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May 8-12 2000

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After the flurry of recent events, there were a few slack day’s this week – which is not surprising and I’m not complaining – as the news of Nora’s death continued to sink in and Will’s (increasingly tedious) saga meandered along.

For Midge, the week’s highlight was Rachel’s return. Hank and Nora’s daughter is back, and I couldn’t be happier. As soapland’s only (I think) biracial Jewish female character, Rachel’s presence enriches the diversity of the Llanview landscape, and Ellen Bethea is such a warm and engaging presence that I’m just gonna put all that icky George Phillips stuff right out of my mind.

Jared discovered a tearful Ms. Gannon in her father’s office and was attempting to comfort her when R.J. walked and told him to get his hands off her (it was an innocent hug). Then Hank arrived and Rachel ran to his arms. When R.J. continued to kick up a fuss, Rachel realized he was trying to deal with this grief over Nora. One of the many pluses of having Rachel back on the scene is that R.J. has someone in his corner again. Rachel loves R.J and has faith in him, but can also keep him in check.

Hank asked R.J. to drop the charges against Bo for Nora’s sake. No way said R.J. In fact, R.J. told Hank that before he’s through with him, Bo will wish he had died on that train. Yikes! On the day of Nora’s memorial, Hank and R.J. again exchanged words at the LPD stationhouse. Hank told R.J. that, based on the investigation, "his office" will not be pressing charges. When R.J. accused Hank of kow-towing to "the man," Hank explained that because only Roseanne Vega had backed up R.J.’s claim of unprovoked assault, he couldn’t win in court. I’ve said it before and it bears repeating. R.J. is right and Bo is wrong and should be brought to justice. While Hank was otherwise occupied, R.J. stole the report. These strong scenes between Hank and R.J. capitalized on their troubled history, something the show should showcase more often. From Cain and Abel onward, brother against brother is powerful stuff.

Of course, husband vs. wife, is pretty potent too. Furious with Max for moving Skye into Buke Manor, Blair was itching for payback and she figured she knew just he man for the job: Ben. Too bad Ben wasn’t interested in playing Blair’s little games.

Thanks to Blair, Ben lost the opportunity to follow Cris and Jess to Will’s hiding place (she had taken his car keys). Blair apologized, then turned on the waterworks. And that wasn’t all she tried to turn on. Ben wasn’t the least bit tempted by Blair’s less-than-subtle seduction attempt and coldly suggested that she "try your tricks on some other sap." Having failed on the romantic front, Blair still managed to convince Ben to help her get back at Asa and Max (I thought he’d sworn off revenge). To that end, Ben wrote her a big fat check (!?). Actually, when Blair plays it (relatively) straight with Ben, the two seem to click.

Back at Buke Manor, Max was trying keep Skye happy without having to actually bed down with her -- and Skye was getting impatient. Then Blair returned and told Max she wanted to make up.

Max wanted to believe Blair, but this ain’t his first rodeo. Even with the distraction of Skye’s heckling, Blair turned in a masterful performance, apologizing to Max, pledging her love, and begging for another chance. Luckily for Blair, Skye just happened to read about Stuart’s "death" in the paper and ran back to Pine Valley. Blair kept working on Max, who told her, "I’ll think about it."

I’m not sure what Blair has in mind, but Max almost caught her downloading key information about Buchanan Enterprises onto some floppy disks. Somehow, Blair managed to deflect Max’s suspicions by producing a legal document taking full blame for Max passing himself off as Asa’s son. Now, I’m no lawyer but would such a document be legally binding? It’s all highly implausible to say the least but seemed to make Max happy and the two repaired to the bedroom to seal the deal. Maybe Blair should think about forgiving Max in earnest, since he’s the only person she seems able to con.

Back at the galley, Bo and Lindsay hashed out the baby situation. Bo decided to blame himself and grant Lindsay complete absolution, and Lindsay milked his change of heart for all it was worth. Bo told Lindsay, "I have a lot to make up for." Lindsay acted all calm and reasonable, and she and Bo agreed to "help each other" by starting over as friends (because that’s all Bo could handle right now). This is Lindsay’s best shot for another chance with Bo, and she’s trying not to blow it. Still, she couldn’t resist pushing for more by asking "What’s the next step?"

