One Life to Love

July 24-28 2000

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I lost part of Monday’s episode due to a power outage – and right in the middle of Joey’s righteous tongue-lashing of Kelly and Kevin. Rats! Nora is still under lock and key, but she did make contact with someone. And things might be getting very uncomfortable for Max any day now. Good!

Bo continued to press Sam about Matthew’s paternity. For god’s sake, Bo, Matthew is just recovering from a serious health scare – can’t you give Sam a break? If Bo left Sam alone for a week or so and gave the poor man some breathing room and time to think, Sam might come around. What’s the big hurry?

As it is, Sam promised Bo he would fight him on this with everything he’s got. Their standoff was interrupted when
Melanie arrived with news of Cristian and Jessica’s arrest.

Viki tried to talk Hank out of pressing charges. He told her their situation was much too serious for him to ignore. Then Asa showed up and tried to "protect" his granddaughter from being fingerprinted. Jessica told him off (and Max too who kept echoing Asa in his usual kiss-ass fashion). Jessica told Asa he only used to be her grandfather. Asa didn’t like hearing that!

Antonio and Roseanne were also at the stationhouse. Roseanne cleverly "confessed" to Hank that she’d lied about
seeing Cris and Jess with Will just to get them in trouble. She told the D.A. all her husband was guilty of was adultery. Antonio commended Roseanne for her efforts, but Hank wasn’t buying it. Sam also pressed Hank to let the kids go, but Hank held firm. Hank is always by the book (except when it comes to prosecuting Bo for laying the smackdown on R.J.!!)

Antonio promised to stop coming down so hard on Roseanne and accept the fact that she’s changed. He and
Roseanne are pretty chummy these days, but when Roseanne tried to get him to talk about Andy, he shut down. Still, he does look at Roseanne in that certain way. I hope Sophia’s crush isn’t too serious, I don’t think she stands a chance against little Miss Midriff.

Locked up in adjoining cells, Cris and Jess continued billing and cooing. Cris made a weak attempt to tell Jess the
truth about Will, but he’s too afraid he’ll lose her (and he’s right). When Cris asked Jess if she’d had sex with him to payback Will, Jess said no – talk about your lying and denying!

Over at the hospital, Todd snuck a visit with Matthew by claiming to be Sam’s son. As usual, Todd and the tyke hit it off, and pretty soon Todd was teaching Matt to diss his brother Will ("Todd rules and Will drools"). Nice. When Sam found out, he was livid. He suspects Todd is the reason Will went off on his own, but Todd claimed innocence. Todd again asked for Sam’s help with his legal problems. Sam confronted Todd about being jealous of Will. Todd laughed off the accusation, but apparently it’s true. That’s a dumb story for Todd! So now he’s obsessed with winning of the approval of father-figure Sam? Boring! There was a brief glimmer of hope, however. When Todd offered to help Sam against Asa, Sam declined, but not before mentioning that Max was Asa’s Achilles Heel (he’s every kind of heel!). I’d much rather see Todd involved in a fight against Max, but I wish he was helping Blair instead of Sam.

And how come Todd has barely mentioned Starr?

Sam set up a meeting with Blair to get some dirt on Asa. Blair admitted she knew a secret, but said she would reveal it her way on her own schedule. When Sam threatened to go to Max about Blair’s behind-the-scenes machinations, Blair told him to "ask your brother" about Max’s secret.

Kevin had just finished leaving a message on Joey’s answering machine asking to talk, when Joey arrived luggage in hand, telling his brother, "it’s your girlfriend’s stuff." Kevin tried to explain there was nothing going on between him and Kelly, when in walked Kelly. Kelly said she was looking for Joey and asked if he was throwing her out. Replied her husband: "You left me a long time ago, you just forgot to take your stuff." Both Kelly and Kevin tried to act like their feelings for each other were beside the point, but Joey got right to the heart of the matter: "Why don’t you just admit you want to be together?" (and then my VCR stopped taping!)

When Viki found out about the rift between Joey and Kevin, she was surprisingly easy on Kevin. She knows Kevin’s track record with women–especially married women–so why is she cutting him so much slack? Does she really believe he and Kelly are in love? My guess is that Viki never felt Kelly and Joey were a good match (in much the same way she never had faith Cassie and Kevin could make it), so she’s not particularly surprised or disappointed when things fell apart.

