One Life to Love

May 22-26 2000

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I had predicted Nora would be in limbo for maybe another week. Well, it looks like Midge was wrong – dead wrong. With Lindsay rapidly morphing into a full-fledged loony, things don’t look good for our Nora.

Back in Llanview, Lindsay took a deep breath and told Bo Matthew might be his child. Bo seemed angry at first (can you blame him?), but Lindsay asked for forgiveness "one more time." She even had the nerve to use Bo’s grief over Nora to manipulate his emotions by telling him she was revealing the truth now because she wanted to keep him connected to Nora through Matthew. What a crock! Shockingly, Bo agreed to forgive Lindsay and stand by her. Gee, Bo, I think you’re taking this whole "forgiveness trip" a little too far.

When Lindsay offered to break the news to Sam about the need for another paternity test, Bo balked, telling her, "There’s no way in hell." Nice guy Bo doesn’t want to drop this on Sam after what just happened with Nora. He also said (quite rightly) that Sam is the only father Matthew has ever known. Lindsay continued to press the point and asked if he could live with the knowledge that Matthew might be his son. She even had the gall to say Nora would want them to get to the truth. Bo told Lindsay he had a "whole lot of thinking to do," then left.

Lindsay thought she was alone at the gallery, but up popped "Nora" again. Lindsay admitted she wants everything Nora once had. But vision Nora had a good question for Lindsay, "Does anything ever work out the way you planned." I like these scenes between Lindsay and "ghost" Nora.

Across town, Ben took a deep breath and confessed the truth of his parentage to Viki. Then he promised to always be honest with her. Naturally, Viki was shocked by the news but was, of course, completely sympathetic, telling Ben, "it doesn’t change a thing." Ben explained how he found out and why he needs to keep it a secret. Viki promised to stand by him whatever decision he made.

Then Viki took a deep breath and told Ben she too had a secret. Ben admitted he already knew about the cancer. Viki was upset at first, worried that Ben had come back out of pity, but Ben soon convinced her his love was unwavering, no matter what. Awwww…

Get out the champagne, Blendie fans, ‘cause Viki and Ben are now officially back together. After a nostalgic slow dance in the attic at Llanfair, Ben proposed for the third (is that right?) time. Looks like three times is the charm because Viki said "yes." Now Midge has never been the biggest Blendie booster, but it’s nice Viki has Ben to lean on during this medical crisis. Eventually, Viki took another deep breath and told Ben about her surgery. He said nothing would ever change his feelings for her. When Viki told Ben about "seeing" Nora at the clinic, Ben suddenly got smarter than everyone else on the show and dashed off to Cherryvale to investigate.

Over at Buke Manor, Renee confronted Max with the old Baby Boy Divine hospital bracelet and assured him she would find her real son. Max acted sad and asked, "How many different ways can I apologize?" Renee fired back, "None that count." Renee tried to make Max understand her need to find her real son, but selfish Max only cares about Max. He even tried to guilt-trip Renee about her lack of unconditional love for him – unbelievable!! Renee read him the riot act and said her real son didn’t have to be "perfect" just "real." Testify, mama!

Renee’s next stop was Sam’s house. She brought him a picture of Nora (from their Vegas trip) and asked if he had any more information from he and Nora’s search for her son. Sam gave her the file. Renee really has a nice rapport with both Ben and Sam.

Over at the Cherryvale Clinic, Nora managed to dial Sam’s number (after Bo’s line was busy!!), but she still can’t speak. At first, Sam thought it was Will, then wondered if Nora was on the other line. Unfortunately, Nora dropped the phone and one of the Cherryvale nurses hung it up. Sam tried to find out who called, but the Cherryvale number is blocked (why?).

Later in the clinic hallway, Nora saw Melanie and through the haze of medication thought it was Lindsay and whispered the name "Lindsay Rappaport" to Colin. He was all ears!

Colin immediately phoned Lindsay (how would he have her number?) and got a perma-frosty greeting. Lindsay’s first impulse was to hang up, but Colin said it was a matter of life and death and had nothing to do with her sister. Poor Nora just lay there in utter misery, flashing back to memories of Matthew, unaware that her fate would soon be in the hands of her worst enemy.

Bo returned to work (all the cops applauded – boo!) to find Asa waiting in his office. Bo tried to give his father the cold shoulder, but Asa predicted he’d need his father one day. He also made a bunch of statements about the sacred bond between father and son (hint, hint). Then Rachel stopped by with Matthew and pretty soon Bo was holding the cute little tot in his arms.

