One Life to Love

July 10-14 2000

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One big secret is out in the open (Kelly’s feelings for Kevin); Lindsay is piling scheme on top of scheme, only none of them are working; Nora is getting closer to the truth; and Todd’s up to something with those boring teens.

Over at Bo’s place, Colin politely requested to speak with him man-to-man. Bo grudgingly obliged. Colin explained that he wanted to save his marriage and asked Bo to stay away from Melanie and let them work things out without any interference. He also pointed out that Bo already had someone in his life (Lindsay) who loved him very much. Then he alluded to Nora’s involvement with Sam and suggested that what happens within a marriage shouldn’t be judged by those on the outside.

Frankly, I thought Colin made some good points, but of course, Bo was insufferably smug and superior throughout. And when Colin left, Bo threw out the glass he’d been using, as if Colin had cooties or something.

Back at Cherryvale, Lindsay was in full confrontational meltdown with her sister – so overwrought that a peculiar statement slipped out: "I got rid of Nora." Unfortunately, Melanie is too pure of heart to comprehend that comment’s sinister implications. Melanie tried to defend herself by explaining that when she first met Bo, she had no idea he was involved with Lindsay, but Lindsay just got angrier and more accusatory. Surprisingly, Melanie began to fight back, telling her sister she wouldn’t accept the blame like she did when they were children. But clever Lindsay used this remark as an opening to push old buttons, manipulating Melanie’s feelings of guilt and obligation toward her sister.

Then Lindsay played her trump card. She dredged up a painful girlhood memory of a time when Lindsay took the blame for Melanie’s foolish behavior (having a clandestine party when her parents were away where the situation got out of hand with drinking and party crashers). The memory struck a profound chord with Melanie, and Lindsay was quick to capitalize on it.

The next day, when Colin hit Lindsay up for more money, Lindsay boasted that Lainie was under her control and would stay away from Bo. Colin scoffed and told Lindsay to come up with another 50 grand or he’d take his chances with Nora.

Lindsay promptly headed over to Roseanne’s for another contribution to the "Free Willy" Foundation, only this time Antonio was there to call her bluff and send her away empty-headed.

In fact, it was quite a cozy little scene over at the penthouse with Antonio and Sophia studying for their cop exams and Roseanne serving up coffee and moral support. Sophia thanked Antonio and Roseanne for being such good friends to her and Roseanne thanked Sophia for being such a fun roommate. How about a group hug? More like "what’s wrong with this picture?" Is Roseanne up to something? What? Is she trying to act like she’s turning over a new leaf to impress Antonio? Are Antonio and Sophia just friends? I’m not sure what’s really going on here, and it’s not exactly keeping me up at night.

The next day, Melanie acted distant with Bo, but it didn’t take him long to charm her into accompanying him to the Country Club for brunch and a swim (!?). When Lindsay showed up at Cherryvale, she was told Melanie had gone somewhere with the police commissioner – look out, Lainie!

Asa showed up at the Country Club to ask Renee to come home. He even presented her with a peace offering: a super-expensive emerald necklace. Does Asa even know Renee? She’s not Alex! Renee told him the only "present" she wants is for him to withdraw the charges against Will and allow Will, Cris, and Jessica to come home. Par for the course, Asa refused.

Lindsay arrived, and Renee handed her the necklace for the "Will Rappaport Defense Fund." Lindsay was only too pleased to accept. Then she and Asa argued about Will and the Matthew situation. Renee was hearing all this for the first time and couldn’t believe her ears! She called Asa "heartless" and "soulless" for going after Sam and Nora’s child. Asa sneered at Lindsay about Bo trading her in for a "newer model" and snatched back the necklace. The busboy tipped off Lindsay that Bo was in one of the cabanas, so she took off.

