One Life to Love

September 4-8 2000

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Quite a good week overall. I like the way they’re handling Nora’s return and memory loss. I’m not ashamed to say that Midge used up a hanky or two during some of the more tender moments (sniff). On the secrets revealed front, one more person knows the truth about Ben’s parentage. It’s also great to see Todd making some decisive moves towards reclaiming what’s his: the Sun and the Penthouse – but what about Starr (or Blair)?

Starting with one of my least-favorite storylines, Roseanne found Cris crying in his beer about Jess. She generously offered him money to go to Ireland, but Cris said no. Good for him! Over in Ireland, Jess had managed to find Will is record time (highly unrealistic even for a soap!). I hope this accelerated pace means they’re gonna wrap this up pronto. Naturally, Will was overjoyed to see Jessica, but all Little Miss Selfish could think of were her own hurt feelings. Refusing to even acknowledge Will’s major sacrifice, Jess bitched at the poor guy for "taking away my choice." This coming from a girl who can’t make a choice – it’s too much! Even Jessy-whipped Will seemed shocked by her self-centered attitude. The writers need to do something fast to redeem
Jessica’s character in my eyes.

Back in Llanview, it looks like Todd wants his old life back. Blair discovered Todd making himself at home at the Sun. Personally, I can’t wait for Todd to return to the Sun. Getting his paper away from Kelly shouldn’t be too difficult. Later in the week, he showed up at the penthouse and told Roseanne to take a hike. Roseanne said no way and called the cops (actually, Roseanne was quite saucy and bold with Todd – good girl!)

Over at the LPD, Hank called Sophia and Antonio on the carpet for their hot-dogging (what Hank called "exceeding the scope of their authority) in busting in on R.J. and Todd without warrants or back-up. Thanks to them, the case against R.J. probably wouldn’t hold up in court (good!). John lectured them too. How hypocritical, given his recent abuse-of-power trips on behalf of Rae.

Then Roseanne burst in and gave an impassioned speech in defense of her friends. Later, after Sophia had left, Antonio admitted he was attracted to Roseanne and wondered if they could make a fresh start. Then Roseanne practically begged Antonio to believe that she’s changed. Have some self-esteem, girl! To her credit, Roseanne broached the subject of Sophia and urged Antonio to be careful of her feelings. Antonio denied that Sophia had feelings for him other than friendship, so Roseanne clued him into the fact that Sophia is head over heels. I like the way Roseanne seems genuinely concerned for Sophia.

After sweating the two rookies a bit, John decided to let Antonio and Sophia off with probationary status – and handed them their badges – look out Llanview!

Later in the week, Roseanne asked Antonio to speak to Sophia about her feelings for him. This prompted Antonio to launch into a totally lame speech about how partners shouldn’t get involved. He acted so nervous that Sophia probably thought he had a crush on her! Sophia played it cool and assured Antonio he wasn’t her type, but we know better...

Over at the hospital, Renee overheard Rae telling Kelly about Daniel’s claim that Max was her son. Renee felt guilty about keeping the truth about Max’s paternity from Rae (after all, both women are searching for their missing children), and (ironically) sought out Ben’s advice. Should I reveal the truth about Max, she wondered. Ben urged her to give the matter some time, and then squirmed with guilt when Renee thanked him for both keeping Max’s secret and being such a good friend to her. WON’T SOMEONE TELL THIS POOR WOMAN THE TRUTH?

Back at Sam’s, Todd ushered Nora inside, and Sam and Bo immediately exploded with questions. Overwhelmed, Nora fainted. Melanie brought her around and urged Sam and Bo to be cautious with Nora and not to pressure her for information. Both Sam and Bo were ecstatic to discover Nora was alive. Lindsay, however, looked a little green, and tried to stay out of Nora’s field of vision. Sam told Nora he’d never lost faith that she was still alive. To which Nora replied: "Do I know you?" Ouch.

It looks like Lindsay’s little memory-erasing shot did the trick. Nora doesn’t remember either Sam or Bo, but when Hank arrived, she shouted "Hank," collapsed in his arms, and asked for Rachel. Midge likes this development!

I think it’s okay for now that Nora doesn’t remember her relationship with either Sam or Bo. Frankly, there’s a lot we’d all like to forget: Georgie Phillips, Drew’s death, Nora’s affair with Sam, etc. Plus we now have the chance to explore Nora and Hank’s relationship. When they arrived in Llanview, they were already divorced. This could be very interesting.

A grateful Sam and a suspicious Bo asked Todd how he’d managed to find Nora. Todd was vague. Lindsay snuck a phone call to Colin (right in Sam’s house!), and Colin zoomed over to Sam’s (isn’t that a bit suspicious?). When Colin arrived, Todd answered the door and obliquely let him know he wouldn’t reveal that Colin and Lindsay had held Nora hostage. Does Todd have something specific in mind or is he just keeping all his options open?

When Sam noticed Lindsay trying to sneak away, he dragged her over to Nora demanding to know if Nora remembered Lindsay. After scrutinizing Lindsay, Nora told Sam she didn’t know who she was – lucky girl! Then Colin walked in. Nora seemed to know he was a doctor but not much more than that.

Lindsay tried to press her luck by pointing to Nora’s lack of reaction as proof of her own innocence, but neither Sam nor Bo seemed convinced. Then Lindsay tried to tell Melanie Bo still wasn’t over Nora. Poor old Lindsay. She’s blown it with Bo once and for all, so what’s she gonna fixate on now?

Nora noticed a child’s toy truck on the table and wanted to meet the little boy. Everyone exchanged worried glances, and Hank took Nora to the hospital for a complete physical. Colin tagged along, much to Sam’s dismay. At the hospital, Nora didn’t remember her old friend Larry Wolek. When Hank left to call Rachel, Nora made him promise to return as soon as possible.

