One Life to Love

July 31-August 4 2000

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The big news this week: Thereís a light at the end of the tunnel for Nora Ė if she can make it past Lindsay! Todd continues to play master manipulator (but why?). And Jessica is acting like a jerk!

Down at the LPD gulag, Rae taunted Daniel as he cooled his heels behind bars thanks to Johnís trumped-up charges. John continued to look silly with his corny tough-guy routine. Daniel was worried heíd be a sitting duck for the mob. Apparently, Daniel ripped-off the wrong people and thatís why he drained Raeís bank accounts in an effort to disappear. Unfortunately, Raeís tenacious pursuit made that impossible. Then Daniel offered to reveal Raeís daughterís identity for a cool million (is he channeling Esther Hoffman?). Rae told him to drop dead and stormed off.

Danielís next visitor was more to his liking: Luscious Skye Chandler. But Skye had done her homework. She knows who and what Daniel is (a high-class grifter). She also knows heís swindled her father Adam for a large chunk of change. But sheís willing to rescue him if he helps her make Max jealous. Sounds like a good deal for Daniel.

Back at Raeís hotel room, John and Rae fell into a clinch. Yuck. Then like something out of a Ď50s cautionary tale, Rae gasped, "John, we canít" and pushed him away. Oh, puh-leaze! Next, Rae dashed out of the room like a lunatic and rushed over to Vikiís in a state of girlish panic (a bit ridiculous for a woman of AARP membership age!). Viki graciously endured Raeís impromptu pity party and even did her best to encourage Rae to throw caution aside and take a chance on romance.

Meanwhile, John returned to the jail and again tried to get tough with Daniel (zzzz). He accused Daniel of being a sadist, and Daniel accused him of following Rae around like a "pet poodle" (good one!), resulting in a short-fused John going for his throat. More police brutality!

Kevin and Joey were delighted to welcome their sister back home, but before long, tensions between the two brothers threatened to mar Jessicaís happy homecoming. Viki and Jess tried to make peace, and Kevin wanted to give it a shot, but Joey was not in a forgiving mood (and why the hell should he be?). When Kevin said, "I need you to understand how sorry I am," Joey had the perfect response: "And I need you to understand that doesnít help."

Over at the Palace, Kelly was attempting to cry on her cousinís shoulder, but Blair wasnít exactly brimming over with sympathy. She told Kelly to get over herself and pursue Kevin. Kelly tried to dissuade Blair from seeking revenge on Max, but Blairís mind is made up. Blair accused Kelly of being the type of woman "who lets life happen to her," then vowed sheíd be nobodyís doormat.

Sam showed up at Vikiís looking for Ben (who was in New York following an erroneous tip about Will). Sam asked Viki if she knew about Maxís secret. Uncomfortable lying to Sam, Viki said the information wasnít hers to give. Todd eavesdropped on their conversation.

Then Jessica sashayed in and announced her engagement to Cristian. Both Viki and Sam were surprised by this quick turn of events. When Sam questioned Jess about Will, she was dismissive and borderline rude. When Viki commented on her daughterís "harsh" attitude, Jessica gave a flip response. I think Jessica is acting like a spoiled brat. Hurt by Willís remarks (some of which rang true!), sheís using Cris to punish Will and sooth her bruised ego. And Cristian isnít much better. After telling Antonio the real reason Will split, Cris still wonít come clean with Jess because heís too worried about losing her. Selfish much?

After learning Will had tried to contact Jess, Sam checked Vikiís cell phone and realized Will had called from Colinís
house. He dashed off with Todd in tow.

Over at Colinís house, the good doctor was scolding his patient/prisoner Ė no more paper and pens. Meanwhile, Will was banging on the vent trying to contact Nora. When Colin went downstairs to investigate, clever Nora sent another note Willís way: watch out for Colin. Will tried to ambush Colin, but Colin was too smart for him. When Will tried to punch Colin, he wound up knocked out himself.

Just then, Sam arrived, demanding to see Will! Colin cleverly explained that Will had been at his house, but had left. Todd snooped around (much to Colinís annoyance), and then accused Colin of being a liar (takes one to know one?). Frustrated, Sam uttered a few empty threats and left. Todd told Sam he wanted to take another look. Colin left, and Todd snuck back in -- will Todd rescue Will and Nora?

Back in Llanview, Cris stopped by the penthouse to tell Roseanne about his engagement to Jess and ask about the annulment. But Roseanne was way ahead of him: the new annulment papers were ready to go. Roseanne complimented Cris on winning Jess "the right way," without lies and schemes. Will looked guilty. Roseanne and Cris signed the papers together, and Roseanne shed a few genuine tears over the loss of her old dream. You know, Iím liking Roseanne a lot more than Jessica lately.