Bo asked for Lindsay’s forgiveness, and Lindsay asked for his. But the problem with Lindsay is that you have to forgive her over and over and over again. Lindsay told Bo she wanted to "honor Nora" – Bull! Alone later, she dropped the act and admitted to herself she wanted to make Nora a "distant memory" for Bo. Now that’s the Lindsay I know (and enjoy).

As (somewhat) nauseating as the Bo/Lindsay reunion was, I was happy to see Bo finally acknowledge his bad habit of shutting down emotionally and walking away when the going gets tough.

After the chat with Lindsay, Bo returned to the crash site and spoke to Nora, telling her he forgave her and asking, "Where do I go from here?" Guess who Bo ran into? Melanie. Bo told her about Nora (obliquely) and she explained that she was also looking for someone (Colin). To me, the only good part about Bo and Melanie’s little fling will be watching Lindsay’s reaction. Hee hee.

Lindsay stopped by Nora’s later with some baked goods (isn’t she an angel?) and found Bo. Now that she’s got Bo in her sights again, Lindsay is just as sweet and mellow as can be – it’s sickening! It wasn’t long before she had Bo holding Matthew on his lap and pretty soon her wheels started spinning. With Nora out of the picture, Matthew can be revealed as Bo’s son, and Lindsay, Bo, and Matthew will become an instant family. It would be the ultimate revenge against Nora for Lindsay to steal both her men. I guess the damage to Sam doesn’t bother Lindsay one bit.

Typical Lindsay, Nora was barely "cold" when she burst into Asa’s office offering him a deal: Drop the charges against Will and
I’ll deliver Bo and a grandson. I hope Lindsay chokes on the news that Nora is alive!

And speaking of Nora’s miraculous resurrection, how long till that cat is out of the bag? My guess is we’re due for maybe another week of near misses. Already Rae, John, and Sophia have almost discovered the truth that Nora is alive.

Jess continued to keep a tight lip and refused to divulge Will’s whereabouts to either Ben or Sam. She and Cris headed for the cabin only to be confronted by a couple of LPD officers. Newly clever Cris snowed the fuzz with a story about he and Jess sneaking off to the cabin to be together. The cops seemed to buy it but still wanted to look around. In true LPD tradition, they did a less than thorough search (Will was hidden in the closet), then split. Jess was alarmed by Will condition, but Cris said they couldn’t risk taking him to a hospital (hey, maybe clever Cris is hoping Will expires!). HELLO? Does anyone remember Ben? Will’s uncle? The doctor? Ben can keep secret. After all, he’s an ex-mob guy who’s not too particular when it comes to breaking the law.

Will slipped into unconsciousness and encountered Nora in a hazy mist of pink light. Nora told him to "go back," but Will wanted her to return as well. Finally, Jess got through to Will and he woke up. He told them about seeing Nora and asked Jess to "get Lainie" (Melanie) to help. Amazingly, Jess knew exactly who he was talking about and dashed off to Cherryvale.

Melanie agreed to help and came back to the cabin with Jess. She tried to convince Will to go to the hospital, but he wouldn’t budge (idiot!), so she took a chance on treating him at the cabin.

The next morning, Will was still unconscious. Melanie wanted to take him to the hospital, but Jessica again willed him awake. Melanie sent Jess and Cris outside and tried to convince Will to turn himself in, but Will refused. Will caught a glimpse of Jess laying her head on Cristian’s shoulder. Oh so what!

IMO, OLTL really needs to wrap up this Will stuff and fast. I’m bored with it, and I don’t think it’s driving good story anymore. The time is past – long past – for a resolution.

While Sam was driving around looking for Nora (as we found out later, visiting hospitals, talking to rescue workers and reporters on the scene), Will was having his otherworldly encounter with Nora and, for a moment, Sam could no longer "feel" Nora. (no mention of whether or not he can "feel" Will). Back at the crash site, Nora was being worked on by someone with medical experience (Colin), who brought her back with a Pulp Fiction-style injection to the chest. Cool!

