One Life to Love

September 11-15 2000

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This week, there was at least one major development involving Matthew’s paternity, Nora remembers more, and Todd is turning up the heat with Blair to get what he wants.

Sam told Bo he wanted to have Matthew tested "for Nora’s sake." With so much uncertainty in Nora’s life right now, Sam doesn’t want Matthew’s paternity to be in question. If you ask me, Sam has behaved with 100 times more class than Bo has over this issue.

Over at the Penthouse, it was a case of he said/she said (Todd vs. Roseanne) regarding rightful ownership. Sophia and Antonio arrested Todd for trespassing, cuffed him, and took him down to the station (Todd was mightily amused during this process). Bo decided it was a civil case, and Sam agreed to act as Todd’s attorney. I swear Tea sent Roseanne a copy of the lease signed over to her, but perhaps it wasn’t hers to give. Maybe a judge will rule that Todd and Roseanne both have a right to the place – wouldn’t that be funny – Three’s Company 2000?

Worried about Todd, Antonio offered to move in with Roseanne and Sophia temporarily. Sophia was giddy with anticipation and Roseanne was practically purring. When Sophia asked Roseanne if she’d blabbed to Antonio about her crush, Roseanne acknowledged the "slip." Sophia claimed to be over Antonio, but wait till she finds out about his feelings for Roseanne!

The new roommates shared a nice dinner, lovingly prepared by Sophia. Even though Roseanne and Antonio can’t keep their eyes off each other, Sophia remained in blissful ignorance about the fact that her two new "friends" have a major case of the hots for each other. When Joey showed up looking for some company, Sophia went to Crossroads with him, leaving Roseanne and Antonio alone to get all hot and heavy. At Crossroads, Sophia told Joey she plans to take it slow and gradually win over Antonio.

After leaving Joey at the bar, Sophia almost walked in on Antonio and Roseanne mid-grope. Later, she and Antonio talked his failed marriage, then shared a donut "toast" to their new lives as cops.

Back at the station, both Bo and R.J. questioned Todd’s role in Nora’s return, but Sam wasn’t suspicious. When R.J. threatened Todd, Bo told him to back off, prompting another R.J. diatribe against Bo. Question: Did R.J. overhear Bo and Sam making arrangements for the paternity test?

Over at Serenity Springs, Blair ran into Cris working off his frustrations on a punching bag (imagining Will no doubt!). This time around, it was Cris saying love stinks and Blair preaching the virtues of second chances. Cris claimed to be over Jessica, but when Blair revealed Max was on Will’s trail, Cris headed over to Roseanne’s to get the money to go to Ireland.

Overseas, Will was doing his best to thaw Jessica, but having little luck. A frosty Jessica said she just wanted to make sure he was okay and was now ready to leave. But when Will mentioned Nora, a shocked Jessica called Sam (finally) to let him know she’d seen Will and to ask about Nora. Sam confirmed that Nora was indeed alive. Then Will begged Jessica not to leave until he had the chance to put things right between them.

Back at Serenity Springs, Blair was trying to meditate her way to a solution about the seemingly inevitable launch of the anti-Max virus, when up strolled Todd who wasted no time letting his ex-wife know he wants his paper back and more time with Starr: "I want everything that’s mine and I want it all right now."

At first, Blair said she couldn’t help him, but when she discovered Todd is now a computer wiz (huh?), she offered to help Todd regain control of the Sun if he squelched the anti-Max computer virus.

Then Todd suggested Blair work for him again and promised she could trust him. Enter Max: "Get the hell away from my wife." Todd hinted that he’d spill the beans if Blair didn’t get Max to back off, so Blair convinced Max she needed to talk to Todd alone about Starr. Then Todd kind of flirted with Blair, which seemed to make her nervous.

Later in the week, Todd popped in at Asa’s to further put the screws to Blair about gaining controlling interest in the Sun and irritate the heck out of Max and Asa as a fringe benefit. When Blair expressed reservations about duping Kelly, Todd scoffed at her for "going soft."

