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 One Life to Love

October 16-20 2000

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Roseanne and Antonio enjoyed a romantic evening at the Palace. When Roseanne suggested they come clean about their relationship to Sophia, Antonio balked (why?). With Antonio holding all the power, Roseanne did a little backsliding and arranged for Sophia to "stumble" upon the truth.

The next morning, Sophia stopped by with Roseanne’s date book. When no one answered, she opened the (unlocked) door and found Roseanne and Antonio in bed together. Stricken, she fled the room, and then marched back in, tossed the address book across the room, and stormed out. Antonio got dressed in a hurry and went after her. A distraught Sophia returned to the carriage house and lashed out at Joey. When she apologized, Joey told her to let Antonio know how she feels. But when Antonio arrived, Sophia’s pride wouldn’t let her confess the truth. Instead, she told Antonio his private life was of no concern to her. Of course, anyone with half an ounce of sensitivity could see Sophia was putting on an act, but Antonio took her at her word.

Ben and Viki were also at the Palace to meet with Renee about their wedding. Unfortunately, they first ran into Skye, then Todd, and finally Asa, with each encounter more unpleasant than the last. Skye gave them a dirty look, Todd demanded an apology (and also told Viki to make Ben leave him alone!), and when Ben gave Renee a comforting hug, Asa went berserk. Then Asa had a brainstorm: why not get the mob to take care of Ben.

So Asa went down to that lowlife tavern/mob hangout to meet with mob boss Roark. Asa wasted little time in making his request plain: "I want him (Ben) taken care of – permanently!" Roark promised to line up the necessary "talent" and introduced Asa to "Butch" (aka Kevin). Worried Asa might blow Kevin’s cover, Kelly (in tarty Theresa mode) cozied up to Roark. Unfortunately, her plan worked too well, and Roark started coming on strong. Asa palmed off Kevin with some story about trying to dig up dirt on whoever shot Max, so Kevin doesn’t realize Asa is in the market for a hit man to take out Ben. Kevin’s not too bright is he?

After Asa left, Roark told "Butch" to buzz off. Obviously, the man sensed something fishy about this whole set up (what self-respecting wise guy takes his wife along on business?). Kevin tried to bluff by telling Roark his information on Daniel Faulkner was only for the ears of the top guy: Roark’s boss. With tensions rising, Ben stepped in, and Roark made it very clear the former mob doc is on his bad side.

Across town, Max caught Rae trying to retrieve DNA material (hair from a comb) from his room. He told Rae he likes being a Buchanan so much that if she messed that up, he’d hate her -- even if she were his mother. Nice. When Asa found them together, Rae came up with a cock-and-bull story about offering prenatal parenting advice to Blair and Max – and Asa bought it!

Over at the Sun, Cris confronted R.J. about planting the note from Tea to mess with Todd’s mind. Then he warned R.J. to steer clear of Antonio. R.J. warned Cris not to burn his bridges with him: "You might need my help some day." Replied Cris, "I’ll never be that desperate." Never say never, kiddo.

The next day in Todd’s office, Blair asked Todd to get her off the hook with B&B United. She agreed to sell Todd the company for a song providing he remove all traces of her involvement. Todd agreed to help. I can’t believe Blair actually trusts Todd to do her this favor. Todd doesn’t do favors unless there’s something in it for him. And why should Todd want to see Blair happily married to the rich and powerful Max Buchanan?

While Blair was negotiating with Todd, she noticed the note from Tea and showed it to him. Clever Todd pegged R.J. as the culprit almost immediately, though there was a definite twinge when he saw Tea’s handwriting.

After Blair left, Todd decided he wasn’t interested in helping Blair save her marriage -- quite the contrary. So Todd made Skye an offer: come and work for the Sun, and while you’re at it, let’s work together to bust up Max and Blair. He didn’t have to ask Skye twice. Todd has another motive for wanting Skye around: to find out what’s going on between Ben and Max.

When Blair found Skye in Todd’s office, she wasn’t too happy. After sending Skye down to personnel (to get her paper clips and stapler!), Todd told Blair he hired Skye to help her. This way, he can keep an eye on Blair’s worst enemy. Yeah, right. Just then, Starr phoned with a question for her daddy: "What’s ovulation?" Seems Starr the spy had overheard mommy and Max planning some strategically timed afternoon delight at the Bayberry Inn. Appalled, Todd decided to put the kibosh on Max and Blair’s baby-making schemes. He left a note for Skye to take Blair’s place and then "accidentally" locked himself and Blair in a supply room at the Sun (which looked quite similar to the Banner supply room Kevin and Kelly were locked in not so long ago).

When Skye caught up with Max at the Bayberry Inn, she pulled out all the stops in her efforts at seduction -- everything from vamping to outright begging, but Max stood firm.

Back at the Sun, Blair accused Todd of wanting her back. Todd denied it, but admitted he didn’t her to have a baby with Max: "You’ll thank me some day." Blair insisted Max was worth 10 of Todd. Todd changed tactics and promised to let Blair out if she fessed up about Ben’s secret, but Blair played dumb.