Back at the Mill House, Kelly asked Kevin to stop running from her. She suggested they hit the sheets to find out if their feelings are real. Since when is sex the litmus test for love? Kelly pulled out all the stops in an effort to lure Kevin into the sack, but he refused. Kevin told Kelly that while they remain technically "innocent," there’s still a chance to save her marriage to Joey. That might work – IF Kelly wanted Joey back. The way she’s acting, it’s more like goodbye and good riddance.

Meanwhile, Sam managed to get bail for both Jess and Cris (off-camera). Even though they’re in a pack of trouble,
these two have one thing on their minds: love sweet love. They were making out hot and heavy at Antonio’s apartment when Todd showed up. Cristian yelled at Todd for deceiving them about Viki. Todd said he really thought Viki might be dying. Jess left for a moment, and Cris told Todd his actions had put Will at risk. Todd reminded Cris that Will’s absence helped him win Jess (true!) and advised him to keep a tight lip. Cris knows he should tell Jessica the truth and even made a few more half-hearted attempts to come clean, but each time he allowed himself to be distracted.

Pretty soon, Cris and Jess were getting it on on Antonio’s futon. Make yourselves at home, kids! The next thing you know, Jess was proposing marriage! Marriage? How can Viki say Jess is mature and grown up? She’s living in a fantasy world. Naturally, Cris said yes, but his conscience was still plaguing him about Will. He made yet another
attempt at the truth, but Jess pronounced the subject of Will off limits, and Cris didn’t object. I predict this will ultimately cost him Jessica.

Max and Blair dining out at the Palace when who should arrive but Skye? Seeing her rival (former rival?), Blair turned up the heat with Max, but Max couldn’t keep his eyes off Skye. So what’s up with that? I guess Max enjoyed having two women on a string and doesn’t want to give up his little power trip.

Blair ran into her hacker friend who told her the anti-Max virus was ready to launch. For a brief moment, Blair had a few second thoughts, but when she saw Max with Skye, she told Charlie to let ‘er rip. I can’t wait!

Humiliated by Blair and Max’s amorous display, Skye was eager to prove she’d moved on. Desperate, Skye begged a passing stranger to keep her company. Finally -- our first glimpse of Daniel. He seems kind of cool. A sophisticated ne’er-do-well. Max didn’t like seeing him with Skye one bit. Mission accomplished.

Rae and John were also at the Palace – on yet another wild goose chase orchestrated by Daniel. Rae and John
continued to dance around their feelings for each other. Then another note arrived advising Rae to go to the hospital to find her daughter. There she found--not her daughter--but a young Asian woman with another note, saying essentially "Gotcha."

The next day while Skye sipped her morning coffee, Max tried to warn her about Daniel. Skye accused Max of wanting to keep her around as backup (true!) and said she’d do as she pleased. Then Daniel showed up and played along with the charade that he and Skye were "involved."

Rae and John had returned to the Palace and were showing the staff a photo of Daniel. Max pointed them in Skye’s
direction. Then Skye and Rae got into it. First Rae called Skye a "spoiled rich piece of trash." Then Skye told Rae it was a good thing she’d never had kids with Daniel because they might have inherited Rae’s lousy disposition. Yessiree -- all signs now point to Skye as Rae’s daughter.

Max continued to dog Skye about Daniel, barging into her room to tell her Daniel was a prize rat (gee, isn’t that Skye’s type?). Apparently naughty Daniel had swindled Max’s father years ago (that would be Wingate Holden, Max’s real "Paw"). Then John Sykes arrived, wanting to know all about Daniel. Skye told him what she could (which wasn’t much). After John left, Max had the nerve to try to seduce Skye. He almost succeeded, but Skye had enough self-respect to tell him she’d be happy to have sex – provided he told Blair all about it. And that’s something Max isn’t prepared to do.

Rae was sitting and stewing when up walked Daniel, who coolly greeted his wife, "Fancy meeting you here, you look radiant as ever." Hee hee. Daniel is just the shot in the arm this boring Rae story needs! Rae huffed and puffed at her errant spouse, but failed to pierce Daniel’s armor.

When Rae demanded to know why Daniel was being so cruel, he said he wanted revenge because Rae had cost him Grace. Rae begged him for the truth about her daughter, but Daniel just sneered. Then John showed up and tried to act tough (calling Daniel, "Danny boy"). Daniel looked bored and pushed Rae away when she attempted to detain him. That’s when John arrested him for "assault." More LPD abuse of power!

