One Life to Love

September 18-23 2000

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Sam was enjoying a pleasant evening with Matthew when Asa arrived with a court order authorizing visitation until the paternity issue was resolved. Sam boasted gleefully that a recent blood test confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that he – not Bo -- was Matthew’s father. Nyah, nyah, nyah! Ben arrived and offered to throw Asa out. Asa called Bo, who backed up Sam’s claim. Then Sam told Asa: "You’re the only Buchanan in this house" (which made Ben happy), so Asa vowed to destroy Sam’s other son: Will.

Over at the LPD, Bo tried to get Barnes to roll over on R.J., but no dice. Barnes is way too scared of Randall James – and for good reason. Then Bo tried to get tough with R.J. who just laughed it off, but when Lindsay saw the two men talking, she assumed the worst and burst into Bo’s office accusing R.J. of lying about her. Smooth. When Bo questioned Lindsay about her involvement with R.J., she fed him the usual pack of lies.

Cris arrived in Ireland and began snooping around a quaint Irish pub which looked suspiciously like the old Wild Swan set. He managed to run into the very fellow who had initially helped "Bill" before calling the cops on him. Apparently, this guy’s wife was none too happy with his actions, so he was a wee bit gun shy about giving Cris any information. Meanwhile, Will and Jess were caught in a convenient rain storm – forcing them to doff their wet duds and dry off in a pair of old horse blankets – yuck! Will tried the old "let me warm you up" move, but Jess backed off. Then Will found them some dry clothes and headed out to the local pub for some grub – where he immediately spotted Cris.

Will returned to the stables to let Jessica know Cris was in Ireland. Jessica admitted she turned to Cris on the rebound and confessed that her feelings are as confused as ever. Will wants to know if her anger at Cris was making her turn to him. Good question! Back at the pub, Cris was surprised when Max arrived, but soon managed to lock up him in a closet and headed out to warn Jess and Will.

Back at the stables, Will was giving Jess the hard sell, desperately trying to make her admit she loves him. Jess said she couldn’t keep running back and forth between Will and Cris, and she also revealed she and Cris had had sex -- more than once. That shut Will up! When Cris arrived to warn them about Max, Will wouldn’t listen and let his fists do the talking. Wily Max called the cops on his cell phone and soon Will was back in custody. Good.

Jess accused Cris of ratting Will out, and Max made it a point to confirm Jessica’s worst suspicions. So Jess rushed to Will’s side, vowing to stick by him no matter what. In the name of all that’s holy – won’t this boring repetitive story ever end!?!? Jess did make one smart move: she called Sam, who hopped the next plane to Ireland.

Desperate to gain a controlling interest in the Sun for Todd, Blair tricked Kelly into signing certain legal documents by claiming the papers were to designate Kelly as Starr’s legal guardian should anything happen to Blair. I’m pretty mad at Kelly these days, so I’m glad Blair duped her. Besides, you can’t deny the fact that Kelly’s Sun is BORING!

Sophia stopped by Dorian’s to let Kelly know Joey remains devastated by Kelly’s betrayal and is just putting on a brave front. That’s not what Kelly wanted to hear. When Kelly whined, "I want him to be happy," Sophia shot back: "Why? So you can stop feeling guilty?" Bingo!

Despite Joey’s assurances that he’s handling things, the situation between Joey and Kevin is pretty tense. It doesn’t help matters when Kevin tries to force his brother into some big healing truth session. For the millionth time: Leave your brother alone!

Realizing that Sophia’s presence makes the Penthouse an indiscreet love nest, Roseanne rendezvoused with Antonio over at Cristian’s apartment (Antonio’s old place), where, in the shower of all places, things quickly went from zero to 60 (sorry A-Team diehards!). The next morning, they both agreed that even though the sex was great, for now they should keep things strictly casual and under wraps – yeah, right! When Sophia showed up looking for her partner, Antonio told her he’d spent the night with someone (failing to mention his lover is Roseanne). Sophia acted like she could care less, but the minute Antonio’s back was turned, the waterworks began. Poor kid.

Viki returned from Florida looking absolutely smashing in a youthful new short ‘do. Quite similar to Blair’s new look. IMO, this is the best Viki has looked in years – Brava!

After the requisite billing and cooing with Benjie, Viki marched into the Banner offices to a round of applause. She then gave a stirring speech to the staff, revealing her battle with breast cancer. Ben stood by her side beaming with pride. Later, Ben recreated a tropical beach environment in the attic, so Viki could kick back and relax at will.

Later in the week, things took a dark turn when Viki returned to Cherryvale for what should have been a routine final test. Unfortunately, the results weren’t good. Colin cautioned her against overreacting and ran the tests again. You know, I’ll be mad if this turns out to be a cheap one-day drama, but on the other hand, I really do want Viki to be well.

Despite their recent troubles, Bo and Melanie were on cloud nine, making goo-goo eyes and drooling all over each other worse than Blendie. Using words that stabbed like a knife in the heart of diehard Bo/Nora fans, Bo blabbed on and on about how great things were with Melanie, telling his latest conquest: "We belong together" and "We click," blah, blah, blah, ad nauseum.

