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One Life to LoveTell a Friend


November 6-10 2000

From Irna Phillips to Doug Marland to Agnes Nixon, I doubt whether the greatest of soap scribes could’ve come up with this doozy of a real-life cliffhanger we’re experiencing now – who’s the next president!?!

Now back to OLTL…

After Viki’s shower, Will and Jess stayed behind to clean up, and it wasn’t long before Will was popping the question. Jess displayed admirable maturity -- not to mention good old common sense -- by explaining that she needed time to be sure. After all these two have been through, doesn’t it make sense to try dating for a while?

Over at the hospital, the surgeon gave the Vegas some optimistic news: Cristian’s surgery went well, though it’s still too soon to tell if there will be lasting damage to his hand. Cris chided Sophia for taking the blame for his actions, but soon realized Sophia’s sacrifice was all about Antonio. Carlotta gave Cris a note from Jessica. Cris was hurt to read Jessica’s rather impersonal expression of sympathy and wish for a "speedy recovery." Ouch.

Over at Llanfair, Ben decided to break with tradition and spend his last evening as a single man with his bride-to-be. Viki didn’t want to tempt fate, but when Ben began giving her a sensual massage with aromatic oils (ewwwww), she was putty in his hands. In the afterglow, Viki told Ben, "happiness is a gift, not a given."

Bo stopped by Melanie’s room to find out why she’s been avoiding him. Melanie admitted she’s concerned -- both about his feelings for Nora and the failure of her own marriage, specifically, why she allowed Colin to hurt her for so long. Bo assured Melanie he’s not Colin. She agreed but still wanted them to take a "step back." Bo said he’d do whatever she wants, but assured Melanie he’s not going anywhere.

Over in the park, Rae pulled every stall tactic she could think of to avoid going back to John’s place and "getting naked" (ewww!). John is a patient guy, but a man has his limits. When John asked Rae what her problem was, Rae responded with a question of her own, "How old are you?" Seems Rae is nervous she won’t live up to John’s expectations (remember: his last romantic encounter was with the oh-so-luscious Tea). Even though Rae was sorely tempted to hit the sheets with her earnest suitor, she convinced John to give her a little more time.

This makes me mad. I’m not crazy about John and Rae, but there’s a bigger age difference between Bo and Melanie, and we don’t see Bo agonizing over it! How sexist! On the other hand, there’s a definite age gap between Ben and Viki, and that hasn’t been a problem, so maybe Rae is just a kook.

Sam questioned Nora about her newfound friendship with Lindsay. When he realized she was getting close to Lindsay in order to discover Lindsay’s role in her disappearance, Sam suggested they work together.

There was a brief glimpse of Colin skulking outside Nora’s door where he left a calling card: one red (Scarlet?) rose.

Fuming over Kevin and Kelly, Joey tried drowning his sorrows at the new low-life mob hangout half of Llanview has been frequenting of late. Before long, he overheard Roark telling a burly henchman Kevin and Kelly were reporters who needed to be taught a lesson. Joey tried to warn his brother, but before he could clue him in, Roark and his enforcer grabbed the phone out of his hand. Uh oh…

Back at the community center, Kelly tried to convince Kevin to give Joey the time and space he needs to accept their relationship, then she distracted him with a pseudo-sexy game of one-on-one basketball. Once Kevin got all hot-and-bothered, his worries about Joey disappeared. That’s our Kevin – the little head always trumps the big one. Suddenly, the burly mob guy showed up and roughed Kevin up a bit. Immediately, Kevin assumed Joey had made good on his threat to rat them out.

Over at the Bayberry Inn, Todd arrived at Skye’s room with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers (which she promptly dumped in the garbage) and a tempting offer: loads of cash in exchange for sticking around Llanview a few more hours. As much as Skye wanted to split the scene of her latest heartbreak, her curiosity was piqued by Todd’s remarks.