Over at the Palace, R.J. and Lindsay were sealing their nefarious deal. Lindsay got down to brass tacks: Had R.J. procured the memory-erasing drug? Not so fast, said R.J. as he expertly reviewed the slides of gallery acquisitions heíd asked her to bring along as camouflage. Accordingly to R.J., if the intended victim doesnít receive just the right dosage, itís "drooling veggie time." Yikes! Lindsay dismissed his concern and demanded his price. R.J. admitted his interest in Matthewís parentage and said he needs to know when and where the deciding paternity test will be performed. Lindsay tried to bluff R.J. but was clearly out of her league. Desperate (as usual), Lindsay agreed to R.J.ís terms, then labeled him "a piece of work." Responded R.J.: "Iíve been called worse by better."

Over at Colinís, Todd found Will downstairs, but wasnít able to rouse him. He headed back upstairs and ran into Lindsay, who just about jumped out of her skin at the sight of him. "What has your whiskers in a twitch?" wondered Todd. Todd and Lindsay fenced a bit till Colin returned. Unaware Todd knows about Will, Colin tried to throw Todd off the scent by claiming he and Lindsay were having an affair. Yeah, that makes sense Ė NOT! Todd split, and Lindsay promised Colin sheíd solve all their problems in a few more hours (meaning the drug from R.J.). After Lindsay left, Will knocked out Colin and found Nora. Will and Nora stared at each other in amazed disbelief. Will asked about the tape, but Nora doesnít realize itís with her belongings from the crash. Will wanted to call the police, but Nora didnít want him to get caught. They decided that Will would make an anonymous call to the cops and then leave.

Back at Samís, Todd failed to mention heíd found Will. Whatís up with that? I guess Todd thinks Sam will be more help to him if Willís out of the picture. Sam apologized for accusing Todd of manipulating the situation with Will (looks like Sam is warming up to Todd again). That made Todd feel guilty for holding out on Sam, so he high-tailed it back to Colinís.

Hank stopped by Samís with some minor news about Willís case. When Hank asked about Matthew, Sam accused him of being on a fishing expedition for Bo. Hank stood him ground, but admitted he knew about the paternity problem. Hank said he was "on Noraís side." Then he revealed there had once been a question about Rachelís paternity (that Nora!). He said the situation was rough, but he needed to know the truth and had had Rachel tested. Hank philosophized that some men donít need the truth, while other men canít live without it, and since Nora had loved Sam, he could guess the kind of man Sam was. Then the two men toasted Noraís memory. Nice to see Sam and Hank connecting.

Back at Colinís, Todd found Will and also discovered Nora is alive! Todd pressured Will to leave with him, but Will wouldnít leave Nora. Todd said the cops were on their way (lie!) and even pretended to call Sam about Nora. Before leaving with Todd, Will told Nora the police and Sam were on their way.

Todd drove Will toward the coast (why?) and kept up his lies and deception. He denied telling Cris Viki was dying and let Will believe Sam now knew Nora was alive. Although, Will doesnít trust Todd, heís in no position to make demands.

While waiting for Lindsay at the Palace, R.J. ran into Max who complained of the strain of finessing two ladies at once. R.J. confided about obtaining a dangerous memory-loss drug for a client but wouldnít go into details. When he asked if Bo was Matthewís father, Max said he didnít know for sure. I like the friendship between Max and R.J. Itís probably the only time Max is appealing these days.

When Lindsay arrived for her meeting with R.J., Sophia was stationed at a nearby table, helping (and I use the term loosely) Antonio in his highly illegal and highly inept effort to get the goods on R.J. While Antonio was breaking into R.J.ís crib, Sophia was wired for sound and keeping tabs on R.J. LOL at Sophiaís insistence on using various code names and cop lingo during the operation Ė much to Antonioís annoyance.

R.J. amused himself by toying with Lindsay, but ultimately gave her the drug (in a convenient syringe!). Lindsay promised to let R.J. know about the paternity test, but said she wouldnít allow him to hurt Bo. If Lindsay thinks she can double-cross R.J., sheís got another thing coming.

Distracted by the Palace menu (asking about the Salisbury steak, she told the waiter, "So thatís the hamburger!"), Sophia let R.J. slip away. Over at R.J.ís, Roseanne arrived to find Antonio mid-snoop. She called him on his behavior (good girl!), but before they could finish their debate on ethical vs. legal morality, R.J. was at the door!

So did Roseanne cover for Antonio and betray her friend? Sadly, yes. Roseanne told R.J. about signing the annulment papers and said she needed a friend. R.J. almost discovered Antonio (hiding in the kitchen), but Roseanne managed to distract him. Then Sophia burst in making like Pepper Anderson (R.J. called it her "RoboCop entrance"), but before she could give away Antonioís presence, Roseanne made up a story about asking Sophia to go to the movies. The gals left, and Antonio managed to sneak out. R.J. noticed something amiss with his day planner. Iím sad if this spells the end of R.J. and Roseanneís friendship.