Speaking of Kelly, Joey stopped by the hospital to see his faithless wife, who made an insensitive crack about wanting to leave the hospital and "start my new life." When she tried to apologize, Joey was gracious. Then Kelly made matters worse by saying, "I do love you." So Joey set the record straight: "Please don’t say that." He said he needed to accept the fact that their relationship was over. He told her they couldn’t be friends and handed her a business card for divorce lawyer: Lionel Hutz (is that a Simpsons’ reference?). Kelly told Joey how much she would miss him and pulled him into a goodbye hug that was clearly agony for him.

Over at Crossroads, Kevin took a meeting with Jackie McNaughton and Harry the Hook, trying to find out who was behind the shooting that nailed Kelly. The wise guys urged him to let sleeping dogs lie, but Kevin won’t back down. Looks like he plans on going undercover – yeah, that’s smart. Wait till Viki finds out!

When Kelly came home (Dorian’s home) from the hospital, she was delighted to find that Kevin had arranged for a home office, so she could work while recuperating. Turns out Joey--not Kevin--was behind this thoughtful gesture. I thought he was trying to let go? After Joey left, Kevin and Kelly pulled sad faces and acted all concerned about him. What a pair of hypocrites! Then Blair stopped by to ask Kelly a favor…

Rae ran into Renee at the Palace bar and the two women started talking. After bonding over the long-lost offspring connection, Renee boldly confessed to Rae that Max is not her biological son. Naturally, Rae was blown away by the news and wanted to start snooping into Max’s past. Renee told her Asa is still in the dark and warned Rae that Max might not appreciate Rae’s quest for the truth.

A bit later, Rae ran into Max at the police station where he’d brought Sykes proof of his paternity results. John said he couldn’t stand Max and would love to lock him up for fraud. This puts Rae in an awkward position: lie to John or betray Renee.

Meanwhile, Renee showed up at Crossroads to talk to Ben about what she’d told Rae (and also because she’s lonely). Jokingly, Renee asked Ben, " Why couldn’t you have been my son?" Ouch.

The next day, Rae stopped by Asa’s to let Max know Renee had confided in her and ask him to take a blood test. Max stonewalled her at first, then admitted the truth. Asa walked in, so Rae made an excuse for being there and left. Asa asked Max what’s up. Just then, Max got a phone call with news about Will and left for Ireland.

Back at the hospital, a venomous snake had slithered into Nora’s room. I’m talking about Lindsay! When Nora asked if they had been friends, Lindsay dodged the question and offered to help Nora "fill in the blanks." Melanie walked in to find Lindsay attempting to poison Nora’s mind against Bo with a little revisionist history. (BTW: Melanie now has privileges at Llanview Hospital).

Melanie scolded Lindsay for trying to manipulate Nora’s memories of Bo. Then she told her sister she needed to let go of her feelings for Bo. When Lindsay asked why, Melanie said she wanted to pursue Bo herself. Go, Mel!

Lindsay hit the roof! Not only did she overestimate her ability to manipulate her sister, she underestimated Melanie’s attachment to Bo. In typical Lindsay fashion, the recriminations were soon flying fast and furious ("How could you do this to me!?") Melanie tried to remain calm and supportive, but when Lindsay called her "a selfish bitch," Melanie stood up for herself. Just as Lindsay was telling her sister how Bo would eventually dump her for Nora, Bo walked in and set the record straight. You could tell Lindsay wanted to explode, but she’s smart enough to realize guilt is a better tactic with Melanie, so she tearfully wished them well and slumped out the door.

Over at the hospital blood lab, samples were drawn from Sam, Bo, and Matthew. Moments later, Jeff Barnes snuck in and switched the labels on Sam and Bo’s blood – suddenly Bo walked in: Busted! It was all a set-up. Bo demanded to know who was behind all this, but Barnes just sneered. Then an LPD lab guy arrived with the real blood samples. Bo and Sam agreed to wait all night for the results. Does R.J. have the lab guy in his hip pocket or is this really gonna be resolved for good?