Over at the hospital, Colin continued to put the screws to Lindsay: "It’s either your son’s freedom or your own." Lindsay tried to talk him out of it, but only succeeded in buying some time. She promised Colin she’d find a way out that didn’t involve prison for either of them. Good luck. According to the ABC recaps, by the end of Monday’s show, Lindsay was starting to believe the best solution would be for Nora to be dead for real. Look out, Nora!

Back home, Colin unlocked the basement door, and Will jumped him, upset at being locked in. It wasn’t long before Will found out Colin is Viki’s doctor and that she’s definitely not dying. Will immediately smelled a rat, just not the right one. He managed to contact Jess (he called Viki’s cell phone while she’s visiting Jess), and tried to explain, but Jess cut him off and told him she and Cris were together now. With this latest plot twist, Cris and Will have switched roles. Now Cris is the selfish weasel.

Lindsay showed up at Colin’s looking for information about Will. Will was locked in the basement and couldn’t hear his mother’s voice. But Nora did hear voices and tried to fling herself down the stairs to attract attention. Lindsay left, but not before telling Colin they should give Nora the drug that would obliterate her memory. Colin refused. In the basement, Will had a dream about Nora offering him a way out.

Back in Llanview, R.J. was standing before Nora’s memorial plaque in quiet contemplation. Hank saw him and walked over. He tried to convince R.J. that the best way to honor Nora’s memory would be to make peace with Bo. R.J. asked his brother, "Are you channeling Nora these days?"

Hank tried to reach out to R.J., but the old bitterness and resentment got in the way. It’s like a knife in R.J.’s gut when Hank displays so much faith and trust in Bo and so little in his own brother.

After Hank left, Lindsay showed up. The sight of R.J. seemed to inspire her. Quickly, she made him an offer: money for a certain drug. R.J. smelled a set up, but Lindsay soon convinced him Bo was not involved. R.J. said he’d make the deal, but not for money. Lindsay and R.J. – an interesting combination.

The next morning, Nora gave Colin the silent treatment. Not even his assurance that Matthew was better and back
home with Sam provoked a response. Then Nora told Colin she’d had a dream about Sam’s other son: Will. Sensing something in Colin’s response, Nora asked him what he knew about Will. Had he been arrested? Was he still missing? When Colin claimed ignorance, Nora told him to "Cut the crap." But Colin insisted he had no news about Will.

Colin left for his meeting with Sam and Melanie (taking the envelope with Nora’s note!). Though he promised he
wouldn’t, he locked Will in the basement. Will started shouting and Nora heard him through the heating vent.

When Colin arrived at Sam’s, he handed the envelope to Melanie, who quickly found the note and began reading it! But before she could finish it, Colin grabbed it out of her hand. Melanie assumed the note was from one of Colin’s jilted lovers, which only strengthened her resolve to kick Colin to the curb.

Back at Colin’s, Will and Nora were shouting to each other through the heating vent. Then Will stopped shouting
thinking it might be the police, but why did Nora stop? Nora wrote another note and tossed it down the vent. Wouldn’t yelling have been easier and quicker? But as luck would have it, Will managed to retrieve the note and was soon shouting for Nora. Too bad Colin had just returned home.


Nice scene between Joey and Sophia. These two could be cute together given half a chance.

The actor who plays Daniel looks a bit like Tim Curry.

Joey was right on when he said it hadn’t taken Kevin long to get over Grace.

How many people can Colin keep locked up in his house? First Nora, now Will – this is getting ridiculous!

I take back what I said about John Sykes being a better commissioner than Bo. He’s just the same – spending all his time on private matters (helping Rae) and flaunting his authority to suit his purposes (arresting Daniel on the barest pretext).

Hank looked swell in his light blue casual shirt – nice to see Mr. Gannon out of suit for a change. But R.J.’s sweater vest was awful. Don’t go Cosby on me, R.J.!

Thumbs down on Cristian’s new ‘do. That modified Caesar with side part is not flattering.

If Carlotta were around, both Antonio and Cristian’s storylines would have a lot more emotional depth. Bring back Patricia Mauceri!!

I wanted Rae to do something with her hair, but I’m not sure clumpy blonde highlights were the answer.

I like Skye and Kevin together.

After this, I don’t see any future for Kelly and Joey.

Can you believe Sam didn’t even thank Colin for helping Matthew?

It was nice Colin let Will know about Viki’s optimistic prognosis, but isn’t that a breech of doctor/patient confidentiality?

When Ben asked for Joey’s take on Todd, Joey said, "He makes me feel like the sanest guy in town."

Why is Colin so worried about going to jail? After all, Viki and Dorian routinely imprisoned each other, and they never served time?

Till next week!



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