One Life to Love

July 3-7 2000

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All in all, a pretty good week. Except for the teen tale (dreadfully boring stalemate and a waste of Todd), other storylines are percolating away. Lindsay found out about Bo and her sister and might be heading toward total meltdown, Blair emerged triumphant over Skye, Ben was tempted to confess the truth to Renee, and something tells me Nora will be back in Llanview before long (I’m guessing no more than two weeks – tops).

Poor Todd remains in the thick of things with Teen Trio Trauma (and looking increasingly bored by the minute – who can blame him?). First, Todd tried to get Will to do the noble thing and leave, but Will is way too hooked on Jessica to do what’s best for her. Next, Cris and Will got into a slugging match when Will found Cris "comforting" Jessica. Soon the hotel manager was threatening to call the cops! Todd snowed the guy with a ridiculous tale about Jessica being a Canadian Princess (!?!) and handed him a fistful of bills for good measure.

For a moment, it looked as though Will might finally do the right thing and split. Unfortunately, Jessica begged him to stay. What is up with that girl? If she can’t make up her mind between Cris and Will, maybe she should forget about both of them. Frankly, I’m beginning to think she’s on some kind of unconscious power trip – leading on both guys and enjoying all the attention.

Back in Llanview, Ben overheard a tearful Renee wishing for her son and sat down at her table to comfort her. Soon, Renee realized Ben was already aware that Max was a fraud. She asked what he planned to do with the information. Ben said nothing because he didn’t want to hurt her. Then Renee asked Ben to help her find her son and talked about how important it was to her. Ben said he couldn’t help her, but cared about her happiness a great deal. Ben was practically crying himself, but Renee didn’t pick up on the signals. Renee said he was a good man and gave him a big hug! This is killing me! Tell your mother who you are, Ben!!

Also in the Palace bar that night were Roseanne and R.J. Roseanne tried to talk R.J. out of getting revenge on Bo, but her words fell on deaf ears (good! Go, R.J.!!). Knowing the truth about Matthew, R.J. looks like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Then Bo showed up and ordered a beer. He spoke briefly with Ben (who apologized for his outburst in the park), and then glanced over at R.J. R.J. pretended to offer Bo an olive branch then lamented the commissioner’s "serious trust issues," when Bo acted suspicious. Bo knows R.J. has something up his sleeve and is toying with him. Then R.J. twisted the knife by bringing up the fact that when Nora needed Bo, he’d let her down.

Soon busybody Antonio joined the crowd at the bar. He blabbed to Bo about seeing R.J. with some guy, and from the description, Bo realized it was Jeff Barnes. Bo asked Antonio to tail R.J. and find out more. Is that legal? Antonio also told Roseanne he thinks she’s putting on a goody-goody act for Cristian’s benefit. Roseanne said Cris is no longer her focus – hint hint.

The Palace bar was a busy place this week as John and Rae showed up later to toast the success of their plan (Daniel had sent Rae a note denying Kelly was her daughter – big deal!). They also were doing that goo-goo eye thing of theirs – stop it! When Kelly and Kevin showed up, John split with Kevin. Rae confided to Kelly that she was really stuck on John, but didn’t want to risk messing up their friendship. Across town, John was feeding Kevin the same line of bull. Oh please -- get over it already! Kelly almost told Rae about her feelings for Kevin.

Over at Buke Manor, Nigel quizzed Max about Blair’s whereabouts, and when Max said she wasn’t coming back, Skye walked in -- just in time to hear the "good" news. With one woman gone, Max began turning on the charm to keep Girl #2 happy, telling Skye, "You’re my future" and even claiming to "love" her. Skye played it cool, but when Max whispered those three little words, she collapsed into his arms – but only for a moment. It didn’t take Skye long to realize Max is still very much in love with Blair. And when pressed, Max owned up to the truth. As far as Skye’s concerned, the game is over, she’s all played out. Skye told Max was leaving as soon as she could pack her things. Max had one question: Are you gonna rat me out? Skye promised Max she’d keep quiet – since she’d already given her word to Ben.

The scene between Skye and Max was a good one. Max doesn’t love Skye, but he has come to genuinely like and respect her – unfortunately, that’s not nearly enough for Skye.

Meanwhile, Blair was making herself at home over at Dorian’s. Kelly arrived to find her cousin knocking back a screwdriver (yummy!). Kelly told Blair she was thinking of moving into Dorian’s now that she and Joey have decided to start a family. Blair blasted Kelly about that little idea. Kelly denied she still had feelings for Kevin and demanded to know what had happened between Max and Blair.

Blair filled her in on the whole Blair/Max/Skye triangle and vowed Max would pay for what he’s done.

Just then the doorbell rang: It’s Skye! Kelly tried to give her the brush, but Blair wanted to hear what she had to say. Skye gave Blair a lecture about not deserving Max and not being woman enough to fight for him. Blair laughed in Skye’s face – delighted things had obviously soured between Max and Skye.