Melanie wasn’t enjoying her time with Bo and told him she felt disloyal and needed to work some things out on her own. Lindsay was crouching in the bushes outside the cabana and overheard the whole conversation. When Bo was called away, up popped Lindsay, bold as brass. She congratulated Melanie on her actions and encouraged her to stick to her guns in breaking things off with Bo. But Lindsay’s pep talk had just the opposite effect. Appalled that her sister would spy on her, Melanie said she wouldn’t give up Bo for Lindsay.

Lying in her sick bed/cell, Nora decided that discovering the reason Colin was keeping her hidden might lead to a way out. She drew a series of flash cards of all the principle players (herself, Colin, Sam, Melanie, Bo), then tried to work out the connections. Looking at the cast of characters plus the photograph of Melanie on the bedside table, it suddenly dawned on Nora: the missing link is Melanie’s sister… Lindsay!

When Nora confronted Colin with the fruits of her deductive reasoning, Colin confirmed Lindsay’s involvement. The news hit Nora like a ton of bricks, and she demanded to know "Is Lindsay the reason I’m here? Is Lindsay behind this?"

Colin was sorely tempted to come clean with Nora. He tried to explain that he was as trapped by their situation as she was and desperately wanted a way out. Nora promised to put in a good word for him with the D.A., but Colin knew she was lying. Then Magda arrived to let Colin know he had a visitor – Sam!

Sam peppered Colin with a barrage of tough questions. Surprisingly, Colin was able to provide plausible answers, and reluctantly, Sam left. After leaving Colin’s, Sam got a call from Asa who wanted to talk to Sam about reuniting a family.

When Nora realized Sam was downstairs, she started shouting for him. Too late. Angry and frustrated, Nora vowed she would never forget what Colin had done to her.

I think Nora is foolish not to offer Colin a way out. Doesn’t she want to go home? Doesn’t she want to find out Lindsay’s role in all this? And does she really want to send the good doctor to prison? After all, Colin did save her life.

When Sam arrived at the Country Club, Asa started going on and on about Matthew. As their exchange men grew heated, Renee sent the busboy for Bo. When Bo arrived, he found out Lindsay had told Asa about Matthew. And when he heard Lindsay had headed back to the cabanas, he and Sam took off – and that’s where they found Lindsay with Melanie.

Sam and Bo (mostly Sam) confronted Lindsay about selling out to Asa. Of course, Lindsay trotted out her usual self-serving excuses, and there was a funny scene juxtaposing Asa’s explanation to Renee with Lindsay’s to Bo and Sam – both of them portraying themselves in the most positive light. Melanie and Sam left, leaving Bo to deal with Lindsay. When Lindsay said for the millionth time "I was desperate," Bo observed coolly, "You’re always desperate." You got it, baby.

True to form, Lindsay lashed out at Bo: "I trusted you with my heart and you betrayed me with the one person who could hurt me the most." When that didn’t achieve the desired effect, she started back-pedaling and assured Bo she could forgive him for his one-night stand. Bo said it was more than that and admitted he wanted to explore his feelings for Melanie. Shaken, Lindsay asked him to leave.

Back on the Country Club terrace, Renee was still trying to convince Asa that what he was doing was wrong, wrong, wrong (don’t waste your breathe, Renee!), when up strolled Max and Blair. Asa wasn’t exactly overjoyed at their reunion, but Max told "Paw" he’d better accept it and be civil to Blair.

After Max and Asa left, Blair told Renee she and Max were back on track. Then she set up a meeting with some computer geek named Charlie and said she wanted to unleash a computer virus – only instead of "I love you" this one would be all about "I hate you" and would spread the story of Max’s Buchanan masquerade worldwide. Excellent!

Earlier, Sam had stopped by Crossroads to ask Ben if he thought he was off his rocker to think Nora might still be alive. Ben said it seemed unlikely, but suggested that everyone copes with loss in their own way.

When Ben found out Viki never made it to her meeting, he started worrying, and even called the Cherryvale clinic to see if Viki was there. When Sam asked what was going on, Ben confided in him about Viki’s cancer. This led to a nice scene between the two brothers where Ben talked about how hard it was to watch Viki suffer and try to be strong for his sake. Sam gave his brother a big hug – awwwww! Why won’t Ben confide his other secret?

