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 One Life to Love

October 2-6 2000

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Down at the LPD station, Colin was heading towards the door when in walked Sam and Will. "Going somewhere, uncle Colin?" smirked Will. Will told Bo and Hank how Colin had locked him in the basement and how he’d discovered Nora held captive upstairs. Colin accused Will of looking for a bargaining chip for a reduced sentence and tried to bluff his way out the door. That’s when Bo slapped the cuffs on him.

Lindsay returned from visiting Jen in Europe to find Melanie waiting for her at the gallery with a couple of bombshells: Will is back (and in jail), and Colin has been arrested. Panicked, Lindsay dashed over to R.J.’s where she threatened to tell Bo about buying the drug from R.J. in exchange for information on Matthew’s paternity test if he didn’t help her stop Colin from talking. Apparently, Lindsay’s not above soliciting murder-for-hire these days!

Kelly was still at the carriage house when Sophia showed up. Kelly perked up, thinking this could be step one in Joey’s romantic recovery, but Sophia quickly shot down that theory, "I am not here to get you and Kevin off the hook." Kelly talked about how guilty she felt and started crying which softened up ol’ marshmallow Sophia. The two gals shared a cozy heart-to-heart, and Sophia admitted that Kelly had made the right decision to follow her heart. I think Sophia and Kelly have good "friends" chemistry – much better than Sophia and Roseanne.

Later in the week, Kelly realized Kevin was still investigating the Crossroads shooting and wanted in. When Kevin said he wouldn’t risk her safety, Kelly appeared to accept his decision. Later, Harry the Hook did a Pygmalion routine on Kevin, transforming him into a certified wise guy: Butch Flynn. Tim Gibbs’s mobster act practically screamed "phony," but Jackie, Harry, and Ben acted impressed.

When "Butch Flynn" showed up for his appointed meeting with the mob boss who might’ve ordered the hit at Crossroads, he was distracted by a tarty looking blonde at the bar’s jukebox: Guess who? Kelly! (and looking damned silly, I might add).

Rae welcomed John back from Ireland with a big ol’ smooch – and the Centrum Silver couple of the year almost hit the sheets (‘bout time!). Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your POV), Skye popped by to interrupt the heaving breathing and hurl a few insults Rae’s way – one of which clued John into the fact that Rae knows something about Max she’s keeping from him. John questioned Rae, but she dodged the issue.

Next, Skye sashayed into the Buchanan mansion still determined to stake her claim on Max. When Max told her it’s over, Skye said he needed her help in combating the "spiky-haired witch" (a.k.a. Rae). Blair told her (former?) rival to buzz off and assured her Rae wasn’t a problem. On cue, Rae marched in and told Max he’d better take a DNA test or he’d never be rid of her. She even intimated she’d blab to Asa if push came to shove. Max looked pissed.

Still toasted from the night before, a surly Cris stopped by Llanfair to snarl at Jessica over her lack of faith in him. Jess acted like a stuck up brat (as usual). When she dropped her icy demeanor just for a moment, Cris tried to get close. "You’re drunk," snapped Princess Perfect. Cris admitted he was bombed and made no apologies. Then he accused Jess of going back and forth between him and Will, always choosing "whoever was the worthiest at the moment." Bulls-eye! After striking out with Jessica, a smoldering Cris went looking for Max and found him. A sympathetic Blair tried to smooth things over, but Max insisted on calling the cops.

Roseanne showed up at Cris’s apartment (or is it Antonio’s apartment – I’m confused), ostensibly to check on Cris, but really to gauge Antonio’s feelings for her. When Antonio started to get physical, Roseanne acted pseudo-distant and said she didn’t want to be used. Antonio denied using her and questioned her comfort-level with their "no strings" relationship. He then suggested that if sex was confusing the issue, perhaps they should just be friends: "I like you and respect you, but I can’t have a serious relationship right now." That’s the last thing Roseanne wanted to hear! Roseanne assured Antonio she could handle a non-heavy sexual relationship (false!), but their makeup make out session was interrupted by a call from Sophia: Cris was over at the Buchanan’s raising hell with Max.

When Antonio and Sophia showed up, Antonio did everything he could to avoid arresting his brother, but when Cris decked Max, he had no choice. After the trio left, Blair blasted Max for his insensitivity.