Kelly urged Blair to make up with Max and try to rebuild her marriage. Blair said she had other plans for Max. She intends to pay him back but also needs plenty of scratch to build a fortress to protect her and Skye. When Kelly asked, "why," Blair said Todd might be coming back to town.

Across town, Renee stopped by the mansion to let Max know Ben was onto him, but when Max muttered something about a "deal," Renee realized something was up between Max and Ben and demanded the truth. Truth? Max? No way! Max fed "Maw" the usual line of bull, but Renee wouldn’t bite. Still, she was happy to learn Skye was gone. Max lied and said he’d thrown her out. Then he promised Renee he’d bring their family back together. Renee urged Max to go after Blair and admitted that as much as he’s hurt her and as little as she trusts him, she still cares about him. Renee is a saint!

Pretty soon Max showed up at Dorian’s and asked Blair for another chance, promising never to use Skye against her again. Blair agreed to come "home." After Max took her bags to the car, Kelly congratulated Blair on the reconciliation. Blair laughed and said it was just stage one. Do Max and Blair even know when they’re being sincere anymore? What are real emotions and what are mind games – is there any difference with these two?

Over at Crossroads, Ben was conflicted about Renee. Viki advised him that telling Renee was tantamount to telling Asa, since Renee wouldn’t be able to keep his secret – wrong! Look at the way she’s kept Max’s secret! Could it be that Viki wants Ben all to herself? Doesn’t Ben understand that by giving up a relationship with his biological mother, Asa wins again?

After Viki left, Skye showed up looking for sympathy. Ben leveled her with a reality check, and she ran out crying – nice one, Ben!

Meanwhile, Viki was wondering where her chauffeur was taking her. Obviously, Todd’s behind the wheel and obviously he’d taking her to see Jess.

This week’s biggest focus was on the whole Bo/Lindsay/Melanie/Sam/Colin/Nora stew of secrets and lies.

As Bo stood before the Nora Buchanan memorial plaque in quiet contemplation, up walked Melanie with Matthew in tow. Bo’s eyes lit up watching them both. They spoke about the situation with Matthew and Bo’s relationship with Lindsay. Bo explained that although he cared about Lindsay and wanted her happiness, he was no longer in love with her. Melanie didn’t look too upset by the news!

Soon Hank joined them. Melanie left them alone, and Bo asked Hank to offer Lindsay immunity so he could petition the courts for a second paternity test without getting Lindsay in trouble. Even good friend Hank seemed upset that Bo would ask him to "compromise my office." It’s just typical Bo "Bend the Rules" Buchanan if you ask me. How come only R.J. and Midge see the commish for what he really is? Bo is a complete hypocrite to scold Asa when he does the exact same thing. There are two sets of laws in Llanview: one for the Buchanans and one for everybody else!

Meanwhile, meddlesome Lindsay showed up at Sam’s looking for Melanie and found Viki there. Excuse me, but didn’t she just promise Bo she’d stay the hell away from Sam? Sam practically tossed Lindsay out, but Viki was kind enough to let Lindsay know she’d received word that Will was safe. After Lindsay left, Viki and Sam had a heart-to-heart about Todd. Sam told Viki he was practicing "tough love," but Viki said she couldn’t bring herself to take that route. Then Viki made a bunch of excuses for Todd’s behavior and inability to deal with life’s vicissitudes. Looks like Viki’s back in the role of Todd’s enabler. I agree with Sam: When all is said and done, Todd is looking out for number one and that’s never gonna change

Lindsay found Bo and Melanie in the park and offered to do whatever it takes to get Bo that paternity test – even go to jail. Bo thanked her but said he couldn’t let her do that. Melanie looked nauseated and when Bo left, she told off Lindsay for her grandstanding ploy. Lindsay wanted to know why Melanie was so concerned about Bo, and it looked like Melanie might just tell her!!

In fact, Melanie almost spilled the beans about her relationship with Bo. She got as far as admitting they’d met, but didn’t tell about their night together after Lindsay revealed this had all taken place the night of her miscarriage. Lindsay’s interest was definitely piqued, however, and when Sam showed up, Melanie beat a hasty retreat. Then Sam and Lindsay traded insults and a few hard truths. Lindsay told Sam he needed to face the possibility that Matthew might be Bo’s son, while Sam told Lindsay she needed to accept the fact that Bo no longer loved her. Double ouch!

After Lindsay left, Sam communed with Nora’s plaque and confessed he couldn’t accept her death. Then he met up with Ben and Viki at Crossroads and told them he still believed Nora was alive. That’s when Viki said she’d thought she’d seen Nora at Cherryvale and Ben told him about his suspicious encounter with Colin. Sam took off for Colin’s

Nora tried a different approach with Colin this week. Instead of threats and anger, she promised to keep quiet about his actions if only he’d let her go. Colin was tempted, but knew Nora was feeding him a line of bull. When Colin helped Nora with some physical therapy, she observed that there are two Colins – the one holding her prisoner and the one helping her. Colin asked Nora if she’d ever taken a wrong step that couldn’t be taken back and everything had gotten worse from there. Since Nora knows very well what that feels like, the empathetic bond between these two is gaining strength.