Across town, Asa had another dream about Ben trying to kill Max. In the dream, Asa shot Ben, but Max ended up dead. When he awoke, Asa was even more intent on bumping off Ben. He ranted and raved to Max, then left to take care of business. Max tried to follow him but got distracted by the words on Asa’s computer screen: "MAX BUCHANAN IS A FRAUD." Looks like Blair’s got some ‘splaining to do.

A desperate Blair accused everyone from Skye to Ben, but when Max pointed out the computer message contained detailed information known only to them, Blair confessed. Max told her: "You have taken the string that ties my world together and unraveled it." Then he asked her why.

A tearful Blair called the message "an accident." She explained that she’d changed her mind about launching the virus and had enlisted Todd’s help in destroying it. At the mention of Todd’s name, Max stopped listening and told Blair their marriage was over. Upstairs, Todd and Starr were listening in.

Starr asked her daddy why he and Blair couldn’t reunite. Replied Todd, "You have a very big imagination." Then Starr asked another question: "When are you going to ask mommy to marry you?"

Downstairs, Blair continued to plead her case while Max’s fury grew. Soon, Blair got tired of groveling and began defending her actions. From Blair’s perspective, if she can forgive Max for faking brain damage and sleeping with Skye, Max should be able to forgive her for this. I agree, but Max didn’t see it that way. He told Blair to go to hell and take Todd with her.

I’m not a super-duper Blair/Max fan, but these scenes were an absolute triumph for both performers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the DePaiva’s do better work – bravo!

After Max left, Blair wanted to run after him, but Todd stopped her. He asked Blair to try out her apology on him first: "Show me your best grovel." When Blair insisted she would do "whatever it takes" to get Max back, Todd replied, "the hell you will."

When Kevin returned to the mob bar, he found Joey unconscious in a dumpster. Even though it was obvious Joey had been pounded as well, Kevin still accused him of tattling to the mob. Joey angrily denied it, and Kevin realized (duh!) that Asa had blown his cover. Up walked Asa, and Kevin and Joey told him to stay away from their family. Even when Asa brought up the sticky subject of Kelly, Joey stuck up for his brother.

Inside the bar, Asa turned up the heat on Mr. Gray, who was none too pleased to see Asa again. Asa told the hit man he wanted Ben dead before he married Viki..

Across town, Rae and Renee were getting some pampering at Serenity Springs. When Rae noticed several clients giving her the stink eye, she checked out the Sun’s latest headline: "Rae Cummings: Sicko-Therapist." LOL!

Rae made a beeline for Skye’s room, and the two had another ugly spat. Frankly, I thought Skye made some good points. If Max is Rae’s son, she’s clearly putting her own needs and wants above his.

Soon there was another knock at the door: Myrtle Fargate – direct from Pine Valley! Good ol’ Myrt gave Skye a withering tongue-lashing for her newspaper attack on daughter Rae. Rae and her mother played loving catch-up (much to Skye’s dismay), then left with a few parting shots at Skye’s empty life and lack of popularity with her fellow citizens.

The next knock revealed Max, who grabbed Skye for a major smooch. Max told Skye what Blair had done and begged forgiveness for his recent actions. At first, Skye played it cool, telling Max, "it serves you right," and mocking his need to always have "a woman on tap." But Max continued to lay it on thick, telling Skye how much he desired her, blah, blah, blah. And when he uttered those magic words: "It’s only you now," Skye melted in his arms. Foolish girl!

Back at Asa’s, Todd tried to convince Blair losing Max was a good thing: "You used to have guts. You would’ve crawled on cut glass before you begged some jerk to walk all over you." He accused Blair of losing her spark and becoming "ordinary."

Blair demanded to know why Todd had destroyed her marriage: Was Skye right? Does Todd want her back? Todd told Blair he wanted them to be a family again "for Starr’s sake." Blair wasn’t exactly open to the idea, telling Todd: "You’re crazy and you drive me crazy." Then she dashed off to find Max. She found him all right: in Skye’s bed. As Blair stood outside the door listening to the passion within, something snapped.