Eventually, Viki called to say she was with Todd and on her way to see Jessica. Sam and Ben discussed Todd, and Sam said Todd would never intentionally hurt Viki. Are the writers hinting that Todd may be up to something besides "helping" the teen trio for the sake of Viki and Sam – what?

Will and Cris had almost convinced Jessica to leave with them (and leave Todd behind) when Todd arrived with Viki. Naturally, Jess and Viki were thrilled to see each other. The three guys left to give them some room, and Jess quizzed her mother about her health, while Viki tried to get a feel for Jessica’s current emotional state. Jess confessed she was in love with both Cris and Will, and Viki said she didn’t have to make a decision until she was ready to – that’s lame advice! Then they discussed Todd, and Viki told Jess Todd was probably jealous of Will because of Sam.

Todd, Will, and Cris went off to breakfast (?!). Soon, they were shouting at each other over everything from Todd’s reprehensible table manners to whether or not Jessica should go home with Viki. Todd manufactured another bogus close call by telling Cris and Will the hotel detective was asking questions and suggested it was time to split.

When they told Jessica, Viki panicked and wanted to know where they were going and for how long. Suddenly, the impact of their fugitive status on Jessica and her mother was painfully clear to Will. I guess this was Todd’s plan all along. After Todd left with the teens, Viki realized Todd had lied about the hotel detective. Hey, if it can bring this downer storyline to an end, I don’t care what Todd does!

Back in Llanview (and by the way, HOW did Viki get back to Llanview?), Viki told Ben about her trip to see Jessica. Then she shared her good news from the doctor. Seems everything is going well, and Viki’s prognosis for recovery is excellent. Viki also shared her misgivings about Todd’s motivations with Ben. Although she trusts him to have Jessica’s best interests at heart, she’s not so sure about his feelings for Will. Viki also suggested that Todd might be setting the kids up for some reason. Alarmed, Ben said he would find the kids and make sure they’re okay. Viki beamed her loving approval.

Meanwhile, Todd and the Teen Trio were unpacking their gear at Asa’s lodge – huh? Yeah, that’s a really great hiding place – NOT! Of course, Todd’s not really interested in keeping them hidden. He told Jess they need to stay there because she should be nearby, just in case… Jess demanded to know if he knew something about Viki’s health. Todd said no, but acted like he was hiding something. Then he faked getting a bad news phone call, and when Cris asked if it was about Viki, Todd said she was dying. Next thing you know, Cris was confronting Will, telling him to split or he’d turn him in. I hardly think any of this is gonna endear Todd to Sam.

I don’t like the way the show is infantilizing Todd. "Adolescentizing" is probably a more accurate way to put it. Why is he in the teen storyline? Why is Viki treating him like a child? Why is he competitive with Will? Todd is an adult, not a kid. At one point, he was running a major newspaper, he’s been married twice, and he has a child of his own. Let Todd grow up already! He can still be dark and strange, but give him the dignity of adulthood.

When Kelly’s home pregnancy test failed to yield the desired result, she rushed off to the doctor for an exam – still no baby-to-be. So with typical poor judgment, Kelly sent for Joey, and when he arrived (all concerned that something had happened to her), she told him they needed to have fertility tests. Joey was flabbergasted. After all, they’ve only been trying to conceive for a couple of months (if that)! When Dr. Conklin tried to explain that these tests are very invasive and not called for this soon, Kelly got all uptight and said she’d find a doctor who would do them.

When Joey tried to reason with her, she became very defensive. And when Joey begged her to tell him why she was so desperate to get pregnant, why she always seemed so far away and sad, she clammed up. Fed up, Joey told her to let him know when she was ready to talk and left. Go Joe!