After Asa left, Bo filed a missing persons report on Jeff Barnes (the shifty lab tech Lindsay paid to switch the DNA results). Isn’t that a misuse of public resources?

Bo was on the verge of confiding in Hank about the Matthew situation when who should arrive but R.J., Roseanne, and a process server. Seems R.J. is filing a civil suit against Bo and Hank (or rather Hank’s "office") to the tune of $20 million. R.J. gloated to Hank that he can’t wait to tell his story to a jury of his peers. Hank fired back, "Where do you expect to find 12 people that low." (good one) R.J. revealed that his attorneys have hired a PR firm to make sure the case gets plenty of press. Bo said he’s glad Nora isn’t here to see this because she had always believed the best of R.J. (well, not always). R.J. quickly reminded Bo that he’s the reason Nora gone.

Then Lindsay popped in to tell Bo the governor would soon be calling off the hunt for Will. Bo told her the governor had actually stepped up the manhunt. Lindsay was shocked and told Bo Asa had promised to help her. Having tipped her hand a bit, she gave Bo a cock-and-bull story about having thrown herself on Asa’s mercy (of course, she failed to mention the deal for Matthew). Hopping mad, Lindsay headed off to confront Asa.

Naturally, Asa laughed in her face and taunted her mercilessly. An over-the-edge, Lindsay grabbed a letter opening and threatened to stab Asa if he didn’t make good on his promise to help Will (yeah, that’s gonna work). And since Asa had told the governor Lindsay was loony, she’d have the perfect alibi. I guess Lindsay doesn’t watch much Court TV; insanity defenses haven’t worked since John Hinckley. Before Lindsay could give Asa the skewering he so richly deserved, Max disarmed her. Then Lindsay boasted that once she and Bo were married, they’d never allow Asa to see Matthew. Lindsay must really be losing it if she thinks she and Bo will be marching down the aisle any time soon!

Back at the LPD, the new janitor finally found the "Jane Doe" fax about Nora and put it on Bo’s desk beneath a big stack of papers. Then Bo had a chat with Antonio regarding his statement about what happened at Rhodi’s. Bo advised Antonio not to perjure himself, and then made a pitch for Antonio to enroll in the police academy. What a horrible idea! Antonio has a terrible temper and precious little self-control. On the "plus" side, his willingness to cover up for Bo makes him perfect LPD material.

Roseanne was also at the police station attempting to file a missing persons report on her husband. Naturally, Antonio got on her case about it, and even the cop she spoke with was dismissive (he’s the same one who spotted Jess and Cris at the cabin). Sophia was watching and in a display of sisterly solidarity took Roseanne aside and told her (off the record) that Jess and Cris were at Viki’s cabin. Roseanne took off like a shot.

Back at the cabin (boring!), Will was (once again) preparing to take off. Cris brought up a number of intelligent objections, but Will doesn’t want to be a burden (blah, blah, blah). Cris told him he couldn’t leave without talking to Jess.

Earlier in the day (before Bo wised her up) Lindsay had stopped by Llanfair to tell Jess Will would soon be free. Jess promptly rushed to the cabin to tell Will the "good news." Will was euphoric. Jess, Will, and Cris decided to celebrate, and viewers were treated (or tortured, depending on your point of view) to a cheerful montage of the kids whipping up a batch of celebratory tacos and then dosing each other with fizzy cider. Roseanne pulled a peeping tom routine and realized that Jess and Cris have been hiding Will – DUH! I thought this was common knowledge.

Cris returned to Llanview to find out more about Will’s case, while Jess stayed behind to talk to Will. For a minute, it looked like she was gonna let him down gently, but it seems she’s till torn between both guys. Bo told Cris Asa had hoodwinked Lindsay and Will is still in trouble. Anxious to get back to the cabin, Cris gave Roseanne the brush off. A fed-up Roseanne then announced to everyone at the police station that Cris and Jess are hiding Will and she knows where. Hey, I’m glad she blabbed, let’s wrap this up already!

Will was pouting over Jessica’s indecisiveness when Cris showed up with the bad news about Asa’s dirty trick. Once again, Will talked about heading out solo, but Jess wouldn’t hear of it. Thank god Antonio showed up to interrupt this boring discussion. He told them the cops were coming. When the LPD did arrive, all they found was Antonio, calmly munching in popcorn. That will look real good on his police academy application!

Lots of action on the newbie front this week. Before Melanie left for Cherryvale, Sam urged her to consider a trial separation. He also gave her a photo of Nora to look at and asked her to make sure Nora wasn’t at Cherryvale. Sam’s parting words to Melanie were, "Don’t stay with someone who doesn’t put you first." Question: Does Nora put Sam first or is that position reserved for Bo?