Sam and Bo had an awkward, agonizing wait while the test was carried out. Poor Sam has so much to lose. But finally the results were in: Sam is the father! Sam was overwhelmed with relief and happiness. Bo shook his hand, and then Sam thanked Bo and Bo thanked Sam – a regular lovefest!

After Bo left the hospital, Melanie tracked him down at the community center, where she witnessed a "touching" moment between the lovable commish and little Marshall (you know, that kid with thick glasses they trot out whenever they want to make Bo look good). Melanie asked if Bo wanted a second chance with Nora, but Bo told her "Nora and I were meant to be apart. It’s over."

Colin can’t seem to keep his distance from "Scarlet." When he stopped by the hospital for a visit, Nora was friendly but admitted she’d been warned (by Hank) to keep her distance. Colin managed to allay her fears and the two of them enjoyed a friendly chat, though Colin had a scary moment when out of the blue, Nora mentioned the word "Scarlet."

When Hank and Rachel arrived, Hank let Larry know Colin was not welcome in Nora’s presence. Larry wasn’t too happy with his colleague so Melanie offered to talk to Colin. Melanie grilled Colin about Nora. Seems Nora’s drug screen turned up traces of a memory-loss drug and the only known antidote is the very drug Melanie suspects Colin took from Cherryvale without permission. When she confronted Colin with her suspicious, he tried to laugh them off, but Melanie refused to back down.

Larry told Nora her memory loss might be helped with an experimental drug (the same drug Colin gave her as an antidote to Lindsay’s shot). Rachel and Hank were concerned about possible side effects, but Nora brushed their fears aside: "I want my mind back. I have to remember everything." At Nora’s behest, Larry began the treatment, but warned her the drug could only be administered one or two times. If certain memories don’t come back, they’re probably lost for good.

As Nora lost consciousness, she found herself back in the courtroom – it’s empty this time, except for Bo and Sam – and the verdict! When Nora came to, she gleefully announced to Rachel "I remember!" Hank promptly hauled a still-lurking Colin into the room and asked if Nora knew him. Apparently, she doesn’t remember everything because Nora only knows Colin from their recent conversations at the hospital. Larry gave Nora the once-over and quizzed her on current events. She knows Clinton is president, so she’s up-to-date within the past 7+ years.

When Sam arrived, Nora remembered him – but only from Chicago: "What brings you to Llanview?" Another blow to Sam! Over Hank’s objections, Sam asked to speak to Nora alone. One on one, Sam told her that he--not Bo--is Matthew’s father. Nora was aghast.


· So Kelly is a Webmaster? Since when!

· Is Nora’s return a secret or something? Outside of a handful of people, no one has mentioned it – not Joey or Renee or Kevin or Kelly.

· Joey and Sophia share a sweet rapport these days – who knows what the future might hold?

· Do Roseanne and Antonio really care about each other or is this all about sex?

· I know I’m guilty of my fair share of Rae-bashing, so let me be the first to commend this week’s sweater/suit ensemble in dusky rose. Just one suggestion: lose the brooch. I’m also happy Rae’s stiff blonde highlights are a thing of the past. She looks much better as a brunette.

· Melanie seems a whole lot smarter these days and much better equipped to stand up to Colin and Lindsay.

· Was it really necessary to have Todd standing over Blair with a menacing 25-pound weight in his hand? I’m the last person to suggest that OLTL sugarcoat Todd’s past, but they shouldn’t exploit it for a cheap jolt of sexual menace either.

· With that black velvet pompadour and ‘50s-style sideburns, Will is looking very Elvis these days!

· How about Blair and Starr in their matching workout gear? Cute. However, little Starr’s bratty attitude towards her nanny is less than charming.

Till next week.



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