Over at the Banner, Kevin was in the thick of deadlines when Skye arrived. At first, he thought she was looking for work, but the position(s) she had in mind were straight out of the Kama Sutra! Skye’s proposition: a "no strings" affair. Kevin seemed flustered and flattered, but told Skye she deserved more. Then he gave her a warm (strictly friendly) hug. That’s when Kelly showed up and pulled Skye away, hissing, "Get your hands off of him" And Joey saw the whole thing.

After Skye and Kevin left, Joey told Kelly he didn’t want to have a baby because something was clearly wrong with their marriage. Again, he asked her what’s wrong and said he couldn’t help unless she confided in him. So she did. That’s right, Kelly broke down and confessed the truth to Joey in an absolutely awesome scene. "I love Kevin, it’s that simple," she admitted to her husband in an anguished wail. Gina T. rocked!. As much as I love watching this exciting young performer, I agree with TV Guide’s Michael Logan – this girl has got to break away from daytime! She’s got the looks, the talent, and let’s face it, she’s the right age (maybe just a tad past in today’s youthaholic culture), to make her mark in movies or prime-time.

Over at the gallery, Lindsay had switched into payback mode. Step one: place a desperate call to Melanie begging for her help, then hang up. The trap is set.

When Melanie arrived at the gallery, all the lights were dimmed, there were candles everywhere, and Lindsay was all done up in her wedding dress. Spooky. Earlier, Colin had shown up asking for his cash and even he was alarmed by Lindsay’s appearance, suggesting (in a very nice way) that she might want to talk to a professional. Lindsay just laughed and told him to get out before he ruined her plan. She vowed that after she was through with her sister, Melanie would come back to him. Colin left in disgust so Lindsay could proceed with her "little wacko play."

Naturally, Melanie thought her sister had gone off the deep end. Lindsay said she was happy for Melanie but didn’t know how she could live without Bo. She begged her sister to wear her wedding dress, then left the gallery wearing only her slip and bridal veil. Trick or treat!

Meanwhile, Colin had gone to Sam’s looking for Melanie. When he arrived, Bo was there and Sam was upstairs with a sick Matthew. Colin took charge, examined the boy, and insisted they head to the hospital. More pressure on Colin to let Nora go.


Bo was practically drooling at the sight of a very fit Melanie in her very skimpy bikini. I’m sorry, she’s too young for him! Here’s a thought: Todd and Melanie. She could remove his scar!

Excellent casting in the flashback sequence involving Lindsay and Melanie as teenagers. It also was a nice touch to have the figurine featured in the sequence on Nora’s bedside table.

I love Todd’s name for Ben: "the Beefy Guy"

If Kelly is so desperate for a child, maybe Sam’s available?

When Blair was telling Renee she wanted to rededicate herself to her marriage and Max, it couldn’t have sounded more insincere!

So Melanie just happens to keep a bathing suit at work?

That must’ve been a little breezy for Kelly standing in the hospital hallway in her exam gown!

Love Blair’s sexy summer frock.

Nothing against the kid who’s now portraying Matthew, but I miss the little sweetie who was the original Matthew.

Dr. Melanie seems to have forgotten her anatomy lessons – namely the location of her backbone! So what if Lindsay did something nice for you as a kid, does that mean you have to give up the man you love for her?

Nora’s got nothing to do but sit and think, so why doesn’t she remember the all-important tape!

So is Antonio over Andy? Are they already divorced?

I still don’t understand why Jess won’t come home, and Viki’s attitude is a mystery too. This situation should be handled by a team of high-powered lawyers and plenty of Viki and Sam’s money to smooth the way.

I loved Nora’s little stick figure drawings!

Nice new haircut on Asa. He’s looking good but acting bad.

LOL when Blair asked Asa "When do I get my welcome home hug?"

How about that busboy blabbing to Lindsay even after Bo had tipped him!

Colin’s house must have really thick walls for Sam not to hear Nora shouting at the top of her voice. Now that’s quality construction!

Till next week!



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