Soon, Nora was in Cherryvale being treated for her injuries. Everyone marveled at her survival and wondered who she was (don’t they have a list of the missing?). Colin seemed quite taken with his newest patient and dubbed her "Scarlet." Does this mean Nora might eventually be torn between three men?

When Sam returned home (to Nora’s place) the next day, Bo was waiting for him. In a nice way, Bo asked Sam not to impose his belief that Nora is alive on Rachel because he didn’t think she could handle it. Sensitive Sam complied. Bo also told Sam that Nora’s last words were about Lindsay and asked Sam to cut Lindsay some slack (Sam had told Rachel not to leave Matthew with Lindsay). Sam urged Bo to do the same.

Determined to help her daughter, Viki tried to talk some sense into Asa. She found him toasting Nora’s memory (!) and promptly lit into to him for shattering Jessica’s faith in him. Viki didn’t sugarcoat her feelings and told Asa he had, "spit on the last piece of childish innocence she (Jess) had left." She begged him to make things right, but Asa still doesn’t get it. Instead of confessing his sins against Will, Asa offered to build a new hospital wing in Nora’s name to house the Megan Foundation. Viki told him he couldn’t buy off Jessica or buy back her love, then left in disgust.

Rae broke to the news about Nora to a still hospitalized John. He felt guilty and made a big fuss about cooling his heels at the clinic so mommy Rae got the doctor to give him the okay to leave. No offense to this couple’s fan base, but their cutsey-kooky routine just ain’t Midge’s teacup.


It’s official. Todd Manning will be back in Llanview soon and for a lot more than 20 minutes. He begins work on May 27 and his first airdate is June 16. The possibilities are endless. I hope they start by reconnecting Todd with his family: Starr and Viki. And I hope he gets the Sun back – I like Kelly, but she’s turned that paper into the Sominex Gazette -- zzzzzz

I popped into AMC for just a bit this week and caught Skye at Stuart’s memorial. Sad to say I wasn’t the least bit tempted to resume viewing. And what happened to everyone’s hair? Tad had a weird too dark dye job (when what he needs is a ruthless trim), Haley’s light brown color with blonde chunks looked really me, and shame on whoever saddled beautiful Dixie with that blowsy perm-and-highlight number!

I just hope Lindsay realizes that Bo is in such a forgiving mood thanks to Nora!

Bo doesn’t seem upset enough over Nora and that bothers me.

Rae needs to get her facts straight before she starts raving about John’s integrity. He may be a straight-arrow now, but his past is pretty murky. Ask Barbara Graham. Ask Senator Graham. Ask Dorian. Ask R.J.

The Nora/Will going for the light thing didn’t really work, IMO.

Nora looked very realistically banged up and puffy. Ouch.

I really got the sniffles when Rachel was holding Matthew and looking at old photo albums with Bo and Hank. The scenes between Rachel and Sam and Bo were very touching.

Rachel referred to Sam as Nora’s "good friend." Interesting.

Nora’s reputation is improving with every passing day that people assume she’s dead. What’s next? A Nora statute next to Luna’s in Angel Square?

The show got Colin shirtless in record time!

Sam and Viki have a nice vibe together – I wonder…

Seems like a innocent flirtation has begun between Cristian and Blair. If Cris is smart, he’ll let Jess see Blair’s "interest."

Props to the prop dept. for whipping up those Rachel/Nora framed photos ASAP.

That picture of Stuart in the newspaper wasn’t quite right: both of his collar points were tucked into his sweater, and we all know Stuart always has one point jauntily exposed!

So how come Rae told John she’s adopted, but didn’t tell him she’d found her mother, Myrtle Fargate?

Why couldn’t the rescue workers find Nora if she was still at the crash site? Did the explosion blow her to another county?

My initial impressions of Colin are positive. I like the fact that he’s supposed to be a bit of a stinker (according to the soap mags), plus he looks a bit like Jon Stewart of The Daily Show.

If they’re setting up a feud between Jared and R.J., they’d better give Jared some more spark and character or it’s gonna be a terribly lopsided conflict.

Till next week!



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