Larry confabed with Hank about Nora’s condition. Dr. Larry could find no medical reason for the memory loss and suggested post-traumatic-stress as the culprit. Meanwhile, Colin was lurking outside Nora’s hospital room. Lindsay told him to cool it and stop "mooning" over Nora, but Colin can’t stay away. When Hank left the room, Colin told Nora he’s a memory loss expert and might be able to help her.

Gently, Hank broke the news to Nora that a lot of time had passed and they’re no longer married. Then Rachel arrived (fast flight!) with a bunch of photo albums. Oh, the look on Nora’s face when she realized her "baby girl" is now a beautiful young woman!

As Nora, Rachel, and Hank strolled down memory lane with the photo albums, Nora asked about R.J. (yeah!). Turns out, Hank hadn’t called R.J. with the news. Rachel quickly remedied the situation, and before long R.J. was standing outside Nora’s hospital room with a look of pure joy on his face.

When R.J. walked in, Nora seemed pleased to see him. They bantered affectionately, and Nora accused R.J. of having tears in his eyes. R.J. tried to keep it light but was clearly thrilled to discover Nora back among the living. Later, when Hank described Nora’s memory loss, R.J. quickly put two and two together: Lindsay!

Back at Sam’s, Sam and Bo toasted Nora’s return. Bo praised Sam for keeping the faith and wondered if Sam had a stronger bond with Nora than he did (NO). Bo called Sam a hero, but Sam said Nora was the hero (awwww). Then Bo has the nerve to press Sam about Matthew’s paternity. What a jerk!

Later, Sam told Ben the good news but admitted he was crushed Nora doesn’t remember him. Then Sam said he’d decided to have Matthew tested (why?). Ben freaked out and told Sam blood doesn’t make a family. When Sam questioned Ben’s reaction, Ben finally broke down and tearfully admitted that he, not Max, is Asa and Renee’s son.

At first Sam was shocked (naturally!) and refused to believe the news, but ultimately, he accepted the truth. Of course, the news about Ben’s real paternity didn’t make a bit of difference in Sam’s feelings for his brother. Ben offered to use the information as a bargaining chip with Asa on Will’s behalf, but Sam urged him to keep his secret, fearing Asa’s dictatorial style of fatherhood. Oh, who cares about Asa! Doesn’t Renee deserve the truth!?!

After Nora left for the hospital, Bo made a beeline to Melanie. He talked about his feelings about Nora’s return and said he wanted a second chance – with Melanie not Nora. Then he asked Melanie to be honest with him, and she admitted that she and Colin are through and said she had backed off because of Lindsay. Once again, Bo explained that his feelings for Lindsay are long gone and urged Melanie to live her own life. Melanie doesn’t want to hurt her sister, but her resolve seems to be weakening. Melanie and Bo make a pact to always tell each other the truth and sealed the deal with a kiss.

Across town, Lindsay was toasting her victory when up popped vision Nora who taunted Lindsay about Melanie. Having Nora forget Bo is meaningless when the woman Bo can’t forget is Melanie. It’s true! Lindsay hurled her champagne glass against the wall. Later, Lindsay was snoozing peacefully when R.J. burst in and went for her throat, accusing her of giving Nora the memory-loss drug. R.J. roughed her up pretty good, but Lindsay hung tough and refused to admit the truth. She also pointed out that since R.J. had supplied her with the drug, he was in no position to make threats about going to the law. R.J. assured her that his threats would result in notification of her next of kin.

Back at the hospital, Nora woke from a brief nap shouting for Matthew and began to ask Hank some tough questions. Judging from everyone’s reaction, Nora soon figured out Matthew was her son. Just then, Sam arrived and asked if she wanted to see Matthew. Of course, said Nora. Soon mother and son were in each other’s arms. Nora may not remember Matthew with her head, but an emotional connection definitely exists. I wonder if the issue of Sam will be resolved as easily.

Over at the LPD, Sam walked into Bo’s office: "Let’s do it." Sam wants to know the truth about Matthew’s paternity.


· It wasn’t mentioned, so I hope someone remembered to call Nora’s parents with the good news!

· Poor Sam, first he hears Matthew might be Bo’s, then Nora returns with no memory of him, now Ben isn’t his biological brother – what next?

· Colin must really be gone on Nora. He took a heck of a chance returning to Sam’s and slipped up by almost calling Nora "Scarlet."

· LOL when Lindsay described Melanie to vision Nora: "She’s so good, she out-goods you!"

· How stuck up of Will to assume the pretty young American girl is "interested" in him. Maybe she’s just being nice!

· Why didn’t Bo say anything to Antonio about Nora being alive?

· I’m certainly not applauding Lindsay’s actions, but they seem to have done the trick in terms of getting her and Colin off the hook… for now.

· Nice touch to have R.J. watching Nora from outside her hospital room. That’s R.J.’s history – always on the outside looking in.

· So Kelly and Kevin are gonna "take it slow" – let’s hope so! They both have horrible track records when it comes to long-term romance.

· LOL at R.J.’s witty roasting of both Antonio and Sophia for blowing the case against him.

· When will Todd be back in the opening credits?

· Maybe it’s just me, but the sight of Antonio in his LPD blues strikes me as all wrong. It’s just not him. What’s next? Officer R.J.?

· I realize no one wants to upset Nora or add to her confusion, but when she asks a question point blank, doesn’t she deserve an answer?

· LOL at Todd’s refusal to remember Melanie’s name. This week, he called her "Melinda" and "Miranda."

· If Sam and Bo want to build a case against Colin and Lindsay, why not get a search warrant. I’m sure there are hair and fiber samples in Colin’s bedroom. And what about questioning his cleaning lady?

· Great to see so much of Dr. Larry!

Till next week!



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