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 One Life to Love

October 9-13 2000

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There were several intriguing developments this week. Colin has just about run out of options – or has he? Ben wants to play hardball with Todd – is that really a good idea? Nora struggled to come to terms with her memory loss and the knowledge that Bo and Melanie are together. And there seems to be some unfinished business between Blair and Todd. Very interesting…

After Todd left the police station vowing to be as bad as everyone already thinks he is, Viki was worried she and Sam may have pushed Todd too far. Sam said he could care less and promised to close the door on Todd.

Back at Llanfair, Viki had a brief chat with real-life author and breast cancer survivor Betty Rollins (First, You Cry). The two women discussed breast cancer and the need for early detection, etc. And that concluded the public service announcement of our program. Breast cancer awareness is absolutely an important issue, but surely the writers could’ve found a better way to integrate this message into the show. Viki mentioned her breast cancer support group? Why not make that part of the show on an on-going basis?

Later in the week, Viki was appalled to see Ben’s reputation smeared all over the front page of the Sun. (Naturally, Asa loved it!) Upset for Viki’s sake, Ben seethed.

Over at the lowlife bar/mob hangout, Kevin and Kelly’s laughable undercover routine went from bad to worse as "Theresa" claimed to be "Butch’s" wife. When the mob boss asked about her nonexistent wedding ring, Kelly/Theresa said she’d mistakenly dropped it down the garbage disposal. Disgusted by their amateurish domestic shenanigans, the mob boss told them both to take a hike.

As fate would have it, Todd was at that same bar on that same evening chug-a-lugging beers and conducting a ritual exorcism by burning photos of Viki and Sam in an ashtray (while jangling voodoo-esque music played in the background – oooh "scary"). He noticed Kelly and Kevin’s half-baked undercover act and almost ratted them out to the mob guys – until Ben stepped in.

Ben warned Todd not to hurt Viki or Sam, which made Todd even madder, so he kicked the jukebox, downed a few more brews, and made of list of people to wreck vengeance upon: "Get Bo, Nora, Lindsay, Sam – and Ben."

Ben continued to rattle Todd’s cage by calling in a few old mob favors and threatening to shutdown production at the Sun. That got Todd’s attention! Ben warned Todd to lay off Viki – or else! But Todd had one question: "What’s the twisted truth about Ben Davidson?"

Starr blackmailed Nigel into bringing her to the Sun where the wily poppet gave dear old dad a full report of her snooping. Todd now knows that Ben has a secret Max doesn’t want Asa to know. Starr’s a much better undercover reporter than Kevin!

Jess asked Asa one more time to lay off Will. She promised that everyone would forgive him if he got a pardon for Will. Asa was impressed by his granddaughter’s moxie, but refused to budge. He really thinks he’s doing the right thing. Jessica left in disgust.

Upset by her failure, Jess ran into Cris in the park. Cris apologized for his loutish behavior, and Jess apologized for stringing him along. Then Cris asked for the truth: Do you love Will or just feel responsible because of Asa. Jess admitted she loved Will, but said she also loved Cris. Will this never end? Cris got fed up and said he couldn’t take it any more.

Down in his cell, Colin heard R.J.’s ultimatum: forget about implicating Lindsay or try this noose on for size. Colin decided to button his lip about Lindsay. Frankly, I still don’t understand why R.J. would act as Lindsay’s enforcer. So what if she tells Bo about R.J.’s interest in Matthew’s paternity – he already knows that.

Colin went to see Asa to make a deal for the tape, but when Renee revealed Colin had been accused of abducting Nora, Asa pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot: "You’re a dead man." Colin beat a hasty retreat. For a moment, Asa thought he and Renee were a team again, then she asked him to sign their preliminary settlement agreement. Sadly, Renee explained to Asa that his hatred for the Rappaports had changed him.

Fed up with sitting around the house, Nora marched down to the station, demanding to be involved in her case. Pretty soon, Nora, Sam, Lindsay, and Bo were all standing around wrangling, a situation Nora found strangely "familiar." When Nora questioned Lindsay privately about the roots of their enmity, Lindsay played it cool.

Sam suggested the DA offer Colin a deal if he revealed his accomplice. When Colin heard the offer (charges reduced from kidnapping to unlawful restraint), he seemed tempted but stuck to his claim of innocence. Lindsay looked relieved.

Matthew is now acting afraid of his mother. Turns out some of the kids in his playgroup are teasing him about his mother being "dead" and "a ghost." They do say the darndest things! Upset, Nora went to the jail to confront Colin only to discover he’d just made bail. Frustrated, Nora snagged Colin’s house keys from his personal effects envelope and headed over to Cherryvale to try and spark her memory. When Bo realized where Nora had gone, he went after her, kind of blowing off Melanie in the process (Lindsay had "I told you so" written all over her face!).

