One Life to Love

July 17-21 2000

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Two weeks ago, I predicted Nora would be revealed as alive and back in Llanview in two weeks. So much for Midge’s powers of prophecy! Still, it seems to me that Colin can’t keep her hidden away too much longer. Oh well, at least the teen story is finally moving forward. Onto last week’s action…

Joey asked for the truth, and Kelly gave it to him. "Be careful what you wish for" definitely applies to this situation. Once the truth popped out, the floodgates were open. Finally, Kelly could explain what had been eating away at her all this time. But did Joey really want to hear all the painful details of Kelly’s desire for his brother? Not really. In fact, Joey had barely recovered from the shock of Kelly’s admission when Kevin arrived, asking innocently, "What’s going on?" Kelly turned her tear-stained face to Kevin, and whispered, "I told him."

Joey confronted his brother: "Do you love her?" The answer was "yes," and Kevin’s pathetic sop that "nothing happened" was cold comfort indeed. Kudos galore to Don Jeffcoat who’s been hamstrung playing Joey the naïve sucker for months now. He finally got the chance to shine, and boy, did he run with it. Betrayal, hurt, disgust, shame – a million emotions raged at once. Joey lit into both his wife and brother, and their attempts to apologize and explain only made matters worse. Unable to stand the sight of either of them, Joey left.

After Joey slammed out the door, Kevin reproached Kelly for her honesty. But as painful as the truth was, Kelly wasn’t sorry. She told Kevin she couldn’t keep lying to Joey. And she was right. It was time – in fact, long past time for her to be honest with her husband. It wasn’t long before Kevin and Kelly fell into each other’s arms, but Kevin couldn’t handle the guilt and pushed her away. He told her they couldn’t be happy at Joey’s expense. Then he yelled at her for marrying Joey and for telling him the truth. Kelly couldn’t believe what was happening. After all her pain and sacrifice, Kevin was letting her down. Gee, Kelly, why not give your cousin Cassie a call and ask her opinion of Kevin’s reliability.

Meanwhile, Joey was on his way to Crossroads. It was closing time, but Joey marched in, headed straight for Sophia, and planted one on her. I realize Joey is hurting, but using Sophia to ease his Kelly-induced pain (yet again) is hardly a classy move. In fact, it was Sophia who showed all the class this time around. She pushed Joey away, but when she realized he’d discovered the truth about Kelly and Kevin, she was a good friend, assuring him he wasn’t stupid, boosting his ego by saying what a great guy he is, and even being fair to Kelly and Kevin.

To his credit, Joey apologized for the mean things he’d said and done in the past, then he made a half-hearted pass, which Sophia gracefully deflected. After Sophia left Joey at Crossroads (he promised he wouldn’t drink and drive), Joey began hitting the sauce.

Foolishly, Kevin showed up wanting to "talk." Doesn’t he realize that’s the last thing Joey needs right now? As Kevin blathered on about trying to deny his feelings for Kelly, blah, blah, blah, Joey smashed his brother in the face, then started choking him with a pool cue and screaming "You’re nothing to me!" In walked Kelly.

For a moment, it looked as though Joey might actually kill Kevin, then Colin showed up and broke up the one-sided fight. Colin and Kelly tried to calm Joey down, but he was too far gone. After throwing his wedding ring on the floor, Joey left the bar (presumably on foot, given his condition). Then Kevin gave Kelly the brush-off, explaining once more that they had no right to happiness after hurting Joey. Kelly found herself alone with Colin who turned on the charm and actually got a smile out of Kelly. Is this heading somewhere? Emotional basket cases are Colin’s specialty and Kelly’s a mess right now.

Back at Asa’s lodge, Todd tried to indoctrinate Jessica with his own cynical view of life and love (which he labeled "a bucket of warm spit" – ewwww!), but Jessica would have none of it. Meanwhile, Cris had clued in Will about Viki’s "dire" condition (Todd told Cris Viki was dying!). Cris said for Jessica’s sake, Will had to break his promise to her and leave so she could return to her mother with a clear conscience.

So Will acted like a big jerk to Jessica, demanding she make Cristian leave, accusing her of playing games, and telling her he was fed up with the whole two-guys-and-a-girl situation. Jessica got mad and told him to leave if he felt that way. So he did. Naturally, Todd was tickled pink with the results of his plan.

Todd left (to see Viki), leaving Jessica and Cris alone. Jessica complained to Cris about Will’s behavior and said she’d been all wrong about him. Pretty soon she was calling Cris her one and only and begging him to make love to her. Come on! Gee, Jess, Will has been gone all of 20 minutes and already you’re jumping Cristian’s bones? And how about Cris! He knows damn well, this is all a reaction to Will leaving, yet he’s not above taking advantage of the situation. I can’t stand Will, but Jess and Cris aren’t much better. After sex, Cris dropped a post-coital bombshell: your mom’s gonna kick the bucket. How come Jessica wasn’t upset that Cris didn’t reveal Viki’s dire prognosis right away? Guess that news would’ve killed the mood.