Back at the Penthouse, Antonio had the nerve to scold Roseanne for interrupting R.J. when he was talking about his plan against Bo. Sophia pointed out that Roseanne had saved Antonioís butt. Antonio said heíd be working solo from now on and left with a smirk, leaving the two roommates to commiserate about Antonioís annoying macho attitude.

Lindsay returned to Colinís with her brand new handy-dandy mind-eraser. When Colin didnít answer her calls (still out cold in the basement), she steeled herself and headed upstairs to Noraís bedroom. Look out, Nora!! As Lindsay descended the stairs, conscience Nora popped up and convinced Lindsay to rescue Nora instead of giving her the drug. The new plan is for Lindsay to deny everything and let Colin take the fall. Unfortunately, real Nora failed to cooperate. Lindsay walked in and put on a fairly convincing act of being surprised, shocked, and appalled, but Nora wasnít buying it. She accused Lindsay of being in on the scheme with Colin, but Lindsay denied it. Then Nora broke down and for a moment, it seemed as though she might give Lindsay the benefit of the doubt. But when Nora mentioned Will, Lindsay slipped up and revealed her involvement with Colin. This unleashed Noraís pent-up frustration and anguish, and she vowed to Lindsay, "I live for the day youíre locked up." As Nora went on and on about seeing Lindsay punished, Lindsay tried to maintain the pretence of innocence, but finally she cracked, and it all came tumbling out. She hissed that Nora deserved everything she got and once more accused Nora of destroying everything good in her life. Nora replied, "You ainít seen nothing yet." When Lindsay taunted her about being immobilized, Nora struggled to her feet, propelled by adrenaline and rage. Shocked, Lindsay brandished her syringe.

Hereís my prediction: Nora and Lindsay struggle and Lindsay is injected with the memory-erasing drug. Then Colin comes to and takes mind-altered Lindsay back to Llanview (remember: Lainie already thinks he sister is having a breakdown).


·This new toddler Matthew is quite a lively kid!

·What the hell was Roseanne wearing?! Iím used to her usual slinky attire (obviously, she never lounges around in sweats or jeans and a t-shirt like the rest of us), but this weekís lavender skirt/halter ensemble had a really weird bunchy-scrunchy texture.

·LOL at Toddís shudder of disgust when Colin gave Lindsay a peck on the cheek.

·Loved watching Blair and Kelly band together against Skye.

·Why would Lindsay and R.J. conduct their illegal business at the Palace? Wouldnít it be smarter to meet at Lindsayís gallery after business hours?

·It certainly didnít help matters when John told Rae romance would only make them "better friends." Guess what? If your French-kissing someone and contemplating sex Ė thatís not friendship.

·Blair and Kellyís tropical drinks looked extremely yummy!

·HBS was amazing in the scene where she and Will "found" each other. One of her greatest strengths as a performer is the ability to imbue her character with believable human reactions even when Nora is in completely unbelievable situations.

·Itís interesting to see Todd interact with someone new (Colin). Wonder what heíll make of Lainie or Skye?

·The name Kevin Buchanan came up during Skyeís deal making with Daniel. Looks like devilish Daniel may have an ax to grind with Graceís former fiancé.

·Viki and Jess are asking too much of Joey. He may be able to forgive Kevin one day, but right now, the wound is too raw and too deep.

·For some reason, Samís attitude toward Colin makes me mad. How dare he chide Colin for failing to help Will and reminding him Will is "family"! Sam is doing his best to break up Colinís family.

·My, my, the mighty El Leon was forced to hide behind womenís skirts (make that tube dresses) for protection!

·Loved Skyeís darling pink purse with ruffled edges!

·Colin is lucky and unlucky at the same time. Without intending to, he keeps getting deeper and deeper in trouble, yet at the same time, heís had the devilís own luck avoiding discovery Ė so farÖ

·I see Joey is growing an angry goatee. Guess thatís as good a plan as any.

·Crisís logic doesnít make sense. He told Antonio heís feels certain Jess is committed to him because she agreed to marry him. Hey, dum-dum, didnít you once agree to marry Roseanne?

·Nora picks the worst times to stop shouting. If she thinks someone may be downstairs, why doesnít she just scream her head off?

·Heís still in the opening montage, but according to Soap Opera Weekly, Herve Clermont (Jared Hall) has been released from his contract. Not surprising and I canít argue with the decision. Hopefully, Mr. Clermontís next assignment will have a happier outcome.

Midge and Mr. Midge are going on vacation, so my next wrap-up will be for the week of August 28th. Till then!



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