Back at the apartment, R.J. showed up looking for Cris. Roseanne gave R.J. a pretty hard time, so R.J. played on her insecurities by predicting that Antonio would use her and lose her. Roseanne looked stricken. Guess R.J. and Roseanne’s friendship is now officially over. Too bad.

Over at the station, Antonio had to book his brother and lock him up – highly upsetting! Cris didn’t make things any easier by sniping at his brother about Andy and acting like he could care less if he ended up in prison. Cris is cool! It was a reunion of sorts at the Llanview jail with Cris and Will in adjoining cells and Jess in between. When Jess realized Cris hadn’t set Will up, she apologized (which made Will nervous). Then Cris became my new favorite character by blasting Jess for being a hypocrite. Cris said she was a liar too since she’d been willing to marry him without admitting she still loved Will: "You say you care about the truth? Try telling it for a change. Start by telling it to yourself."

Right on, brother!

Upstairs, Antonio was practically in tears over having to arrest his baby brother (toughen up, you big baby!). Sophia gave him a pep talk about not giving up on Cris. Emboldened by Sophia’s caring words of wisdom, Antonio brought Cris some coffee, but before the healing could begin, word came down that Max had dropped the charges (Blair’s influence), and Cris was a free man. Cris sauntered off with the chip on his shoulder still firmly in place.

R.J. met with a shady character who asked if he’d been able to find a courier for the job. R.J. said he was working on it: so that’s what he’s got in store for Cris! Roseanne told Antonio R.J. was looking for Cris, so Antonio swaggered over to R.J.’s with Sophia nipping at his heels and warned R.J. to steer clear of his brother (he also spotted Lindsay). R.J. didn’t look too worried.

Viki walked in on Kevin choking the life out of Todd. After she broke up the fight, she told Kevin to wait for her outside. Then Viki asked Todd to move into Llanfair on two conditions: he returns the Sun to Kelly (oh, no!) and the penthouse to Roseanne. Todd got smart with big sis, who dared him to take the risk of trying to live as a family. Todd Manning + Family Values = You’ve got to be kidding!

Todd tried to laugh off Viki’s suggestion, but seemed vaguely intrigued by it. When he asked Sam’s advice (Sam was all for it), Todd learned Will was back in Llanview. Uh oh…

Back at Llanfair, Viki told her family she’d invited Todd to move in. Even Jessica (the most Todd-friendly of the group) expressed grave misgivings.

The next day, Todd arrived with a cart of muffins and other breakfast stuffs, ready to try his hand at being one of the family. When Sam showed up and announced that Will had fingered Colin, Todd knew Will’s next accusations would be leveled at him, so as a preemptive strike, he "confessed" to sending Will to Ireland. His explanation: "I was just trying to help." An angry Sam rushed off to get Will’s side of the story.

Over at the jail, Jess told Will about her mother’s plan to sooth the savage beast (a.k.a., move Todd into Llanfair). That’s when Will told Jess Todd was behind his one-way trip to Ireland and had also known about Nora existence for almost a month before he’d brought her home. When Sam arrived, Will filled him in on the whole sorry saga, including the bombshell about Nora’s missing four weeks. Sam was livid and made Will go through the entire chain of events step by step. When he’d heard it all, he told Will that Todd was "nothing" to him now.

Much to Melanie’s discomfort, Nora insisted on hashing over her feelings about Bo. She relieved her past with Bo, mentioning (among other things), how they used to make love "all night long." Then Nora said one of the hardest things to accept was the fact that she had cheated on Bo. Melanie urged her to talk to Sam.

Later, Todd showed up at Nora’s, apparently looking for gratitude. Nora told Todd she didn’t trust him and questioned his motives. Just then, Sam strode in and leveled ol’ Boomer with Will’s revelations. Todd tried to do some fast-talking, but Sam wasn’t buying a word of it.

Then Nora remembered being cared for by nuns. She also remembered Todd was there claiming to be her husband. Sam hit the roof and demanded the truth from Todd. So Todd complied (sort of). He claimed he’d been protecting Nora and had hidden her away for those four weeks until he was sure she was safe from Colin and Lindsay. At the mention of his ex, Sam backed off a bit from his anger at Todd. When Sam asked if Todd had ever seen Lindsay and Nora together at Colin’s house, Todd admitted he hadn’t. Then Sam insisted Todd come down to the station and tell his story to Bo.

