One Life to Love

April 17-21 2000

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OMIGOD! Tuesday’s episode absolutely ROCKED! A major, major swerve and I never saw it coming! Will’s dilemma remained pretty much front and center all week but other stories moved forward as well.

First let’s tie up some loose ends from last week. When Nora found Lindsay back home (Nora’s home) with Matthew, she freaked. She accused Lindsay of plotting to her hurt by taking Matthew. Question: Was Nora over-reacting? I think so. Yes, Lindsay had some crazy idea about telling Bo the truth (isn’t that what Nora always wants to do?), but she never intended to “steal” Matthew, and she only sweated Nora and Sam after she found out they had assumed the worst.

Eventually, Nora calmed down and apologized. Lindsay spun a plausible tale (about 90% true) about how she had run into Marianne in the park (true), offered to take Matthew as a favor (initially true), had a flat tire (true), and then couldn’t call because her cell phone didn’t work (false!). Things were almost back to normal when Lindsay’s cell phone rang -- busted! She made some excuse about having been in a no service zone, but Sam wasn’t buying it.

Sam played it cool until he got Lindsay alone and then read her the riot act. Which is generally not the best tactic with Lindsay. In fact, it’s tantamount to throwing gasoline on a smoldering match.

Over at Crossroads, Blair continued to lay it on thick with Ben, even telling him “You’re probably my best friend,” and moving in for a “friendly” hug. Honestly, Blair is about as subtle as a Mack truck! Still, her play for Ben is having at least one desired effect: it’s burning Max royally.

In fact, Max is getting so steamed at Blair, that Skye is beginning to look good to him. Skye offered Max a deal: She’ll help reunite Ben and Viki (thus spiking Blair’s guns), if Max will give her another chance. I think it would serve Max right if Ben did take up with Blair!

Back at Cherryvale, Kelly and Joey had just dropped their bombshell: We’re married. Viki and Kevin were surprised, but quickly recovered. Viki has one helluva poker face. Even though she’d just counseled Kevin to follow his heart, she was still able to congratulate the newlyweds with apparent sincerity. Kevin had a harder time of it, but managed to pull himself together. Only Jess (in blissful ignorance of the emotions seething beneath the surface) was unabashedly pleased for the “happy” couple.

Question: Can Kevin and Kelly keep their mitts off each other? Doubtful. Look at Kevin’s track record. He’s never taken his own marital vows seriously, so why would he respect someone else’s? He sure didn’t respect Cassie’s. As for Kelly, she has a history of impulsive romantic decisions, so she’s not exactly the poster girl for marital stability. This Kelly/Joey thing has become painful. Joey is so gaga over Kelly, while Kelly runs around with this sick look on her face, like she ate bad shellfish.

Poor Joey! He’s such a sweetheart, festooning the carriage house with flowers, making plans for their dream house, all the while his new wife can’t keep her mind off his brother. Even post-marriage, Kelly and Kevin continued to make minimal effort to dose the flame. If it’s not furtive touches, it’s lingering glances – take a cold shower already!

In fact, it wasn’t long before Kelly showed up at the Banner on some ultra-lame pretext just to see Kevin (who to his credit sent her away). Then she asked Viki if she should tell the truth to Joey. Viki pretty much told her to keep lying, as the truth can sometimes be too painful to share. Horrible advice!

On the evening before his court date, Will had a nice chat with Nora about what lies in store for him at the minimum-security facility and FINALLY, someone mentioned Rachel and her experience in the clink!

On Tuesday, Will showed up in court all fresh-faced, nice, and shiny in his suit and tie. Sam ran down the procedure for the umpteenth time, everyone felt good, confident, and ready to proceed. At first, everything went according to plan: Will copped his plea, Hank made his recommendation, the only unexpected moment came when Will made a speech (Sam had told him not to address the court) -- a suitably chastened apology and a sincere promise to make amends. Then the judge spoke. He told the court he had reviewed all the documentation and listened to all interested parties. Then he affirmed his right to ultimate discretion over sentencing and gave Will SEVEN YEARS IN STATESVILLE!

