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 One Life to Love

October 30-November 3 2000

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OLTL is soooo good these days! From Todd and Blair’s rekindled relationship to a pair of fun parties to Asa’s dark downward spiral – I am GLUED to my set!

Deservedly so, Jess and Will were on cloud 9 after all their angst and anguish. Will got a little worried when Jess heard about Cristian’s accident, but he perked right up when she decided against seeing Cris (fearing it would send the wrong signal – like what – the signal you’re a human being?). Instead, Jess told Will she’d been confused about her feelings for Cris and now realizes she loves only Will. Ok, viewers, a show of hands: Has Jess really made a decision or is she just mad at Cris?

Back at the hospital, Cris found out he might have nerve damage to his hand. Antonio was all over his brother’s case – definitely the wrong approach. Cris was shocked Sophia had taken the rap for him and insisted that Antonio arrest him instead. When Carlotta (yeah!) arrived, the doctor told the Vegas Cris needed surgery – immediately. Cris acted like he didn’t care about being an artist, but Roseanne convinced him not to give up on his future because of Jessica.

Alone together in the waiting room, Roseanne accused Sophia of taking the blame to score points with Antonio: "Being a martyr isn’t going to get you Antonio." Fired back Sophia: "Being a bitch won’t keep him."

Later, at the carriage house, Joey advised Sophia to give up on Antonio – both as a working partner and potential romantic partner as well. He also said he was over Kelly – HA! When Antonio showed up, he told Sophia he understood why she had protected Cris for Antonio’s sake: because of their shared bond as badge mates (huh!?!). Sophia told her partner he didn’t have a clue about her feelings. Dim Antonio couldn’t understand why Sophia was so moody (duh!) and figured she was just worried about her job. Then Sophia brought up the messed up steering and R.J.’s suspicious presence that night. Antonio figured this information might give them some leverage with Todd.

Back at the diner, Skye thought she’d finally gotten the goods on Blair. Naturally, Blair denied everything, so Skye announced that Todd had furnished the proof. When Todd denied everything as well, Skye frantically searched for the same government Web site to confirm her story, but when she found it, B&B’s owner was listed as Ben Davidson. Realizing, she’d been set up, Skye lashed out at Todd – even accusing him of wanting Blair back (it’s true, it’s true!). Max refused to believe her and even called her "pathetic" and "a joke." Devastated by Max’s cruel – and very public – humiliation, Skye vowed revenge, warning Max, "Don’t drop your guard, I’m coming after you." Skye was on the verge of blabbing Max’s secret when Ben arrived. Out of loyalty to Ben (why?), Skye kept her mouth shut.

Taking this all in (via blatant eavesdropping) was Rae Cummings. Rae and Skye traded insults (Skye had written a smear piece on Rae for the Sun), and John wanted to know why Rae was so concerned about Skye’s attempts to sabotage Max’s marriage.

Later in the park, there was an interesting scene between Skye and Roseanne. Roseanne had witnessed the big scene at the diner and seemed to feel a kinship toward the chronically lovelorn Skye. Roseanne told Skye she was through chasing men who didn’t love her and would never let a third party get in the way of what she wanted again.

While Max was off dealing with Asa, Blair went to the Sun to find out what Todd is really up to. After Todd convinced Blair he wasn’t in league with Skye, a grateful Blair thanked Todd and admitted she cared about him. And that wasn’t all! Blair kissed Todd! Not a full-on romantic lip-lock, but definitely more than a peck on the cheek. The kiss seemed to startle both of them, and when Antonio barged in to discuss Sophia, Blair beat a hasty retreat.

Antonio told Todd R.J. had sabotaged his car and pointed out that Todd might be dead now if Sophia and Cris hadn’t taken his car. He asked Todd (not very politely) to support Sophia’s story, and warned him Sophia’s friends on the force would be all in his business if he didn’t. (Isn’t blackmail a crime?)

Later, Starr dropped by Todd’s office to show off the angel costume he’d bought for her. Todd asked "Jeeves" (Nigel) for his opinion: "deliciously ironic." Hee hee. Together, father and daughter went off in search of rotten eggs, toilet paper, and shaving foam.

Back at the LPD, Asa was pitching a major fit in his cell. So much so, that the young guard was worried he might be having a heart attack. Melanie happened to be at the station (dropping off football tickets for Bo) and agreed to check out Asa. Naturally, Asa was less than polite, but Melanie stood her ground and Asa seemed to like the lady doctor in spite of himself. Melanie diagnosed Asa’s problem as an anxiety attack and tried to convince him of Bo’s concern. Even though, Asa appeared to be warming toward Melanie, he couldn’t resist boasting that Bo and Nora were destined to reunite.