During Bo’s next interrogation, Colin actually had an attorney present (played by the same actor who portrays Murphy the prison guard on my other favorite soap: HBO’s Oz). Unfortunately, Colin still insisted on talking during the interview (have the Ramsey’s taught us nothing?). The attorney told Bo he couldn’t hold Colin on Will’s testimony alone. That’s when Bo revealed he’d obtained a search warrant and a forensics team was going over Colin’s house with a fine tooth comb. Then Sam barged into the interrogation with Todd, who told Bo he’d also seen Nora at Colin’s house. Soon, Todd and Sam were firing questions at Colin. When Lindsay marched in demanding to know what was going on, Todd started questioning her as well. All of this is just typical of the LPD’s so-called professionalism. This wasn’t a formal interrogation; it was a total free-for-all!

Lindsay said she had something to confess, but would only talk to Bo -- alone. So Hank took Colin away, and Sam and Todd left the room. Bo promised to do what he could for Lindsay if she helped implicate Colin (how fair is that!). But all Lindsay would admit to is a bogus affair with Colin (in order to justify her presence in his house). Bo asked if Colin would confirm her story and then suggested they visit Colin in his cell.

Meanwhile, the guard put Colin in a cell with R.J. (didn’t the guard wonder what R.J. was doing there?). R.J. told Colin he’s a good friend of Nora’s and also working on Lindsay’s behalf. Then he fashioned a noose from a bed sheet. Handy.

Upstairs, a furious Viki arrived to confront her brother. Pretty soon, Viki and Sam were double-teaming Todd with stereo scolding. Finally, Todd started fighting back. He accused them of not being able to accept him unconditionally and said, "You already think I’m bad, so I may as well be bad – at least that way I can have some fun." Hear hear!

Why does Todd care so much what Viki and Sam think? Would he really give up the Sun just because Viki told him too? Todd may be one sick puppy, but he’s a big boy now, and the idea that he’s so invested in the approval of "daddy" Sam and "mommy" Viki doesn’t ring true. Maybe once Todd burns these bridges, he can go back to being Todd.


· Lindsay looks a little different around the eyes. Is it new makeup or something of a more permanent nature?

· How come no ever asked Todd for any details about where and when he found Nora before now?

· I don’t know what’s more laughable: Bo playing "master interrogator" or Antonio playing badass tough guy. It doesn’t help that Antonio looks like a clown in his cop uniform – especially the hat!

· Rae actually seemed kind of cool when she was confronting Max. That Rae is one tough mother!

· I sure hope Antonio showered before getting dressed for work after that sweaty workout – yuck!

· Gee, Sophia, is it proper police procedure to notify the suspect’s brother when a call comes in?

· I never cease to marvel at Lindsay’s ability to spin lie after lie and still sound incredibly sincere. Even though what she’s saying is factually untrue, it’s grounded in her own reality. Lindsay "believes" in the emotional truth of what she’s saying.

· David Fumero is having a field day playing "bad Cris," and I’m enjoying the transformation of both character and actor!

· Kevin’s mobster act was a total cartoon caricature, but the guy who played the mob boss was quite convincing.

· I still think John and Sophia would make a cute couple!

· Kevin Stapleton (the previous Kevin Buchanan) was on HBO’s saucy Sex in the City last week (in a role that called for very little dialogue), and, if I’m not mistaken, the current Kevin (Tim Gibbs) will be in this week’s episode. What would Viki say?

· How amazing that John’s gift to Rae (a beautiful scarf) complemented her ensemble perfectly!

· Excuse me, but if Will’s testimony against Colin has credibility problems, what about Todd’s?

· Could Kelly’s ideas for livening up the Banner be any more banal?

· I realize Sam is busy with Will, but why hasn’t he spent any time with Nora?

· Why can’t Antonio just give his brother a little breathing room? Considering the numerous bone-headed stunts hot-tempered Antonio has pulled over the years, isn’t Cris allowed a minor stumble or two?

Till next week!



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