A disoriented Blair wound up at Dorian’s place, where she rambled on to Kelly about the Cramer curse and her problems with Max. A concerned Kelly tried to reason with her cousin, but when she turned around, Blair was gone. Guess where? Skye’s room.

Viki spent the day of her wedding getting the royal treatment at Serenity Springs – courtesy of her bridal party. Jess told her mother about Will’s proposal and her refusal (for now). Jess was worried her decision might hurt Will, but Viki assured her Will would understand (she was probably damned relieved Jess was showing some sense for a change!)

Across town, Will was telling Sam about his proposal. Sam urged his son to be patient and let Jessica come to him (Sam’s current strategy with Nora).

Things were going fine at Sam’s until Ben realized his tuxedo pants were six inches too short. Then Sam told Ben he’d dropped the wedding rings down the sink. Ben was freaking out until Sam, John, and Will’s laughter gave the joke away. Turns out Sam has a history of throwing monkey wrenches into the works to help Ben blow off a little steam. (Anyone else think that sounds weird?)

Over at Llanfair, Harry the Hook stopped by with a present for Viki, "A token of my extreme." Harry made a final pitch to woo Viki from Ben, but it was an offer she could refuse. Darn it! Anyone else prefer Viki with the Hook?

Then Harry delivered Ben’s present, a gold bracelet with two dice charms. While I acknowledge the sentimental value, the bracelet looked a bit tacky to me.

Viki’s next guest was a surprise: Todd. Todd wanted to know why he hadn’t been invited to the wedding (duh!), then gave Viki her present: a framed copy of the latest edition of the Sun extolling Ben and Viki’s marriage as a true love story and retracting the earlier slander. He also told his sister he was thinking of going to a shrink. Touched by these gestures, Viki invited Todd to the wedding. Todd said he’d come to Viki’s wedding if she would come to his and explained he and Blair would be getting together again. Viki seemed doubtful, but wished Todd well.

Back at Buke Manor, Asa dreamt about Ben’s funeral, which put him in an excellent mood. Bo arrived just as Asa was waking up and overheard his father mumbling, "I’ve won, he’d dead." When Bo questioned Asa about these words, Asa claimed he couldn’t remember his dream. Bo expressed his concerns about Asa’s health and mentioned the possibility of post-bypass psychosis. Asa dismissed the idea and got mad when Bo mentioned the potential diagnosis had come from Ben. Bo pleaded with Asa to see a doctor, but Asa refused. Frustrated, Bo told his father he’d had enough. Asa snarled, "No Buchanan walks away."


· It was great to see Andrew again!

· Why is John in Ben’s wedding party and why was Antonio invited to the wedding?

· I think Nora has better chemistry with Lindsay than with either Bo or Sam!

· Viki looked cute and youthful in her sporty sweats.

· Loved the bridesmaid dresses – especially Jessica’s and Rae’s. Rae looked fantastic in her deep scoop-necked gown. So why does she insist on covering herself up with so much fashion upholstery?

· Asa’s twisted dreams are quite effective!

· Erin Torphy looks gorgeous in her new black-and-white ABC promo!

· It’s interesting that Skye doesn’t seem the least bit afraid of Todd.

· If John Sykes is pushing 40, Midge is a teenager – come on!

· So is this anti-Max computer virus worldwide or just on Asa’s PC?

· I found Viki’s tiara bridal headpiece a bit much!

· Why is everyone so insistent that Joey forgive Kevin immediately – give the poor guy some time! BTW: Joey looked amazingly handsome in his wedding finery. Eat your heart out, Kelly!

· Why didn’t Asa ask Max what happened to his computer?

· So Todd might be going to Rae for therapy? Frankly, I don’t think Rae can handle him.

· Asa must be nuts to call the hit man from his home phone!

· LOL at Starr’s favorite TV show: "When Pets Bite Back"

· Get over it already, Rae! Your high dive metaphor was all wet – go on, take the plunge!!

· Renee gave Ben her lucky silver dollar. Anyone doubt it’ll end up being Ben’s lucky silver dollar too?

Till next week!



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