After Max convinced his "Paw" to keep his mouth shut in front of the judge, Asa got out on bail. But Max couldn’t ride herd on Asa for too long. After getting sprung, Asa decided to step up his plan to bump off Ben. He donned his sinister shades and met again with Roark – demanding action. Roark offered Butch Flynn as an operative, but Asa said no way (which made Roark very suspicious of "Butch"). Then Roark presented a Mr. Gray, who wore a goofy wig and fake facial hair and spoke with a bad Irish (I think) accent. In fact, Mr. Gray, looked quite a bit like Charlie the computer guy in disguise – is this a plot twist or is OLTL saving money by using the same actor in two roles?

Bo stopped by Nora’s to ask her to defend Sophia. Nora was worried her recent ordeal might have affected her professional abilities, but Bo expressed complete faith in her and advised Nora to "get back on the horse that is your life." Nora didn’t like that sound of that and wondered if Bo was offering her this case because the sooner she got back to "normal," the sooner he could stop worrying about her and get on with his own life.

After Bo left, Nora overheard Rachel asking for more time off from her job. Nora told Rachel not to put her life on hold for her mother. Then she marched off to the station to apologize to Bo. When she found the football tickets Melanie had left, Nora made a face.

When Sophia came in to make her statement, Bo introduced her to Nora. Sophia claimed she didn’t need a lawyer, but Nora convinced her otherwise. Nora was requesting a postponement when Antonio arrived with Todd. Todd told Bo he’d just now remembered telling Cris and Sophia they could use his car that night. Of course, Bo didn’t buy a word of it, but Nora pointed out that since the owner of the car backed up Sophia’s story, the LPD had no case (as usual).

Before giving Sophia her badge back, Bo gave her a high-minded lecture, reminding her that her real duty is to the job and the public – not her partner. He also warned Sophia she’d be fired if she lied to him again. Say, isn’t this Sophia’s second second chance? You know, Bo’s speech might have carried a bit more weight, if we didn’t all remember how he "confessed" to killing Georgie Phillips to protect Drew, and how John Sykes covered up for Barbara Graham’s role in Drew’s murder. I guess it’s a case of "do as I say, not as I do." Try practicing what you preach, Beauregard.

Over at the Banner, Kelly wanted to publish all the dirt Blair had dug upon Skye in retaliation for Skye’s expose of Rae. Citing journalistic ethics, Kevin refused (and rightly so), but Joey sided with Kelly. Kevin warned Kelly that Joey was still nuts over her, but Kelly scoffed. Later, Joey kissed Kelly and tried to convince her it wasn’t over. Sad. Realizing their professional ménage-a-trois wasn’t working, Kelly resigned from the Banner – and so did Joey.

Kevin wouldn’t accept his brother’s resignation and asked him to please stay now that Kelly had quit. Joey barked that Kelly wasn’t the problem: "I can’t take being around you!" Joey accused his brother of being a selfish user (true): "First Cassie, then Barbara, now Kelly." Kevin suggested they "talk" about it. Talk about what? Kevin still doesn’t get it. Joey has every right to feel angry and betrayed and every right to point out his brother’s lousy track record – and no amount of "talking" is going to change those feelings and those facts. Deal with it, bro.

Across town, Lindsay returned home to find all the lights off and a scary message on her answering machine: Beware, Lindsay! Then R.J. jumped out of the shadows -- just a little Halloween warning: stay away from Nora or you will pay the price.

Lindsay’s next visitor was even more surprising: Nora! Nora wanted to take Lindsay up on her offer of friendship and asked her to come out with her that night. Lindsay nervously agreed.

Ben and Viki were having a good time hosting trick-or-treaters, when (oooh, scary!), a couple of ghouls showed up and hustled Ben out the door. Soon some "ghosts" arrived to spirit Viki away as well.

Turns out Ben was being taken to a surprise bachelor party and Viki to a surprise bridal shower – both Halloween-themed. Cute. The two parties were very well done – the ladies all had cool costumes, while the gents were more low-key. The festivities were interspersed with several touching heart-to-hearts: Viki/Nora, Ben/San, Bo/Will, and Kelly/Viki.

Nora surprised everyone by bringing along her newest "friend": Lindsay! That almost brought the party to a crashing halt, but Viki graciously welcomed Lindsay (though she later gave her a tart warning not to hurt anyone Viki cared about), and the party continued. Sophia had arranged a surprise: Madame Sybilla (Madame Delphina’s sister!) would predict Viki’s fortune. At first, the psychic appeared to be picking up bad vibes, but then told Viki, "I see a long life filled with happiness" (was she being truthful?).