Back in Llanview, Todd snuck into the Llanfair, scaring the holy heck out of Viki in the process. Todd’s not a great fan of doorbells, is he? Anxious to put Viki’s mind at ease, Todd revealed that Will had struck out on his own and Jessica would soon be home. Viki was glad to hear Jessica might be returning, but couldn’t understand her daughter’s sudden change of heart. She asked Todd if he’d manipulated the situation. Todd wasn’t exactly forthcoming, and Viki said she didn’t want him involved with the "kids" anymore. Todd stormed out like he was mad, but was soon chortling over the success of his scheme.

Jessica called Viki, "cleverly" disguising her identity and advising her mom to come to the lodge. While they were awaiting Viki’s arrival, guess who showed up? Max! (I told you it was dumb to hide out at Asa’s lodge!). Max acted like a prize jackass (as usual), half fake-sincere, half threatening. He promised to keep quiet but soon ratted them out to the cops. Luckily, Cris anticipated Max’s actions and they split for Antonio’s.

When Viki showed up at the lodge, Max was there and the police were just leaving. Viki let Max have it. She vowed that if his actions had harmed Jessica, she would personally destroy him lie by lie. Max looked a little scared.

Over at Crossroads, R.J. and Jeff Barnes were negotiating. Barnes wanted to split town, but R.J. was holding his feet to the fire. Sophia was tending bar, and when Antonio showed up in a totally laughable disguise (a stupid Gilligan hat), she inadvertently blew his cover. She apologized, but Antonio stalked off in a big pout. Boo hoo. He tried to follow R.J., who easily turned the tables on him. Go, R.J.!

R.J. had a good laugh over Antonio’s amateurish sleuthing efforts, calling him an "ex-con-snitch-wannabe" and suggesting the LPD must be scraping the bottom of the barrel to recruit Antonio and Sophia (I tend to agree). Antonio got hot when R.J. slammed Sophia (interesting), but quickly regained his cool. He even seemed to rattle R.J. a bit by revealing his knowledge of Barnes’s former job at the hospital. Then R.J. "confessed" that he and Barnes were planning to stick up the hospital gift shop – ha ha! Soon Sophia showed up (clumsily running into a couple garbage cans), and that tickled R.J.’s fancy to no end. Is R.J. the coolest guy in town or what?

After R.J. split, Antonio moped about his lousy undercover work. Sophia gave him a pep talk. Earlier, she’d told Joey she had a new crush. Guess it’s Antonio. Maybe she and her new partner can work "undercover" together…

The next day, Roseanne showed up at Antonio’s on the slimmest of pretexts (returning some cop books Sophia borrowed). When she asked about Cristian, Antonio got on her case for the millionth time. Roseanne told him to back off and said she was still concerned about Cristian even if they weren’t together. Antonio scoffed and acted superior. Just then, Cris and Jess showed up with the cops right behind them. Antonio and Roseanne pretended to be in mid-smooch when John Sykes arrived, but he saw through their ruse. So Roseanne acted like she was still angry with Cris and said he and Jess had gone to Asa’s. When the cops left, Cris and Jess came out of hiding. Roseanne told Cris she was ready to let him go. Then she apologized to both Cris and Jessica and gave Cristian back his ring. Jess was less than gracious, but Cristian gave her a hug. After they left, Antonio bestowed his almighty approval in typical patronizing fashion while Roseanne was all tearful sincerity. So is this for real or has Roseanne just shifted gears from one brother to another?

When Viki returned to Llanfair, Jess and Cris were waiting for her, and it wasn’t long before Todd’s lie was revealed. Not only is Viki not dying, she’s on the road to recovery! So did Cris come clean about Will’s sacrifice? No way. As Friday’s show ended, the cops were at the door.

Earlier in the week, Melanie had found Lindsay down by the docks, looking longingly at the pretty water and acting
crazy/suicidal. Melanie convinced her to go to the hospital for evaluation.

Across town, Sam had brought Matthew to Llanview Hospital at Colin’s insistence. Bo tagged along. With no attending physicians immediately available, Colin took charge. Soon an uptight young resident showed up and recommended a bunch of aggressive, invasive tests. Colin felt the tests weren’t necessary, but said the decision was Sam’s. Then Melanie and Lindsay showed up. Seeing Bo, Lindsay dropped the nutso routine (Melanie didn’t seem to notice). Sam asked for Melanie’s medical opinion, and she agreed with Colin.

