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 One Life to Love

October 23-27 2000

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Free at last! Both Will and Midge are free! Will from jail and Midge from having to endure one more moment of the sorry saga of Free Willy! Hip Hip Hooray!!

But before we get to Will, there was an interesting encounter between Colin and Nora. Alone together in the park, Colin tried to explain why Nora should feel grateful to him. Nora couldn’t believe his audacity. Colin talked about their "connection" and told Nora he hoped she would remember their time together one day. Colin seems obsessed with Nora. It’s almost as if he thinks he has some "right" to her since he saved her life. Melanie walked in on Colin’s spiel and warned him to stay the hell away from Nora. Melanie showed more steel and sass in her defense of Nora than I’ve seen before -- go, girl!

Across town, Todd snuck into Asa’s to see Starr. Still worried about Max and Blair getting horizontal, he suggested that Starr fake a stomachache and keep Blair with her all night. Starr told Todd: "I want you and mommy to have a baby." For once, Todd didn’t know what to say. Blair walked in on the two co-conspirators and demanded that Todd tell Starr mommy and daddy won’t be getting back together. Todd mumbled something to that effect, but was hardly convincing. Blair wondered why she had ever trusted Todd. Good question. Then she accused Todd of plotting to destroy her and Max. Todd didn’t deny it. Later, Todd snuck downstairs and set the anti-Max computer virus up on Asa’s PC to be unleashed on a "perfect day in November." Good.

Downstairs, Bo asked Asa to come quietly, "Don’t make me cuff you." Max huffed and puffed, but there was nothing he could do. Blair urged Max to cut and run, but Max angrily told her he was standing by Asa. Asa walked outside and saw a vision of Renee, Viki, Nora, and Jess all dressed in white robes and starring in silent judgment. Is Asa losing it? Then he snapped out of it and snarled at Bo, "The only way I’m going with you is in chains; go ahead, Judas, shackle your pa." Powerful stuff!

As the time for Will’s transfer to Statesville grew nigh, it seemed as if half of Llanview was crammed in his cell awaiting Fitzwater’s reaction to Asa’s tape. Lindsay made the agonizing wait worse by pouring on the histrionics and lashing out at Nora (of all people!). Even Cris stopped by to tell Will he shouldn’t be going to Statesville (can you believe Jess didn’t tell Cris the tape had been found!).

Ultimately, Sam showed up with the good news – Will is free! Everyone was happy, and there were hugs all around. Sam even hugged Lindsay! Then everyone took off to Crossroads to celebrate. But as they prepared to leave, Asa was brought it. There was a totally cool hand-held shot from Asa’s point of view that panned down judgment row: Nora, Viki, Jess, Hank, Ben, Will, and Sam. Outside a storm raged. Alone in his cell, Asa vowed vengeance: "You’re all going to be damned sorry." Cool!

Max arrived and gave Asa the bad news: Getting you out won’t be easy. Apparently, Judge Fitzwater is on the warpath, and Asa’s old poker buddy Judge Simmons is too afraid to help him. This really put Asa in a foul mood, and he even snapped at Max. When Renee stopped by (Ben had called her), she asked if Asa was sorry. "Hell, no," barked Asa, who explained he’d been on the phone to the governor when Bo arrived to arrest him. Too little, too late.

Asa continued ranting and raving and upsetting Renee, so Ben came to her rescue. That really got Asa’s dander up, and he hissed at his estranged wife: "Go ahead, Renee, join the enemy, and I hope you rot in hell." Those words hit Renee like a slap in the face but she replied with dignity, "You don’t have a heart any more, and you have shattered mine beyond repair."

Upstairs, Rae was this close to blabbing Max’s secret to John, but Renee stopped her. For Asa’s sake, he needs the only person he has left in his life right now. Rae agreed to honor Renee’s confidence. I should hope so!

Will’s supporters left the station for Crossroads, but with Asa’s arrest weighing on his mind, Bo wasn’t in a celebratory mood. Nora did her best to comfort Bo. Naturally, Lindsay made sure Melanie saw Bo and Nora together – and it seemed to bother Lainie a bit.

Bo visited Asa in his cell and tried for the millionth time to make his father see reason, but all Asa could do was ramble on about the Rappa-Davidsons trying to destroy his family and Ben wanting to kill Max. Bo suddenly realized something might be wrong with Asa and asked him to see a doctor. Asa scoffed. So does Asa have a brain tumor or something that’s causing his obsession with Sam’s family? Not a bad out.

When Max showed up, Asa asked him to explain to Bo why they have to kill Ben. Bo said if Max really cared about Asa, he’d stand up to him not just go along with his crazy ideas. Then Bo reminded Max it takes more than blood to make a Buchanan.