Ben’s party oozed manly camaraderie, but things got tense when Kevin and Joey arrived. Everyone tried to diffuse the situation, but emotions flared during a friendly game of b-ball and soon fists were flying between the two brothers.

Across town, Asa was handing over the blood money to Roark and Mr. Gray and toasting their "success." So will Ben be killed? How amazing if Asa paid for the murder of his own son!

Back at Viki’s shower, Sophia asked Sybilla what she’d really seen in Viki’s future, but the psychic couldn’t tell her anything definite. During the party, Madame Sybilla gave several guests a glimpse into their future. She warned Kelly about man trouble and predicted a gray-haired man would enter her life. She gathered Lindsay, Nora, and Melanie together and announced: "One of you will get the man she loves and one of you will get the man she deserves." Lindsay demanded to know what the third woman would receive! Sybilla told Rae not to worry about "getting naked" (ewww), but when Rae asked for information about her child, the psychic said her child was full of hate and anger and committed to being part of another family. Of course, this sounds like Max, but we all know it’s really Skye! The psychic told Jess there would be sparks involving a woman from Will’s past. An old girlfriend or maybe Jen? When Sophia asked about her future, Sybilla foretold: "When you get what you want, you’ll lose what you love." For Viki’s gift, everyone chipped in and donated money to the local breast cancer research foundation (chaired by Melanie).

After Joey and Kevin’s fight, Ben’s party got back on track with some corny toasts and manly cheer. Bo asked Ben if Asa’s behavior could be caused by a medical problem. Ben mentioned something called "post-bypass psychosis." Interesting…

Meanwhile, Mr. Gray the hit man was lurking outside both parties, but when he saw the police commissioner and DA he split. When Asa found out Ben was still alive, he blew a gasket. Mr. Gray said he’d pick the right time and place to finish the job.

After the parties broke up, various couples paired off: John/Rae, Kelly/Kevin, Jess/Will, Ben/Viki, but when Bo tried to get together with Lindsay, she brushed him off, saying she needed to get to the hospital.

Joey’s parting words to Kelly and Kevin were angry and bitter. He chastised them for their recklessness and said it would serve them right if they were discovered by the mob.

Across town, Blair awoke to find a designer gown and matching jewelry. Thusly adorned, she went downstairs to find Max in formal attire and the house festooned with flowers. Max proposed and gave Blair a huge rock, telling her "you deserve it all." He commended Blair on her loyalty and vowed to be worthy of it. Blair was transported. Finally, she and Max have gotten past all their baggage and are ready to truly start over. As Blair raised her glass in a toast ("To us, forever"), across town, Todd was ready to blow her world apart.

When Skye returned to the Sun to demand her final paycheck and severance pay, Todd tried to talk her out of it, but Skye didn’t trust him. Finally, Todd convinced her to wait 24 hours. After she left, a smiling Todd launched the anti-Max computer virus.


· Bo told Will Lindsay had been "cleared of all charges" in connection to Nora’s disappearance, but I don’t remember Lindsay ever being charged with anything.

· I’m not the biggest Blendie fan around, but I have to admit Viki was glowing at her bridal shower – true testimony to the acting prowess of Erika Slezak.

· I think it’s rude and borderline cruel when Sam harps on Asa’s misdeeds in front of Bo.

· Madame Sybilla was good, but I miss Delphina!

· IMO, the writing for Todd in recent weeks is the best it’s been in years.

· What a treat to see Carlotta again – more please!

· LOL at Nora and Lindsay’s costumes: Nora as the devil and Lindsay as an angel all in white.

· I didn’t care for the dress Max bought Blair.

· I think Viki let Kelly off the hook too easily. I realize Kelly can’t control who she loves, but why did she marry Joey knowing she had strong feelings for his brother?

· Some advice for Melanie: Don’t hire Will to work for your research foundation.

· Hey, Hank’s got game!

· You’ve got to admire how Lindsay handled the way everyone treated her at Viki’s bridal shower.

· I found Jessica’s lack of concern for Cristian more than a little cold-blooded.

· Robin Christopher was superb in her scenes at the diner!

· Congrats to Todd and Blair diehards! It just goes to prove that if you wait long enough, anything and everything is possible on the soaps!

· Loved watching the "old" Nora in action with Sophia – and it looked like Bo was a bit dazzled as well!

· Who were those prop guests at Viki’s bridal shower?

· Anyone else think R.J. and Lindsay would make an interesting pair?

· Finally – they updated the opening character montage!

Till next week!



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