One Life to Love

March 20-24 2000

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This was a week of loss: Lindsay lost her baby, Bo lost his cool – big time – and just may lose his job, Carlotta almost lost the diner, Jessica lost her faith in her grandfather, and Viki prepared for surgery.

Kevin ran into Skye at an AA meeting. Skye spoke to the group about her personal problems, likening her relationship to Max to her addiction to booze -- both providing an illusory high. Skye is hung over alright, but it ain’t from alcohol, “I’m a fool, but I’m a sober fool.” She’s got a love hangover this time around. After the meeting, Kevin urged Skye to put herself first and refuse Blair’s leftovers. Darn good advice.

Then Skye stopped by the hospital to see Asa. Renee tried to get rid of her, but Asa overruled his wife. That’s when Renee found out Asa had been encouraging Skye to go after Max. Disgusted with her husband’s interfering ways, she told him “You and I gonna talk -- later.” Poor Renee, doesn’t she realize Asa will never change?

A defeated Skye was willing to throw in the towel, but after Asa gave her a pep talk, she decided to stay in the game and try to win Max over.

When Jessica visited Asa in the hospital, the old man was in such a froth over the Rappa-Davidsons that he let slip his real hatred for Will. When Jessica confronted him again about Will’s legal problems, Asa lied once more, but this time, Jessica realized he was lying.

Desperate to track down Blair, Max showed up at the carriage house. Kelly got in a few good verbal licks before Joey slammed the door in Max’s face. Eventually Max found Blair over at Sam’s having a cozy tête-à-tête with Ben. Before Max arrived, Blair had tried her best to convince Ben to team up with her to expose Max, but Ben prefers to keep his Buchanan identity a secret. However, Blair did agreed to help get Will off the hook.

The next morning at the mansion, Max tried to make light of their rift. Blair played it cool at first, ordering Max to fill her coffee cup and hand her the paper, but when Max tried to get close, she snapped, “If you touch me, I’ll break your hand.” Blair is doing an excellent job keeping Max off-balance. He’s not sure what she might do but knows he’d better watch his

Blair surprised Max by telling him she has no intention of moving out and that she’s quite comfortable where she’s at, thank you. She also told him their marriage is over.

Back at Rodi’s, Bo continued to wail on R.J. who wisely took the blows and didn’t fight back. Finally, Bo’s fellow cops pulled him off, but the damage was done. R.J. triumphantly bragged to Bo “I’m gonna own you and own the whole department.” Suddenly, all the cops started making up stories in defense of Bo. R.J. responded by saying he has a room
full of witnesses, but only Roseanne had to guts to come forward. All the cops told R.J. “we didn’t see anything.” Yessiree, it’s the “Blue Wall of Silence.”

But R.J.’s words hit Bo hard. He knows he lost control and crossed the line. Angry with himself, Bo hurled his cell phone against the wall (just as Sam was trying to call him from the hospital) and took off on his motorcycle, hoping to ride off some of his pent-up anger and frustration.

Later in the week, a bruised and battered R.J. showed up at Hank’s office talking about pressing charges against Bo. Not surprisingly, Hank had little sympathy for his brother and asked R.J. to give Bo a break – something R.J. was not inclined to do (and I don’t blame him!)

Meanwhile, Bo’s road trip took him to a small roadside diner. There he conveniently ran across an old cop just days from retirement. The two badge brothers had a little heart-to-heart about the pressures of the job and what to do when you lose control. Bo was just about to call Hank when there was a crash outside. In walked a pretty blonde asking who
owned what used to be a motorcycle.

If Bo was in bad shape, his ex-fiancée was doing even worse. Doubled over in pain, Lindsay refused to let Nora help her. Then Will arrived and rushed his mother to the hospital. Nora called Sam to meet her there. But it was too late, Lindsay had miscarried. This may be the final nail in the coffin for Nora and Bo.

After losing the baby, an exhausted and sedated Lindsay had a touching fantasy about Bo and the baby. Sad.

The morning after her miscarriage, Lindsay awoke to blissful ignorance, still believing she was pregnant. Bravely, Will shouldered the burden of telling his mother she’d lost the baby. Poor Lindsay. Now that the baby is gone, she has one goal in mind: revenge on Nora.