All hell broke lose. Sam completely lost it and accused the judge of being in Asa’s pocket. Naturally, the judge gave him a contempt citation and soon Sam was cooling his heels in lockup. Hank addressed the court in the strongest possible terms, practically begging the judge not to undermine the credibility of his office by disregarding the plea agreement. No dice, said the mean old judge. He told Hank he wanted no part of any “backroom deals” between him and his ex-wife. Jess told the judge that her grandfather had set Will up, but the judge said the courtroom was no place for rumor and gossip. He was just about to remand Will to custody when Nora came through with an impassioned plea for time so that Will could put his affairs in order. Grudgingly, the judge gave him 12 hours.

Max sat smugly in the courtroom smirking at Will’s reversal of fortune. Max is just getting better and better with his heel turn as Asa, Jr. What a rat! Ben accused him of buying off the judge and told him to watch his back.

Roseanne also was in court and Jess blasted her: “You make me sick!” Roseanne tried to apologize to Will who told her, “I’m going to prison and you’ve got a ring on your finger and nothing else. So we’re both paying, Roseanne, both of us.”

Nora kicked into overdrive and filed like a zillion legal documents, but the situation looked bad and Lindsay’s knew it. She told Sam: “I just lost a child, I am not losing another one.” Then she approached Ben with a plan to get Will out of the country with a new identity and lots of cash. Frankly, I think Lindsay’s plan had some merit.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), Nora got wind of it and gave Lindsay a reality check about what life on the lam would mean for Will. Then Will showed up and told his mother, “I’m not running from this.” Somehow, Lindsay seemed to blame Will’s decision on Nora and told her to stop meddling and interfering in her life. Nora brushed her off and held a press conference hoping to put public pressure on the judge. Then she put in an urgent call to Bo – with Lindsay in earshot of course!

After the verdict went down, Cris and Jess went to Asa’s looking for something to help Will. Soon nasty old Max showed up and told them to beat it. Jess gave Max a pretty forceful tongue-lashing. Then Max started spewing the same old Asa crap about family loyalty. He even called Jess a “loser” and Cris “flan boy.” Blair stuck up for Jess and Cris. Then Cris sent Jess away (to be with Will) and stayed behind eves dropping. Sure enough, he overheard Max gloating on the phone to Asa. But before he could learn more, Max discovered him and threatened to call the cops. Blair told Max Cris was her “guest” and started getting pretty handsy. That drove Max nuts and he and Blair started one of their “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe” routines. Max left to see Skye while Cris and Blair continued snooping till Renee showed up. Both of them pressured Renee to reveal Asa’s whereabouts. Finally, Cris got to her.

Will tried to hang tough but pretty soon frightening visions of Statesville played in his head (manhandled by a posse of hardcore cons – hee hee). Not a pretty picture. Will was putting on a brave front for his parents and Jessica, but this was a horrible blow. Alone with his father, Will said, “We lost. Asa won. It’s over.” Sam urged him to keep the faith.

Finally, Will went off to find Jess. At the lodge (their place), he started crying. Jess tried to comfort Will, but Will told her he’d accepted his fate and she should do the same. He told her he didn’t want her visiting Statesville or putting her life on hold for him in any way. Jess said she couldn’t promise that. Then she urged Will to take advantage of the time left. They went outside to commune with nature and pretty soon, Jess asked Will to make love to her.

Will asked Jess if her request had to do with his jail sentence (of course it did!). She denied it, but when he asked if she’d made a choice between him and Cris, she couldn’t answer. She told him she was still confused about her feelings. So they agreed not to have sex (what a relief!). Cris called and told Jessica he had found Asa and to meet him at the airport. Jessica is on her way to talk to Asa.

After leaving Blair with Cris, Max came pretty close to having sex with Skye as pay back, but couldn’t do it because he still loves Blair (funny, that didn’t stop him before). Skye was disappointed but told Max she wanted him to be happy. At least, Max is starting to be honest with Skye.

At the gallery, Lindsay was trying desperately to reach the governor and having little success. Then Bo showed up and said Judge Simmons was an old crony of Asa’s and he was going to meet with him to try to change his mind.

