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 One Life to Love

September 25-29 2000

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Nothing earth shattering, but a solid week overall, with strong scenes between Bo and Nora and Kelly and Joey -- and a very intense encounter between Kevin and Todd.

Colin returned from the lab with the new test results – this time, the news is good. Viki and Ben were overwhelmed with relief, but Viki told Ben this scare happened for a reason and she needs to avoid complacency. Ben vowed to make all her dreams come true – starting with skydiving! Viki said she’d take a rain check.

Back at Llanfair, Viki told Ben how worried she is about Todd. Ben fails to see any redeeming qualities in Viki’s brother and told Blondie, "You can’t help a man who doesn’t want to be helped." But even though Ben labeled Todd a "lost cause," Viki refused to give up on him. When she told Ben Todd was reaching out, Ben wondered if it was for her hand or her throat (good one!). But Viki wouldn’t be dissuaded and plans on asking Todd to move into Llanfair. I think that’s a great idea! Todd is too isolated in his penthouse. A room at Llanfair sets the stage for loads of interesting interaction and conflict.

Kelly arrived at work to find Todd in her office (putting up a "Welcome Back Todd" banner). Todd accused Kelly of "wrecking" the Sun (true), then offered to let her stay on as his secretary. When Kelly threatened to call security, Todd waved the signed agreement (transferring ownership of her shares to Todd) under Kelly’s nose and told her Blair had set her up.

On cue, Blair walked in, and Kelly let her have it. When Blair tried to explain that Todd had her behind the eight ball and she did it all for love, Kelly was unmoved and vowed "this isn’t over." She also predicted Todd would betray Blair in a heartbeat.

After Kelly left in a huff, Blair demanded that Todd live up to his end of the deal and undo the anti-Max computer virus. Angry with Blair for appointing Kelly as Starr’s legal guardian, Todd refused, but when he saw the depth of Blair’s emotional investment in her marriage to Max, he relented (seemingly) – but not before labeling Blair’s devotion to Max "a waste."

Later in the week, Todd arrived at the Penthouse with marshals, a court order, and an ultimatum for the current residents: hit the bricks! Roseanne leveled a stinging parting shot by taunting Todd about Tea. Then both gals came up with the idea of crashing at Antonio’s, but Roseanne got their first only to find an embittered Cris back from Ireland (looks like that little studio is already a full house). Roseanne tried to give Cris a pep talk about moving on, but an angry Cris took off for Rhodi’s.

Antonio returned home to find Roseanne lighting candles to set the mood. When Antonio suggested that moving in – even temporarily – might be moving too fast, Roseanne pouted. What is with Roseanne!? I’m thrilled she gave up her obsession with Cris, but how about focusing on herself and her future for a change instead of thinking about sack time with Antonio 24/7?

Meanwhile, Sophia ran into Cris at Rhodi’s busily tying one on and feeling sorry for himself. (Sophia must be getting tired of baby-sitting broken-hearted crybabies these days!). Cris made a play for Sophia, who snapped: "I don’t do consolation." When R.J. arrived, Cris tried to pick a fight by taunting him about Tea. When R.J. returned volley with a few hard truths about Jess and Will, Cris decked him. R.J. warned Cris he’d just made a very bad move. Antonio and Roseanne showed up just in time to catch Cris planting a smooch on Sophia. As Sophia tried to push Cris away, Antonio grabbed his brother, shouting, "Get your hands off her!" Interesting… Cris wasn’t in the mood for brotherly lectures and told Antonio that his nice guy persona is a thing of the past. Great! Cris is much more entertaining as a sleazy lout than a sterling lump. R.J. watched the brotherly dissention with interest.

Over at the bar, Sophia admitted to Roseanne she’s still gone on Antonio. When Roseanne tried to tell her Antonio is taken, Sophia (not knowing the other woman is Roseanne), repeated what Antonio had told her: he’s still hung up on Andy and not ready for another relationship. Roseanne looked upset.

New best friends Rae and Renee were having lunch at the Palace. Renee tried to convince Max to have a blood test to see if he’s Rae’s son, but Max refused. When Max ran into Skye, he let her have it. Apparently, Max blames Skye for his current problem with Rae (since she had gotten involved with Daniel to make him jealous). Upset over being dissed by Max, Skye dosed Rae with a glass of water (yep – these two are mother and daughter all right!)

Max arrived home to find Asa in a huge snit about Matthew’s newly confirmed status as the youngest Rappa-Davidson and Bo’s reticence on the subject of Nora’s return from the dead. Asa told Max he’s now the sole Buchanan heir. When Blair arrived home, Max shared his triumph with her. They were sitting on top of the world – until Todd showed up waving around a CD ROM!

Todd seemed to get a huge charge out of yanking Blair’s chain and let her believe he was going to show Asa and Max her computer virus. Turns out, he’d concocted a custom computer game for Starr that featured a big foot stomping on various Buchanan heads. Starr loved it! Blair begged Todd not to interfere in her happiness. Todd promised she’d be happy with Max "over my dead body," then seemed to relent and back off. One question: What in the world makes Blair think she can trust Todd?

When Sam arrived in Ireland, Will filled him in on Colin and the whole upstairs/downstairs imprisonment scenario. Will also told his father Todd could corroborate Colin’s involvement since Todd had found both Will and Nora at Colin’s house (for some reason, this revelation doesn’t surprise Sam, even though Todd hasn’t said word one about Colin). Will also discovers his father didn’t get his second phone message or his letter. Elated to finally have some proof against Colin, Sam called Bo with the news.

Then Sam explained to Will that he can stall his extradition, allowing Will to live as a free man in Ireland – for who knows how long. The catch? Colin would walk without Will’s testimony (stay, Will, stay!). Even though Jess encouraged him to stay, Will decided he’s tired of taking the easy way out and wants Colin to pay (rats!)