Over at the Sun, Todd was chortling over Asa’s misfortune when he spied another note from "Tea" asking him to meet her in the park. Todd raced over to the park where he did his best Stanley Kowalski impression, bellowing "Tea!" instead of "Stella!" and then breaking down in tears. It was quite a performance – all calculated to let R.J. know Todd was onto his game. Disgusted by his plan’s failure, R.J. left. Then up strolled Bo. Bo taunted Todd about being left off the guest list at Will’s celebration and uttered a few vague threats about making sure he always knows where Todd is. After Bo left, Todd took out his handy-dandy revenge coaster. At the top of the list: "Get Bo."

Coincidentally, Roseanne and Antonio (now out of the relationship closet) were enjoying a night out at Crossroads. Sophia was bartending, and when Antonio was around, she acted completely carefree – joking and bantering with her favorite partner. But one-on-one with Roseanne was a whole different story: "You’re a cold, heartless, back-stabbing little slut!" When Roseanne tried to explain the situation, Sophia cut her off.

Cris showed up at Crossroads in no mood for company, but Antonio still hasn’t figured out how to give his brother a little space. Across the room, Sophia hissed at Roseanne, "You’re the temporary babe, the fling, the rebound, the roll in the hay to get Antonio over his divorce." Brutal!

When the Free Willy contingent arrived, Will gave a classy speech, thanking everyone who’d supported and stood by him, including Cris. Jess asked Cris if they could move beyond the past, but Cris just grabbed a beer and smirked, "Have a nice life."

Then there was a really silly scene where Roseanne tried to vamp Antonio on the dance floor to burn Sophia, causing Sophia to engage in some ridiculous dirty-dancing with Cris to show both Roseanne and Antonio, while Jess made a point to dance with Will to face Cris. Oh, grow up!

Sam took Nora aside and gave her a heartfelt thank-you for saving Will. For the first time, Nora’s reserve dropped a bit and she told Sam it was time she got to know the man he was now.

With all these emotions swirling about, in walked Todd. Todd brought the party to a crashing halt by making a painful scene where he demanded that everyone acknowledge his "heroism" in helping Will and Nora. When that went over like a lead balloon, Todd called them all "hypocrites" and ran down their various misdeeds. He ended by shouting "None of you is any better than I am" and stormed out of Crossroads (after Sam threatened to throw him out).

Viki followed Todd out and told her brother, "I am through with you for good." Viki admitted a part of her wanted to atone for killing her father by helping Todd, but no more. "I’m through pandering to your pain." Todd was upset, but Viki was resolute. She urged him to get help – professional help.

Back inside, Rae and John tried to get the party back on track by doing the tango (!?). I must say, Crossroads has an extremely eclectic jukebox!

At the bar, Renee removed her wedding ring and told Ben she couldn’t let go of the dream of finding her son. COME ON, BEN – TELL HER! NOW! Instead, Ben suggested it wouldn’t be fair to her son to bring Asa into his life because Asa would never accept his son’s other family. Surprisingly, Renee agreed. Then she thanked Ben for putting it all in perspective for her. She said it would be selfish to complicate her son’s life and has decided to stop looking. Oh no! First of all, who said anything about telling Asa? Renee has certainly proved she can keep a secret, so why can’t Ben tell her the truth? Secondly, Renee doesn’t know a loving family raised her son, and she won’t know until she finds out who he is.

Kelly and Kevin showed up at Crossroads to join in the celebration, but when Joey found out Kelly is going undercover too, he hit the roof and threatened to rat Kevin out to the mob if he doesn’t drop this scheme. Kelly told Joey it’s her choice to make. Joey looked disgusted with both of them and walked away. Can you blame him? That plan of theirs is really lame!

Slowly, Nora is starting to reach out to Sam. Outside Crossroads, she asked him about their relationship and wanted to know "what are we now?" Sam explained about Bo and the baby and how her unresolved feelings for Bo had caused them to put their own relationship on hold. Sam was very sweet and gracious – not pushing Nora or making any demands. He promised Nora they would be "friends forever, no matter what."

I’ve always felt that Nora loved Sam but was never truly "in love" with him. Sam represents safety and comfort and acceptance – something Nora certainly needs right now – but all that still doesn’t add up to the kind of love she shared with Bo.

After Nora when back inside, Todd tried to talk to Sam. Sam made another attempt to explain to Todd what he must do to salvage his relationships with Viki and Sam: Todd must consider other people’s feelings and take responsibility for his actions -- and if he can’t, he’ll be all alone.

Fed up with watching Roseanne all over Antonio, Sophia took off with Cris. They started making out in Cris’s car, but Sophia soon put the brakes on. When Antonio came out to check on them, Sophia told him to leave them alone. Antonio took Cristian’s keys, but Cris decided to hotwire Todd’s car (not knowing R.J. had tampered with it). Sophia hopped in the passenger’s seat trying to stop Cris.

Back inside, R.J. was sitting at the bar pouring out booze and having a good laugh over paying Todd back.

Soon, Cristian discovered Todd’s fancy new car lacks one important feature: steering: Crash! Cris ran into a power line pole, smashing up the car and injuring Sophia. For some reason Cris was fine (was he even wearing a seatbelt?). The crash knocked out power, sparks were flying, and gas was leaking from the car. Cris broke a window (no safety glass?) and pulled Sophia to safety. Antonio and Roseanne arrived, and Roseanne called 911.