To explain her appearance at the hospital, Lindsay told Bo she’d sprained her ankle. Two seconds later, Bo caught her trying to purloin Matthew’s blood sample. Melanie walked in as Bo was yelling at Lindsay and rushed to defend her sister’s delicate psyche. Confused by her reaction, Bo asked what was up. Melanie said loyalty meant a lot to her and she wouldn’t turn her back on someone she loved just because they’d made some mistakes. Bo asked if that applied to Colin, then walked off all hurt and crabby. Colin played along with Lindsay’s masquerade and offered to help Melanie deal with her sister’s illness. I loved the look on Bo’s face when Colin, Melanie, and Lindsay all left the hospital together – take that, Bo!

As Sam and Bo stood vigil, Asa and his number-one toady Max arrived. Asa started thumping his chest and talking about the welfare of his "grandson." Bo told him to take a hike. I used to wish Matthew was Bo’s son -- not any more.

The next day, Sam took a breather while Bo sat with Matthew. Bo urged Matthew to be a "fighter" and sure enough, Matthew’s fever broke. Excuse me, but isn’t Matthew a little young for the "you gotta be a fighter" bedside exhortations?

Lindsay continued to manipulate Melanie and even acted "upset" about coming between Melanie and Bo. Lainie bought her sister’s act hook, line, and sinker – sucker!

When Melanie arrived to check on Matthew, Bo questioned her change in attitude. They kissed, but Melanie pulled away and told Bo she was going back to Colin.

Meanwhile, Lindsay had also arrived at the hospital -- dressed to kill. Sam demanded she stay away from Matthew. Mid-argument, Viki arrived and told Lindsay and Sam that Will was now on the run solo – perhaps thanks to Todd.

After Viki left, Sam continued to yell at Lindsay, telling her he’s the only family Matthew has ever known. Lindsay reminded him that Grace was raised by the Munroe’s – did that mean she wasn’t his sister? Touché!

Melanie arrived and told Sam she and Bo were through. Lindsay was all over that tidbit! A shameless Lindsay acted concerned for Melanie’s heartbreak, but as soon as Melanie left, Lindsay made a beeline for Bo. That’s the problem with Lindsay – she’s too damn pushy and spoils her own schemes. Lindsay was the last person Bo wanted to see, but that didn’t stop her from telling him she still loved him and asking for another chance. Unbelievable!! True to form, she overplayed her hand by bashing Melanie and pointing out that all the so-called "good" women Bo loved (Nora, Melanie) let him down.

Back at Colin’s house, Nora managed to write a note to Melanie and sneak it into the envelope containing Colin and Melanie’s separation agreement (which Colin must sign and return). Will showed up looking for his aunt, but when he saw Colin, he hid in the basement, but not before he heard Colin call out to someone named "Scarlet."

Nora was going crazy waiting for Colin to mail back the separation agreement, but he was in no hurry to do so. Then she overheard him on the phone talking about a little boy he’d treated at Llanview hospital. She put two and two together and started screaming at Colin for keeping her from Matthew when he needed her. Colin tried to calm her down by telling her Matthew was better, then he promised to go and get proof. Once more, Colin begged Nora to find him a way out. Meanwhile, Will had heard raised voices from his hiding place and was right outside Nora’s bedroom door!

As you might imagine, Colin was less than thrilled to see his on-the-lam nephew. He explained that Lainie had left him and couldn’t help Will (Will had some crack-brained idea she could give him plastic surgery to change his looks). Will asked who "Scarlet" was, and Colin led him to believe she was his lover. When Will asked about the raised voices, Colin said that Scarlet was the "noisy" type. Like everybody else, Will gave Colin a lecture on morality – puh-leaze! When Will refused to hit the bricks, Colin told him to hide in the basement while he got Melanie. To make sure Will stayed put, Colin locked him in.

Colin found Lindsay and leveled her with the following proposition: You take the rap for Nora’s kidnapping or Will goes to Statesville. Way to leverage, Colin, baby!


I realize Will was deliberately saying mean things to alienate Jessica, but some of his comments made sense to me!

How about Joey and Roseanne? Imagine Jessica’s reaction!

I’m glad Joey remembers that Sophia tried to clue him in, but I don’t like the way he tried to use her to payback Kevin and Kelly. Sophia does have feelings, Joey!

Seems to me John Sykes would make a better commissioner than Bo. At least he’s on the job!

Why doesn’t Melanie see through Lindsay’s transparent and oh-so-convenient "crazy" routine?

When Lindsay showed up in Matthew’s hospital room, he looked scared of her – smart kid!

Sam was a damn good sport to put up with Bo’s intrusiveness.

Todd has another name for Ben: Dr. Beefcake.

With Kelly’s life falling apart, it’s the perfect time for Dorian to return to Llanview.

Till next week!



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