Max figured out from a sassy Starr that Blair was with Todd. When he found them locked in together at the Sun, Max went for Todd’s throat and threatened to kill him if he came near Blair again.

Over at the LPD station, Melanie confronted Lindsay about blabbing to Nora. Naturally, Lindsay had a million justifications for her actions, including the claim that she did it for Lindsay’s own good! Once more, Lindsay warned Melanie about Nora.

Meanwhile at Nora’s place, Bo was trying to explain why he and Melanie had kept their relationship hidden. Nora winced every time Bo referred to himself and Lainie as "we." Nora told Bo she didn’t want or need his pity. Then she asked him if his love for her had died. Bo told her it didn’t die, it changed: "I care about you, but it’s different from what you remember." When Nora asked if he was serious about Melanie and if he loved her, Bo answered "yes" to both questions. Poor Nora!

Colin told Sam he wants complete immunity from prosecution for anything related to Nora in exchange for exculpatory information on Will. Sam accused him of bluffing, so Colin started quoting verbatim from the tape (doing a really bad Asa impression). Sam and Will were flabbergasted. I’m glad Colin has these two by their shorties. Hee hee!

After Colin left, Sam called Bo with the scoop. Bo and Nora high-tailed it down to the station. Nora couldn’t believe they were actually considering letting Colin walk. Sam tried to explain the whole situation with Will. Can Colin win this immunity challenge?

Time is running out for Will. He’ll be transferred to Statesville tonight unless Colin comes up with the tape. Nora was totally against the deal, and Hank was only willing to offer a reduced sentence (5-10). No dice, said Colin. Lindsay couldn’t believe anyone was hesitating. When Nora talked about justice, Lindsay labeled her "an egotistical selfish shrew." Will nobly announced he didn’t want his freedom if it meant Colin going free and told Bo he was willing to go to Statesville. When Will asked Antonio what awaited him there. Antonio gave him the straight story: You can make it, you’ll have to, but it will change you. "No one comes in and goes out the same." Gulp!

Frankly, I’m with Lindsay. Give Colin what he wants. Statesville won’t just change Will – it’ll kill him! That dainty morsel of white bread will be consumed in a few ravenous bites. So what if Colin gets off scott free? After all, he did save Nora’s life, and he wanted to return her right away except Lindsay blackmailed him. Plus he never would’ve done it in the first place if he hadn’t been emotionally distraught over losing his wife. Doesn’t that count for something?

Nora went to see Will, and although she doesn’t remember him, Nora was so moved by his plight she paid Asa a visit. After sweet-talking the old goat, Nora moved in for the kill: come clean about Will. When Asa refused, Nora told him, "You’re not the Asa I remember." Asa insisted, "I am the same as always" (which I happen to agree with), but Nora had planted a seed of doubt in the stony ground of Asa’s conscience. Later that night, Viki popped by to add her two cents, and Asa wavered further. But Max talked him out of his honest impulse. Maybe if Nora had told Asa her kidnapper would walk unless Will was freed, Asa would’ve come clean.

Having struck out with Asa, Nora had no choice. She returned to the station (where she interrupted a cozy moment between Bo and Melanie), asked Bo to get Hank and Sam, and announced she’s willing to let Colin walk for Will’s sake.

Colin gave his statement, which had more holes than a pound of Swiss cheese! He refused to implicate Lindsay (why?), and presented a romanticized version of how and why he kept Nora prisoner. He even claimed the train wreck had caused her memory loss and he’d administered the El-Asparnine (sp?) in a vain attempt to restore it. After his "confession," Colin took Sam, Nora, Hank, and Bo to the tape: ironically hidden behind the Nora Buchanan memorial plaque. Oh, please! Isn’t that plaque cemented down?

So Colin’s goes free (yeah!), though Melanie vowed to get his license pulled. Hey, maybe he and Ben can go into anti-practice together as two defrocked docs!

Across town, Asa was on the phone to the governor when Bo arrived to arrest him. See what happens when you listen to Max, Asa!


· LOL at Todd’s funny faces while Skye waxed "poetic" about Max’s feeling for her.

· Does Max want a baby to please Blair or Asa?

· Bo didn’t even commend Will for standing tall. Enough with the manly stoicism!

· Here’s a good way for Max to convince Rae he’s not her son: Have sex with her – ewwwww!

· I like Todd’s little jump-shot entrance to his office at the Sun.

· Quite a change of pace on Tuesday’s show – an opening musical montage instead of a closing one!

· Asa looked awfully silly in his "sinister shades."

· The Hank Gannon I know would never agree to give Colin immunity.

· Why didn’t Colin rat out Lindsay? Is he really afraid of R.J.?

· LOL when Todd explained to Starr that "ovulation" is a "chocolate-flavored drink!

· Blair rewrote history when she spoke of Starr being conceived in love. As I recall, Blair tricked Todd into marriage by claiming to be pregnant, then got pregnant with Starr as quickly as possible to cover her tracks.

· Colin got immunity for everything related to Nora kidnapping, but how about the fact that he imprisoned Will in his basement?

· Will was too much this week! How many mea culpas can one person make? What an orgy of self-sacrifice!

Till next week!



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