Across town, Melanie showed up at the Banner because she was worried about Viki (huh?). The real reason she was there was to spot a photo of Lindsay on a layout and ask where she could find her. Kevin directed her to the gallery – where Bo just happens to be at the moment!

Mid-week, Viki returned home from Cherryvale. Her first visitor was Skye. Kevin, Kelly, and Joey tried to send her away, but when Viki heard she had news about Ben, she asked Skye to stay. Skye told Viki that Ben really loved her and was drifting aimlessly without her, and on and on and on. Viki was suspicious: What do you care? Why are you doing this? Then Skye noticed Viki’s apparent immobility (she was sitting rather stiffly on the sofa and made no move to get up during the visit), and she got suspicious right back. Busily working both sides of the room, Skye’s next stop was to see Ben to tell him that Viki was in trouble. Ben took off like a shot.

Ben arrived at Llanfair and asked Viki if she was okay. Viki played it cool, but soon Ben noticed she was glued to the sofa. Ben realized that he really had seen Viki at Cherryvale and demanded the truth. Come on, Viki! Are these barriers really necessary? Telling Ben the truth doesn’t mean you have to get back together. Don’t you owe him an honest answer? Wouldn’t you want the same yourself if the situations were reversed? Remember when Sloane tried to shield Viki from the truth of his illness and push her in Clint’s direction?

Ben and Viki seemed to be getting closer. Ben again asked Viki for the truth, but she just couldn’t bring herself to tell him about the cancer. Then he started feeling guilty about the big secret he’s been keeping from her (his real parentage). Ultimately, they left things at an impasse, though both of them said, “I love you.” It’s a start.

One of these week’s big themes was Self-Sacrifice – and how stupid it is! There was a veritable orgy of self-sacrifice going on: Viki doesn’t want to burden Ben with her illness; Will doesn’t want to burden Jessica with his legal problems; and Kelly doesn’t want to hurt Joey by fessing up to her attraction to Kevin – HOGWASH! All of these characters are simply avoiding a painful reality -- deal with it, people!.


I loved it when Blair told Cris: “Max is gonna be on all fours crawling and begging before I get through with him.” That’s the Blair I know and LOVE!

Excuse me, but Clint did NOT leave Llanview because of Asa!

Kind of an interesting scene between Blair and Cris. I always like it when characters that rarely interact have scenes together. When’s the last time Renee had a chat with R.J.?

Poor Sam! Poor Will! Their jailhouse embrace was truly touching.

Shouldn’t Lindsay and Ben have hashed out the details of Will’s planned getaway at a more discreet location than the courthouse? And how about asking Will what he thought of the idea?

Professionally, Sam and Nora are back in sync which just might pave the way for a more personal form of teamwork.

Lindsay was very moving in her scenes with Bo on Friday and he was very tender with her – is there hope?

Sophia may be grief-stricken, but she was still able to give Blair the major fisheye.

There are lots of gorgeous gals (and guys) on this show, but Robin Christopher (Skye) is truly breath taking! But she got some stiff competition on Friday from Blair who was stunning in a slinky skintight top and pants combo – the perfect outfit to taunt Max in!

Kelly’s wild print top was really more of a Blair look.

Sam has a history with Blair, I wonder what advice he’ll give Ben about her.

Nigel needs a raise with all the stuff he’s had to put up with lately!

I like Ben so much better when he’s nice to Sophia.

Well, come on, Ben! You’re always talking a good game, why don’t you finally make good on your threats. I’d love to see him rip Max apart!

Skye acted all modest by putting on her robe when Kevin came to her room, but she never bothered to close it during his whole visit!

Folks sure are quick to reach for the booze lately at Buke Manor.

I like that the writers are giving Cris more to do. David Fumero has improved greatly and is handling these scenes very well. He did a great job of appealing to Renee’s conscience (telling her Will’s sentence will break Jessica’s heart), as well as her worldly knowledge (reminding her about what happens to young guys like Will in prison).

Can you believe Kelly! She spends more time at the Banner than the Sun – and it has nothing to do with Joey!

Tuesday was just a fantastic episode – well-written, tightly edited, and full of surprises, emotion, and believable twists and turns. Bravo!

Till next week!



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