Over at the Banner, Kevin was pestering Jackie Mac for information on the Crossroads shooting. Joey wanted to help with the investigation, but Kevin doesn’t want him involved. Joey insisted. Later, when Kelly showed up boo-hooing over Blair’s perfidy, Joey suggested she work at the Banner. Excuse me, but on top of everything else, wouldn’t that be quite a demotion going from publisher/editor to gal reporter?

Later in the week, Kelly stopped by the carriage house to pick up a few things and was surprised to find Joey there. The two of them actually had a nice talk. It was a moving scene, made even more touching by the thought of poor Don Jeffcoat’s pending departure. Then Kelly became nervous that Joey might read too much into their time together and shut down emotionally. Selfish brat! I’m glad Todd and Blair stole your paper!

Across town, Todd had a visitor: his "favorite" nephew Kevin. Kevin wasn’t there to extend an invitation to Llanfair but to insist Todd sign the Sun back over to Kelly: "You’re very good at pushing women around, why don’t you try it on me." Todd laughed off Kevin’s macho attitude and nailed him on his own hypocrisy and guilt over stealing his brother’s wife and brought up his past with Cassie: "What’s with you and married women?" "At least I ask their permission," retorted Kevin, but when Todd kept needling him about Kelly, Kevin snapped and went for Todd’s throat – that’s when Viki walked in.

After leaving the hospital, Nora eventually showed up at Sam’s where she found Melanie (Sam was in Ireland with Will). The two women quickly established a rapport. Nora explained that she’d first gone to her old house only to discover another family lives there (why didn’t they show us that scene!). When Matthew came home from the park, Nora and her son spent some quality time together while Melanie discreetly notified Bo that Nora was at Sam’s. When Bo arrived, Melanie asked him not to tell Nora about their relationship just yet. Bo wanted to be completely honest, but bowed to Melanie’s request. Seems like Melanie is more concerned about Nora’s feelings than Bo!

After Melanie left, Bo told Nora he was ready to answer all her questions, but didn’t know where to start. So Nora got the ball rolling by asking him why he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring.

Bo took a deep breath and explained to Nora that they’re divorced and have been for some time. Then he ran down the whole dead Drew/fertility scare/baby/Sam scenario, which Nora (like so many of her fans) found damned hard to swallow. Bo also told Nora she lives here with Sam and was planning to marry him. He concluded his history lesson by telling Nora, "In the end, we both moved on, just not together." When Nora asked about the status of their relationship today, and Bo said they are good friends. Nora seemed relieved to hear that. Then Bo formally forgave Nora for what went wrong with their marriage. During all this, Nora tried her best to act the gallant trouper, but when she found her old wedding ring in her desk, the loss hit her -- hard.

Rachel arrived to look after her mother. When questioned, Nora told her daughter "I’m a little sadder, but a lot less bewildered." Bo acted like he should stay too, but Nora let him off the hook and said she needed to be alone to digest all this new information about her past.

After Bo split, Nora was feeling pretty blue, so Rachel went out for ice cream. While she was gone, Colin showed up (Melanie had inadvertently let him know Sam was out of town). Something tells me this is the beginning of the end for Colin. With Will’s testimony, how can he wriggle out of the jam he’s in and will he take Lindsay down with him? At first, Nora was a bit unnerved to see Colin, but soon relaxed and the two shared a nice talk about moving on after a failed marriage. Colin told Nora he’d met someone he can’t stop thinking about (Nora). Nora laughed and smiled, completely at ease with Colin. Just then, Bo burst in and tackled Colin (a very clumsy tackle by the way). At first, Nora was mad at Bo, but when he explained that Colin was responsible for what had happened to her, she became confused – angry with both men. When Bo tried to act all high and mighty, Colin smirked, "Who are you trying to impress, Nora or Lainie?"

Eventually, Colin agreed to go down to the station "to talk." Bo felt confident he could trip Colin up, and Colin foolishly agreed to waive his right to have an attorney present. Hank tried to stop the interrogation (not wanting to risk the case), but Bo convinced him to give him some time. Though Bo rattled Colin a bit, overall, Dr. McIver stood firm. That is until Will and Sam showed up! That was fast! Did they charter the (now-grounded) Concorde? Back at Sam’s, Melanie said she would check into a hotel, but Nora asked her to stay, "I need to talk to you about Bo."


· LOL at Blair’s covert enjoyment of the squish-Asa game.

· Is Will’s testimony against Colin really credible? What if Todd doesn’t back him up? And remember, Colin has a bargaining chip: Asa’s taped confession. Go Colin!

· Why won’t Kelly fight Todd for the Sun! Doesn’t she have oodles of cash thanks to Ian? Why not hire an attorney? Blair’s little scheme was clearly fraudulent.

· I think Sophia needs a haircut. Nothing drastic, but something that gives her a more distinctive look in contrast with her rival. I suppose Roseanne could get the cut, but long hair suits her character, whereas Sophia’s a cop now and needs a more practical cut.

· It looks to me like Colin was sweating Ben and Viki a bit about those second test results.

· The soap mags are reporting that Don Jeffcoat (Joey) will soon be leaving OLTL with no recast pending. Sad. DJ did what he could with a chronically underwritten role, and I’ll be sorry to see him go.

· LOL at Sophia’s Barney Fife-like qualities. When Roseanne wondered how she knew Antonio had a woman over, Sophia told her "I am trained to observe," but soon admitted Antonio had told her about it.

· Why is Kevin making such a big deal about the shooting at Crossroads? I mean, it wasn’t like the gunman was aiming for Kelly – she was simply caught in the crossfire. But I guess it’s easier to focus on that then the way he broke his brother’s heart.

Till next week!



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