Nora felt guilty (as well she should!). Sam found her brooding by the docks and (surprisingly) reassured her, telling her “it’s not your fault.” From a medical standpoint, Nora didn’t cause Lindsay’s miscarriage, but morally, she does bear some responsibility. Still, I was happy to see Sam sticking up for Nora again. Sam confessed to Nora that he had known
about the pregnancy even before the wedding. Nora was shocked but realized she’s in no position to judge. This is the closest Nora and Sam have been in a very long time.

As Lindsay was leaving the hospital, she ran into Andrew. She told him about the miscarriage and said she blamed Nora. Andrew did his best to counsel forgiveness, but that’s not exactly Lindsay’s strong suit. Then Lindsay ran into Asa and gave him what for – good girl!

Speaking of Will, he almost caught a break this week. Blair summoned Mr. Van Dyke from the Kaman Islands, but Sam had a devil of a time getting a warrant. Blair did her best to stall the guy. Unfortunately, Skye showed up, smelled a rat, and ratted to Asa and Max.

Finally, the cops showed up at the mansion to bring in Van Dyke as a material witness, but Skye had spirited him away. Then Max started to tussle with Blair and Sam and Ben stepped in. Suddenly, Asa showed up. Believing that Ben was hurting Max, he whacked Ben in the head with his cane! That’s gotta hurt!

This week brought more angst for the perennially troubled Vega family. Seems a problem with the mortgage could cause Carlotta to lose the diner. Roseanne showed up (how convenient) and offered a loan, which was promptly (and quite rudely) rejected by Antonio and Cris. Gee, guess who’s behind the whole foreclosure scheme? Of course it’s a bit
of a leap watching a newly business savvy Roseanne wheeling and dealing like a mini Alexis Carrington, but it sure is fun!

Caught off guard, Antonio and Cris then tried to plead with, guilt trip, and threaten Roseanne, but she wouldn’t budge. After Cris failed to get a loan from Asa, he grudgingly agreed to Roseanne’s terms: She’ll call off the foreclosure, if he calls off the annulment and moves back in.

As much as I’m enjoying this new large-and-in-charge Roseanne, I don’t think much of her latest scheme. I realize she’s desperate, but does Roseanne think threatening Cristian’s mother is going to arouse his love?

Well, it looks like Kelly has (finally) decided to focus her attention on her fiancée. Too bad Sophia saw that “innocent” kiss at Crossroads. At Rodi’s, Kevin, Kelly and Joey were having dinner and commiserating over Viki. A few tables away, Sophia (with John Sykes) was glaring daggers at Kelly and Kevin. John warned her (nicely) to butt out and get a life, but
Sophia couldn’t control herself. Once again, she tried to convince Joey that his fiancé and his brother are up to no good. This time, Joey had had enough. Already upset about his mother, Joey he stood on a chair and publicly denounced poor Sophia. Upset that Joey wouldn’t believe her, Sophia snagged some surveillance equipment from the LPD to prove her point. Uh oh.

Maybe Sophia should mind her own business, but if you ask me, Kelly and Kevin aren’t trying all that hard to squelch their feelings. And doesn’t Joey deserve more than just Kelly’s pity?

But everything else this week took a back seat to Wednesday’s very special episode dealing entirely with Viki’s preparations -- mental, emotional, and physical --for her surgery.

The day began with Viki wondering how she could face the coming ordeal without Ben. And in response to her need, Ben appeared several times throughout the episode, both in person and as an illusion, a kind of guardian angel for Viki to confide in.

Viki informed her children that today would be lived like any other day. She would go to work, run errands, and take care of various social and professional obligations.

At a Banner staff meaning, Viki thanked everyone for their support and then announced she would be stepping down temporarily to work on a special project. All day-to-day operations are now Kevin’s responsibility.

Noticing her continued awkwardness around Kevin and seeking to put Kelly at ease, Viki asked to speak with her. Kelly affirmed her love for Joey and promised Viki that the situation with Kevin is in the past. Yeah, sure.

Next, Viki stopped by the hospital to see Asa. Naturally, her ex-father-in-law was his usual churlish self, but when Viki said she was glad to see his recovery and gave him a peck on the cheek, Asa looked pleased. Although Asa has never really “liked” Viki, he’s always respected her and been secretly proud of her connection to his family.

