer tube tops? When R.J. continued to crack wise, Cris took a swing at him and aggravated his injured hand. At the hospital, the doctor on duty told Cris his hand wasn’t looking too good. Depressed about his hand and heartsick over Jessica, Cris returned to the diner, apologized to R.J., and told him he was ready to accept his job offer. Looks like trouble!

Over at their new pad, Jessica told Will she wasn’t ready to resume the physical aspect of their relationship. She needed time to make sure she was doing the right thing. She’d rushed into something she regretted with Cris and didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. Will said he understood but looked pretty pouty to me. I was just congratulating Jessica on her mature decision when about 20 minutes later, she told Will she was now ready for sex – what?!?

Something tells me Will had planned ahead, because two seconds after Jess gave the go ahead, out came candles, flowers, a CD player for mood music, and some bedding.

Speaking of waiting games, John popped by Rae’s room after a long day of detecting. This time, Rae seemed good to go. John blathered on and on about loving Rae and how special this would be – extremely flattering to Rae and profoundly embarrassing for this viewer to watch! They were just moving into the bedroom when the phone rang: Max had been attacked! John took off for the crime scene. Rae called Renee and headed for the hospital.

Paralyzed with guilt and fear, Blair allowed Todd to take charge. He removed various pieces of incriminating evidence, such as the gun and Blair’s shirt. Then with surprising tenderness, he washed Blair’s hands with cleanser (ouch) to remove any gunpowder residue. After calling 911, Todd coached Blair on their story: He and Blair were together at the penthouse all evening (discussing Starr’s visitation schedule) and had arrived at the church too late for the wedding. The only time they’d been apart was when Todd went to the Palace to check on Viki (Blair remained at the penthouse). When he and Blair returned to Asa’s, they’d found Max on the floor shot in the back and called 911.

Asa walked in as Blair knelt over Max and was shaken to see the vision in his dreams take shape in reality. When the EMTs arrived, Asa gruffly urged them not to let his son die. When the cops arrived, Asa pointed the finger at Blair, then headed to the hospital.

John Sykes interrogated Blair, who held it together pretty well. He asked her to come to the station to be tested for powder residue. Todd came along, holding Blair’s hand in support. Interesting…

At the station, Bo interviewed Blair and Todd (yes, together!!). Todd kept his cool, while Blair was a bit wobbly. Bo tried to throw them off balance by barking out an abrupt accusation: "Which one of you put the bullet in his back." But since both Todd and Blair have probably watched TV at least once in their lives, Bo’s wily ruse failed to crack either one. When the gun shot residue reports came back negative, Bo let them go – for now. When Blair told Todd she’d never forget what he’s done for her, Todd said he’d make sure of that. Then Blair headed to the hospital and Todd paid a call on Skye.

At the hospital, Blair poured out her heart to an unconscious Max. But when she begged him not to make her a murderer, his eyes flew open. Blair tried to talk to Max, but he seemed pretty out of it. When John questioned Max about the shooting, he lapsed back into unconsciousness.

Over at the Bayberry Inn, Skye opened the door to Todd, who calmly asked why she’d shot Max. Upset, Skye denied any involvement and rushed to her ailing honey’s side. After Skye left for the hospital, Todd snuck back in her room and planted the gun in the fireplace.

Back at the hospital, Asa refused to leave Max’s side. Asa wondered if his own actions had led to Max being shot. Frankly, I was relieved he didn’t start accusing Ben again. When Max needed blood and Asa wasn’t a match, Rae volunteered – to Asa’s extreme displeasure. John asked Renee and Rae if their little secret had anything to do with Max getting shot. Just then Skye arrived, and Rae accused her of shooting Max.

Skye scoffed at Rae’s accusations and demanded to see Max. She and Blair caused a scene in Max’s room so the duty nurse made them leave. Todd hovered around the action, pretending to be on Skye’s side but really making sure she dug a big enough hole for herself.

Alone at the gallery, Lindsay gloated about her hold over Asa. After making plans to meet the real Nora, Lindsay had a tête-à-tête with vision Nora, who urged Lindsay to do the right thing: go to the authorities with what she knows. But Lindsay had no intention of losing her leverage and the chance for enough cash to buy Colin’s continued silence. To ram home the point, Colin popped in for a little visit. When Lindsay threatened him with R.J., Colin informed Lindsay he’d written a letter detailing her involvement in Nora’s kidnapping – to be delivered to Bo in case of his death or disappearance. After Colin left, vision Nora urged Lindsay not to be short-sighted, reminding Lindsay that ratting out Asa would make her an important witness in a major murder trial – in dire need of Bo’s protection and support. As tempting as this sounded, Lindsay decided to stick to her original plan and headed off to see Asa.

Lindsay’s presence at the hospital only added to the heady emotional mix. She insisted on speaking privately with Bo, which made Asa squirm. Lindsay told Bo she had a life or death matter to discuss. That got Bo’s attention. But when it came down to telling the truth, Lindsay balked. Instead, she babbled on about needing Bo’s support and wanting to be friends and about their lost baby.

Lindsay’s next stop was Asa. Calling Asa a "murderous old gasbag," she demanded $500,000 by the end of the week to keep silent. Asa pretended to laugh off her request, but I think he’ll pay.

When real Nora showed up at Lindsay’s gallery, she found a note asking her to wait. About two seconds later Colin reappeared, wanting to know why Nora was able to mend fences with Lindsay but not with him. Just then Sam arrived and promptly went for Colin’s throat. Nora shouted at Sam to back off and Colin left. An angry Nora told Sam she could take care of herself, and if Colin could give her the goods on Lindsay, then she’d have as many meetings with him as she wanted. Well, Sam didn’t like the sound of that, so when Nora came up with an alternative plan to expose Lindsay that didn’t involve Colin, Sam grudgingly agreed to help. When Lindsay returned, Nora had a proposal: Let’s jointly host Thanksgiving this year. Lindsay was all for it.


· Was Todd’s plan really the best one? Wouldn’t it have been better to just leave? Isn’t the person who finds the body always the prime suspect?

· I think Max should’ve forgiven Blair for creating that computer virus, but I don’t see how he can forgive her for shooting him AND almost letting him bleed to death.

· Loved Skye’s sleek black slicker.

· More top-notch detective work from the LPD: Why did Sykes interview Blair with Todd in the room. Todd is Blair’s corroborating witness and should’ve been interviewed separately to see if their stories matched. DUH!

· Jessica is kinds of a "Rules Girl" – don’t you think?

· I don’t blame Asa for screaming at Rae at the hospital. He doesn’t know she thinks she’s Max’s mother, so her hanging around is rather bizarre.

· Vision Nora’s running commentary during Bo and Lindsay’s scene at the hospital was a riot!

Till next week!



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