After Colin left, Nora tried to communicate her distress to the cleaning lady, but when she asked for "cops," she got "cups" – har har. Then just as Nora nodded off, Sam showed up. Appalled by Colin and Melanie's bad décor, he left. Just kidding, but he did leave after trying to talk to the cleaning lady. Come on! If he’s so suspicious, why wouldn’t he at least take a look around?

Across town, Colin showed up at the gallery and told Lindsay she’d better come up with a way out of this mess or he’d take her down too. Lindsay just scoffed and suggested Colin alter Nora’s memory with drugs. Colin said he couldn’t risk obliterating Nora’s memory and personality, then started singing Nora’s praises. As you might imagine, that infuriated Lindsay, and things got pretty ugly between the two partners in crime. Lindsay told Colin he’d never get Melanie back, and Colin told Lindsay her competition for Bo wasn’t Nora, it was Melanie! Lindsay was devastated, but not quite ready to believe the truth.

Meanwhile, Melanie had found Bo and told him about almost blabbing to Lindsay. Bo said Lindsay should know the truth. Worn out by all the emotional turmoil, Bo and Melanie decided to kick up their heels, celebrate the 4th of July, and "declare their independence from all troubles." Soon they were eating ice cream, watching fireworks, and
cuddling like mad.

The next day at the clinic, Colin brought Melanie a bouquet of flowers from their yard, still plugging away at reconciliation. Melanie told him it was too late for their marriage, that there was nothing left to build on. Colin demanded to know if she was still involved with Bo. Melanie begged Colin not to tell Lindsay and said she hoped Bo and Lindsay had a future (yeah sure!).

An angry Colin returned home. When Nora asked him what was up, he told her his wife was having an affair with her ex. Nora looked intrigued and not terribly surprised by the news that Bo has been stepping out. (Guess she figures anyone other than Lindsay is an improvement!). Colin tried to get some damning info on Bo, but Nora refused to cooperate. In fact, she said that if Bo wants his wife, Colin doesn’t stand a chance. Ouch!

Lindsay decided to pay Bo a visit. Of course, she ran into vision Nora who taunted Lindsay about losing Bo to her sister. Lindsay was getting more and more rattled and starting shouting "shut up" at the apparition so loudly Bo came to the door and asked what was going on. Lindsay collected herself and asked to speak with him. As she tried to talk to Bo, "Nora" kept appearing and making comments until Lindsay didn’t know where to look (funny scene). Finally, she mustered the nerve to ask Bo where she stood with him. Bo hemmed and hawed, but finally admitted his feelings had changed. Lindsay flinched, but quickly recovered and thanked Bo for his honesty. When he left, she followed him – straight to Cherryvale Clinic!

At the clinic, Bo told Melanie he has feelings for her (ruefully remember when Nora had said the same thing to him), feelings he wanted to explore. Lindsay was lurking outside the room and overheard everything. When Melanie expressed concern for Lindsay’s reaction, Bo said his lost love for Lindsay had nothing to do with his feelings for Melanie (yeah, sure). Melanie admitted the "feelings" were mutual, but said her life would take some time to get sorted out (the divorce, etc.). Bo said he had plenty of time to wait. Even after all she’s done, you had to feel sorry for Lindsay hearing all of this. When she’d heard enough, she erupted in fury, tipping over a hospital tray and rushing off.

After Bo left, Lindsay stopped by Melanie’s office. She dropped a bunch of heavy hints about wanting to be more like her "good" sister, but finally couldn’t hold back and accused Melanie of going after Bo as payback for Lindsay’s affair with Colin.

Back in Llanview, Colin showed up at Bo’s door wanting to hash things out.


One of the best things about Lindsay is the way she’s never at a loss for words. No matter what you level her with,
she’s right back in your face with a bitter, lashing, remark – one that usually contains at least a kernel of painful truth.

Since when does Viki get chauffeured around town?

It was kind of icky watching Todd watch Jess and Will make out.

Classy move by Viki letting Lindsay know about Will. There’s certainly no love lost between these two women, but Viki did the right thing.

Nice to see Renee going to bat for Blair with Max.

Jeepers, next to the bicep brothers (Will and Cris), Todd looks like he could use some fattening up!

I’m happy to see Blair and Kelly supporting each other – Cramer Women Forever!

I loved Blair’s ultra-sleek, barely-there summer pantsuit!

Nice job on Viki’s wig. It’s definitely a wig, but still looks natural.

Skye still doesn’t get it -- catching Blair in a plot isn’t gonna change anything! Max doesn’t have any allusions about Blair. He knows exactly what she’s capable of and loves her anyway.

Todd was hitting the booze again this week. I hope this isn’t leading to a drinking problem storyline – doesn’t this
character have enough baggage already!

A big "Thank You" to Kevin and John for breaking up Blendie’s torrid barroom make-out session!

If there really is a drug that can change your whole personality, maybe Lindsay should take it!

Till next week!



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