It was an eerily effective scene as Nora walked wordlessly through Colin’s house trying to conjure up her missing memories. When Colin came home and found Nora there, he seemed happy to see her. Then Bo, Sophia, and Antonio showed up, and Antonio broke down the door (more macho overkill). Nora resented Bo’s over protectiveness while Bo fumed over Nora’s stubbornness. Isn’t that how they fell in love in the first place? Could there be hope for Bo and Nora after all? What about Melanie? Actually, it was Melanie who managed to calm Nora down. Grudgingly, Nora apologized to Bo and promised to curtail her unofficial investigations.

After Nora left, Lindsay made sure Colin had gotten R.J.’s message -- loud and clear. But remember: Colin still has an ace in the hole: Asa’s taped confession.

Lindsay was amused to discover Melanie and Bo are keeping their relationship a secret from Nora. Lindsay again warned Melanie about Bo and Nora’s bond. Then Lindsay paid a visit to Nora and managed to let the truth "slip out." Nora was shocked. But honestly, what was crueler? Lindsay telling the truth or Bo and Melanie keeping it hidden?

Unaware of Lindsay’s machinations, Bo and Melanie enjoyed a sappy "happy couple" montage in the park. Spare me! Their saccharine romp was interrupted by a phone call: the forensics report is in!

Bo hauled Colin into his office and triumphantly announced that hair and skin samples found in his house are an exact DNA match to Nora. Colin didn’t seem too worried and started talking about a deal. Hank, Sam, and Bo scoffed, but Colin acted confident.

Lindsay visited Will (finally!), and almost immediately began whining about all her problems. Hello? Your son is in the clink facing hard time, how about concentrating on him for two seconds! When Sam arrived, Will asked him to admit he’d been wrong about Lindsay’s involvement in Nora’s kidnapping. But all Sam would concede (grudgingly) is that no direct evidence had yet been found to link her to the case. After Lindsay left, Colin popped in (didn’t Bo have a warrant ready?), and coolly announced that Sam’s revenge on him for Nora, would cost Will his freedom: "You’re looking at the guy who could set your son free." Go Colin!

When Melanie returned home, Nora lost no time in confronting her about Lindsay’s revelations. Melanie admitted the truth right away. A resentful Nora didn’t object when Melanie packed her bags, though she did unbend a bit as Melanie was leaving.

Melanie clued Bo in, so Bo went to check on Nora. Nora was mad. What must be doubly frustrating is that intellectually Nora knows she has no right to feel betrayed, but the emotions are still painfully real.

Blair asked her Starr about her secret with daddy, but stubborn Starr refused to fess up. When Starr discovered Skye snooping in her room (why?), she extorted cold hard cash, then ratted her out to Blair. Skye pulled her usual number, tormenting Blair about Max’s infidelity, which had the desired effect: Blair blew her stack. In a foul mood from the encounter with Skye, Blair decided to have things out with Todd.

Back at the park, Antonio showed up to check on Cris, who said he needed some time alone. On cue, R.J. stepped out from the shadows. Cris wasn’t happy to see R.J., but R.J. laughed off the young man’s churlishness and offered him a deal "strictly legit." Cris made it clear he’s not interested in whatever R.J.’s trying to sell him.

R.J. wanted to argue his point, but Todd showed up to interrupt their discussion. Todd told R.J. they were even now thanks to R.J.’s little fake bomb scare. But R.J. disagreed: "We’re a long way from even, but we’ll get there." Things escalated and soon R.J. was ruthlessly taunting Todd about his nonexistent sex life with Tea. R.J. tried to goad Todd into hitting him, and when Todd held back, R.J. labeled him "impotent" in more ways than one. Ouch.

At that raw moment, Blair stormed up screeching at Todd for involving Starr in his twisted schemes. She accused Todd of wanting to turn Starr into a Todd clone. Too late, said Todd, Starr already is one. They both flung cruel, hurtful words at each other, and Blair landed a stinging slap across Todd’s face. Then something interesting happened. Todd and Blair calmed down and both admitted that they were on edge due to R.J. and Skye respectively. Todd told Blair, "You don’t belong with Max." When Blair told Todd, "Tea never wanted the real you." Todd replied almost wistfully, "nobody does." Then he complained about Sam, Viki, and Tea’s efforts to "redesign" him: "Everybody wants me to change. Everybody but you." Blair and Todd? Together again? I’d buy it.

Back at the Sun, R.J. snuck in to plant an old note of Tea’s (to R.J.) on Todd’s desk in order to mess with his mind. But someone had followed R.J.: Cris!


· Nice to see Briggs again. He didn’t seem too anxious to have Kelly return to the Sun.

· Love Nora’s sharp new suit.

· Have Kevin and Kelly actually "done it" yet?

· Ben looked ridiculous in that oversized fedora – trick or treat!

· The forensics report is important but what about Colin’s housekeeper?

· Starr is one cold-blooded kid!

· I understand Sam doesn’t want to make Nora uncomfortable, but shouldn’t Matthew’s feelings come first? He needs his father at home – now more than ever.

· Someone got a little heavy-handed with Blair’s mascara this week. She’s a gorgeous woman who doesn’t need the Tammy Faye look to showcase her good looks.

· Why is Sam so involved in police procedure with Colin’s case? How inappropriate!

Till next week!



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