Melanie returned to the clinic only to find Colin exchanging flirtatious glances with one of the nurses. Colin turned on the charm and told his wife they should think about starting a family. Instead, Melanie brought up the subject of a separation. Miffed, Colin asked, "Is this because of your other man?" Damn right, you dirty cheater! Lindsay told Colin that there was no other man (not quite true, but so what), but clever Colin revealed that a friend of his had seen her dancing with another man at the inn and that "twinkle toes showed up here looking for you." Melanie seemed pleased. Colin tried to romance Melanie’s resolve away, but she’s had enough of his sweet-talking cheatin’ heart.Colin begged for another chance and the opportunity to change, telling his wife she’s the center of his life and he can’t live without her. Melanie was very nearly swayed but recognized the familiar pattern of manipulation and stood her ground. She left to pack her things.

Colin went home to try and talk his wife out of leaving. Once again, he pulled out all the stops, promising to change and abide by her "zero tolerance" policy. Lindsay stood firm and reminded him of all his broken promises and all the other women, including her own sister (I knew it!). When Colin told Melanie no one could make her feel so alive, Lindsay said, "don’t bet on it." Colin demanded to know if she had slept with the man at the inn. Lindsay coolly replied, "I didn’t sleep with him, we made love." Colin tried to laugh it off but was clearly shocked by the news. He made yet another plea to save their marriage, but Melanie walked out. Even though these are new characters, the sharp writing and compelling performances had me completely involved.

Once more, Melanie appeared on Sam’s doorstep, this time with her suitcase. Sam was happy to take her in, then asked her to watch Matthew while he went off to say goodbye to Nora ‘neath the dark night sky. Pretty soon, the doorbell rang and Melanie came face to face with Bo. Both Melanie and Bo looked happy to see each other. Melanie invited Bo in, and pretty soon, they were swapping life stories. Bo found out that Melanie was married, but had just left her husband, and Melanie found out that Bo used to be married to Nora. Small world indeed. You know, at first I didn’t like Bo with Melanie, but now it’s kind of reminding me of Bo and Sarah.

After another frantic call from Colin, Lindsay arrived at Cherryvale and soon found herself face to face with "Scarlet." Seeing Nora alive was not a welcome surprise. Lindsay told Colin that the woman in bed is named "Nora" but refused to give him any more information. Colin tried to call the LPD for help, but Lindsay hung up the phone. She begged Colin to keep Nora’s presence a secret. Colin refused, at first, but seemed to relent when Lindsay promised to help him get Melanie back.

Poor Nora! It looks like Lindsay is gonna spirit Nora away and hold her hostage somewhere (probably at Colin’s house since Melanie isn’t there).


Wait till Lindsay finds out that Nora’s no longer her biggest competition when it comes to Bo. Little sister Lainie holds that position.

Melanie is starting to grow on me. Darlene Vogel was very good this week, especially in the scenes where she explained her disillusion over her failed marriage. I only wish Melanie had left Colin before she met Bo, it would make her seem like a stronger woman.

What’s holding Renee back? Why doesn’t she go to Asa with the truth about Max now and use all of Asa’s resources to search for their son?

LOL when R.J. referred to Bo as "Soul Brother #1."

I can’t wait till Asa finds out that Max has been playing him for a fool!

If Nora can dial a phone, why can’t she write her name?

That little boy who plays Matthew is precious!

Has Antonio given up on law school for good?

Asa has been rotten to the core lately, but I loved the way he taunted Lindsay, especially when he told her that Matthew was Nora’s baby not hers.

Is an Antonio/Sophia romance in the works? I could accept Antonio going to the Police Academy if it laid the groundwork for a quirky relationship with fellow-trainee Sophia.

Rachel seems too interested in Jared too quickly. She really should be more distraught about Nora’s death.

Sam hasn’t seen Melanie in years but had no problem advising her to leave her husband – seems a bit presumptuous to me.

I thought it was odd for Sam to give Nora’s engagement ring to Rachel. I mean, he and Nora were never married, and their engagement was on hold when she died. Wouldn’t some other piece of jewelry have been more appropriate?

I like Sophia and Roseanne as potential friends. Sophia gave Roseanne some good advice about chasing after someone who loves someone else – will Roseanne be smart enough to take it?

Watching Jess frolic with Will and Cris, I felt some sympathy for Roseanne. Jess really is hogging all the cute guys in town.

Till next week!



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