Melanie left Crossroads in a Lindsay-fueled funk over Bo. Back at her hotel room, there was a knock on the door: Bo! Bo talked about how much he had idolized his father in the past and how he doesn’t recognize his father today. It was a nice scene. I’ve been angry with Bo lately, but nobody can pull off understated emotion better than Bob Woods. Then Bo marveled at how wonderful Melanie is – always supportive and caring, never pushy – just perfect. Maybe a little too perfect. The next thing you know, they were watching football together – turns out Melanie is a huge fan! Come on! How much more of a Stepford Woman can Melanie be? No wonder Bo is nuts about her. Unlike Nora or even Lindsay, there are no messy demands, no difficult history to work through – just bland, smiling, pretty pleasantness. Nice but BORING!

Then Bo and Melanie started to get physical (ewwww), but neither one felt comfortable moving this fast (it didn’t stop them the first time!). Melanie was worried about Bo’s feelings for Nora, but before Bo could reassure her, his phone rang and he had to go to the hospital to check on Sophia. IMO, Bo and Melanie’s love scenes are even more awkward than Viki and Ben’s. He is simply too old for her! After Bo left, Lindsay showed up to stoke the flames of doubt concerning Bo and Nora. Melanie showed a lot of class by telling her sister that if Bo and Nora got back together, she would wish them well and bow out graciously. Still, you could see she was worried about the possibility.

After their performance at Crossroads, John and Rae tangoed back to his place for some more heaving breathing and a scintillating game of Truth or Dare. How corny is it that John Sykes has the actual Truth or Dare board game?! Is there one? These two are fast approaching the Guinness World Record for foreplay and before things could reach their logical conclusion, John started quizzing Rae about Max (how romantic!). Rae said she’d love to come clean but needed to keep faith with Renee.

Sophia was rushed to the hospital, and Antonio was fit to be tied. He jumped all over Cris (with good reason), and was on the verge of arresting his brother for grand theft auto and DUI when Sophia told everyone she was the driver. Thanks to her seat belt and air bag, Sophia suffered only minor cuts and bruises, and knowing Cris is already on probation, she gallantly (and foolishly) decided to take the rap. Sophia told Bo Todd gave them permission to drive his car (!), and she lost control of the vehicle. It was obvious she was lying and Bo gave her every opportunity to tell the real story, but Sophia stuck to her guns. Bo and John had no choice but to relieve her of duty during the investigation. Antonio insisted Cris get his hand checked out. Guess what? Cris has no feeling in his right hand!

Back at the Sun, Todd called Skye into the office and let "slip" the tantalizing tidbit that Blair is the brains behind B&B United. Skye was delighted, even more so when Todd furnished her with proof (a legal document naming Blair as company CEO). Skye wasted little time in flashing that paper in Max’s face.

Across town, Lindsay stopped by Nora’s with a request, "I want to settle things between us once and for all." Is that even possible? Lindsay told Nora she wanted to be her friend and help her cope with Bo’s relationship with Melanie. Lindsay was about as sincere as a politician in an election year, but Nora pretended to believe her. When R.J. showed up and saw Lindsay, he shouted, "What the hell are you trying to do to her now?" After Lindsay left, R.J. filled Nora in on the whole Bo switched-fertility-results saga. Nora was furious and determined to find out if Lindsay was behind her kidnapping and memory loss. She asked R.J.: "Could Lindsay get a drug like that?" R.J. looked guilty.


· When Will publicly acknowledged Nora’s role in his release, Lindsay had to literally bite her tongue to keep quiet.

· LOL when Asa called Will a "sticky-fingered little weasel." Maybe Will will think twice before embezzling $35,000 again.

· R.J. didn’t seem terribly upset when his plan to sabotage Todd’s car missed its mark.

· Kelly mentioned Dorian! Yeah!

· With a few exceptions, there was a believable feeling of bonhomie at Crossroads the night everyone was there to celebrate Will’s release. Nice.

· Asa may be losing it, but he was right on when he accused Bo of not being man enough to hold onto Nora.

· Why did Sam prolong Will’s agony by showing up with such a depressed look before giving him the good news?

· How come the computer graphics on soaps always look so amateurish?

· Hank was full of superlatives regarding Sam’s courtroom performance in defense of Will. Too bad we didn’t get to see him winning over Fitzy!

· Melanie sure has buff arms!

· Everyone keeps acting like Asa has never been this mean and cruel before, but I can remember him being even worse!

· LOL at Todd’s custom license plates: Todd Rex.

· Antonio was so concerned Sophia would be upset by his relationship with Roseanne, but he didn’t seem to care what Cristian might think. After all, Roseanne is Cris’s ex-wife.

· Lies and a cover up: Sophia should be working for the LAPD!

Till next week!



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