Meanwhile across town, Nora was reeling from the news that Sam is the father of her son. Apparently, she last remembers defending Antonio Vega for the murder of Carlo Hesser. When Sam told her the year is 2000, she can’t believe it. "What am I missing? I would never leave Bo! I would never have a baby with another man!" A lot of us felt the same way, Nora.

When Nora demanded to know what happened, Sam called Bo. Bo rushed over, not realizing what was in store. Oh the look on Nora’s face when she saw Bo: pure love and happiness. Even though I’m pretty much over Bo and Nora these days, that look broke my heart. Bo doesn’t deserve Nora’s love!

When Nora asked Bo to take her "home," Bo didn’t know what to do. He tried to convince her to rest and take things slow, but Nora wanted to fill in all the blanks ASAP. Despite the Matthew situation, Nora believes she’s still married to Bo, and she had one burning question for her "husband": "We’re okay, aren’t we?" Luckily for Bo, Larry’s arrival served as a distraction. After being sedated, Nora mumbled happily about ordering a pizza and watching old movies. Bo looked embarrassed and uncomfortable. Jeez, Bo – don’t you have a heart?

Bo explained to Melanie that he had wanted to tell Nora the truth their current relationship but couldn’t bring himself to shatter her illusion of happiness -- at least not yet. A sympathetic Melanie told Bo there was no harm in letting Nora think she and Bo were still married – for a while. She also told Bo she wasn’t going anywhere. Bo looked happy and the two shared a smooch. After Melanie left, Bo asked Hank how he’d felt when Nora only remembered him. Hank said the situation had stirred up old feelings and he’d felt responsible for Nora. Hank told Bo Nora needed him now and asked if would stand her. Bo said he would.

Lindsay soon popped up sniffing around for information. When she found out Nora still thinks she’s married to Bo, she sneered to Sam and Melanie that Nora always wanted another chance with Bo. Disgusted, Melanie left. Sam told Lindsay Matthew’s paternity is no longer in doubt and warned her to stay away from Nora.

Naturally, the minute Sam left, Lindsay tried to sneak into Nora’s room, but Colin stopped her: "I will do whatever it takes to protect her from you!" After Lindsay left, Colin sat by Nora’s bedside watching over her. When she awoke, she was happy to see him and remarked that the situation felt familiar.

Melanie went over to Lindsay’s to try and mend fences. Sensing an advantage, Lindsay pretended to reconcile with her sister and wished her and Bo well. Then she planted a seed of doubt by telling Lainie that if anyone could handle the Nora issue, it was Melanie.

At the hospital for a routine check up, Asa spotted Nora and almost keeled over from shock. Apparently, Nora’s "resurrection" hasn’t been widely publicized. When he realized his eyes weren’t deceiving him, Asa was overjoyed. He was even happier to discover Nora thinks she’s still married to Bo. When Nora asked him how her marriage to Bo had survived her affair with Sam, Asa gave her his fantasy version of the truth: "Your marriage to Bo is as solid as a rock." Nora stared at Asa closely, cocked her head to one side, and said, "Asa Buchanan, you are lying to me, aren’t you?" That’s the Nora we know and love! Asa assured her he was dealing from the top of the deck and promised that "you and Bo are gonna pull this family back together."

You know, Asa may be a prize jackass at times, but I found his reaction extremely touching. Asa, Hank, and R.J. are more purely happy to have Nora back than either Sam or Bo seem to be. Bo seems worried this latest development will complicate his plans with Melanie, and Sam is wallowing in self-pity because Nora doesn’t remember him beyond Chicago. Guess what? Nora doesn’t need either of you schmucks! Just remember, it’s every Jewish mother’s dream for her daughter marry a doctor – as in Dr. Colin McGuyver!

When Bo found out Asa had been to see Nora, he headed over to the hospital for damage control, but it was too late – Nora was gone!


· Lindsay is right. Sam does seem willing to sacrifice Will’s freedom in order to get the goods on Colin and Lindsay.

· Nice makeover, Zach! Love the close-cropped haircut and spiffy new specs!

· So how could Cris just hop a plane to Ireland? Are you telling me this kid from Angel Square had a passport on hand?

· Apparently the Irish constables are no better than the LPD at spotting a suspect who’s clearly skulking two feet away!

· No words were spoken, but the look in Viki’s eye as she gazed searchingly at Joey demonstrates why Erika Slezak has five Emmys on her mantle.

· Why did Sam tell Matthew that awful story? Here’s a little boy who recently thought his mother was dead, and Sam tells a story about someone trying to take him away from his father. Happy ending or not – that could freak the kid out.

· So where has Will really been hiding out -- the local gym? This guy has one buff bod!

· LOL at Blair and Sophia’s funny exchange – these two gals both know how to sling it!

· I thought Antonio was so concerned for the safety of the two girls in the Penthouse! While he was busy playing hide the chorizo with Roseanne, Sophia was all alone at the Penthouse. Todd could’ve easily have shown up and wrecked holy havoc!

· Has Viki even asked where Jessica is?

· Llanview Hospital has worse security than Asa’s mansion!

· LOL at the many and varied ways the writers find to showcase Antonio’s killer physique!

· Roseanne’s dramatically arched brows rival those of WWF superstar The Rock!

· Love that saucy nurse at the hospital putting Asa in his place!

Till next week!



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