After leaving Asa, Viki ran into Andrew. Looking a bit dazed, Viki told him, “For a moment, I saw Sloane in your face.” They discussed Sloane and how he had coped with his illness. Viki explained that it was sometimes very hard to ask for help. When Andrew encouraged her, she told him about the cancer but said she wasn’t able to discuss it yet. Andrew assured her she would find the strength.

I was so glad they brought WK back for this episode. Andrew is a very important presence in Llanview and provides a compassionate and caring moral compass. Andrew promised to pray for Viki (his “specialty”) and stop by Llanfair while she’s away to check on her children.

Then Viki saw a cancer patient in the hallway who was preparing to go home with her family. Meeting Viki’s eyes, the woman seems to intuit the situation and assured Viki that “life goes on.”

Back home, Viki received a letter from Dorian offering support and encouragement (nice touch!). Kevin, Jess, and Joey were working so hard to keep things light and put on a brave front that the effort became strained. And when Viki tried to go over important papers with Kevin (wills, insurance, trusts), she lost her composure and broke down, letting out her anger, frustration, and pain (did I detect a note of “Tommy” in her raging cry of “no!”?).

Alone, Viki prayed for courage and kindness and life.

At Cherryvale, after her children left, Viki unpacked their surprise package: a funny photo of Jess, Kevin and Joey wearing novelty Groucho Marx glasses. Then she sat on the edge of her bed in her surgical garb, looked in the mirror, and recited the words to “I Will Survive,“ softly to herself.

Truly a wonderful episode. Certainly not 100% flawless, there were perhaps some too obvious elements, but overall, and especially in those moments of quiet reflection, it was tremendously moving.

One of the most touching effects was the series of “snapshots” freeze frame “photos” of her children that Viki “took” throughout the day to remember and sustain her.


The Penthouse seems destined to house only sexless unions. Maybe Roseanne and Cris should move for better romance Feng Shui?

LOL at Nigel twitting Blair about what went on in the tack room.

Antonio has way too much attitude! He keeps thinking he can play Roseanne. Midge thinks he’s out of his league. And I was disgusted with him for siding with the cops over R.J. Don’t right and wrong matter anymore?

I declare, the next woman in Llanview who gets pregnant had better carry a healthy baby to term or they’ll be no one to populate the next generation!

I loved the scene where Asa taunted Will in the hospital and Will gave as good as he got.

Sam was very tender with Lindsay at the hospital -- he makes a great ex-husband.

It’s taken me a long time to fully accept Tim Gibbs’s interpretation of Kevin. And while I’ll always miss Kevin Stapleton, I have to admit that Gibbs has been exceptional these past weeks with Viki.

How can Max even think that Blair’s one night of rough treatment equals his months and months of infidelity and lies.

I’m relieved Will’s not blaming Nora for his mother’s miscarriage.

I love Asa’s starchy nurse! Renee should hire her full time!

It was hypocritical of Cris to ask Asa for a loan now that he’s in Will’s camp.

Love Sam’s new close-cropped ‘do!

Does John really think Sophia is cop material?

I’m getting tired of worrying about Will and this embezzlement charge – let’s wrap things up, ok?

Isn’t what Roseanne doing blackmail? Why don’t Antonio and Cris wear a wire and trip her up that way?

Were we supposed to like the “kindly old cop” Bo was chatting with at that diner? I couldn’t get over the way he was sexually harassing the waitress!

OLTL better handle this situation between R.J. and Bo with care. Police brutality is a serious issue and from where I sit, Bo was completely out of line.

Wouldn’t it be better if Kevin actually joined the AA meeting instead of peeping in from around a corner?

Asa seems to have gone off the deep end in his hatred of Ben.

Now that Skye and Blair actually have something “real” to fight about, their feline animus finally works.

Now that Dorian is gone, I never miss a hotline for my Robin Strasser fix. Did you know she watched the Oscars at Susan Haskell and Thorsten Kaye’s house (Marty and Patrick)?

Gee Antonio, what’s with the euphemisms? Just tell Cris not to have sex with Roseanne while they’re co-habitating.

It’s great to see the “old” Blair back in action, scamming and scheming and taking no prisoners. I love the fact that she’s in league with the Rappaports!

Till next week!



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