One Life to Love

March 20-24 2000

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This week, Max and Blair came apart at the seams while Viki and Ben were “this close” to reconciliation. But with everyone else in Llanview all over the map romantically, the newly reopened Crossroads was as good a place as any to contemplate a messed up love life over a cold one or two.

Continuing to ride a tidal wave of indiscretion, Skye popped into Asa’s hospital room to boast about breaking up Max and Blair. You can bet that news got a grin out of the old goat! But Renee overheard Skye and hauled her in the hallway for a major tongue-lashing. Renee blasted the home-wrecking hussy, calling her “a pathetic shell of a woman running around looking for handouts, a whipped she-dog with her tail between her legs whimpering for attention.” Wow!

Worried for Max, Renee dashed back to the mansion where Blair’s "Operation Payback” was in full swing. Looking like a Victoria’s Secret catalog come to life, Blair was plying her errant husband with “mega-bucks champagne” and working her feminine wiles. Renee burst in and asked to speak to Max privately. Then she gave sonny boy a heads-up about Skye blabbing to Blair about their affair, but egocentric Max assured Renee he could control his wife -- HA!

Back in the boudoir, Blair was laying it on thick, making a toast to “love and trust,” and being *extremely* affectionate. When Max playfully asked if this was all a trap, Blair just batted her lashes and acted sweet as pie. Post-lovemaking, Blair served Max another glass of bubbly -- suddenly the room was spinning. Max is gonna pay!

When Max came to in Asa’s tack room, he was buck naked and strapped to a table -- kinky! Blair was dressed in surgical scrubs and brandishing a hand drill. At one point, she even put a saddle on Max and hopped “on board!” (How did that get past Standards and Practices?) After threatening Max with some impromptu surgery to correct his “brain damage,” Blair told him she was onto his game and demanded the truth. Nervous Max tried to do some fast talking, but Blair wasn’t in a listening mood. Fed up with his lies and scams, Blair told Max she hated him and then pulled a gun. KdP did a great job of conveying Blair’s anger and anguish. Midge felt sorry for Blair and scared of her at the same time -- now that’s acting!

Ultimately, Blair decided to let Max live. She left him in the tack room trussed up like the turkey he is, headed back to the mansion, and poured herself a stiff drink. Then Skye showed up acting all faux conciliatory and encouraging Blair to be “adult” about the situation. That’s when Blair again pulled out her gun. When a scared Skye told Blair that shooting her wouldn’t change things, Blair responded: “It’ll change the fact that you’re breathing.” Just then, Max burst in (Nigel had discovered and untied him), grabbed the gun from Blair, and told Skye that Blair was his true love. Blair just looked disgusted and left. A confused Skye asked Max what was going on. He told her “I don’t love you, I don’t even like you.” Ouch.

Meanwhile, Blair made a bee line to Sam’s house, looking for a good lawyer who could help her expose Max as a fraud. Ben was there and seemed very nervous that Blair would reveal his secret.

Despite Viki’s request and their own best intentions, Joey, Jess, and Kevin couldn’t stop hovering over Viki like a trio of chicks turned mother hens. The final straw came when Joey walked in loaded down with fresh vegetables and vitamin supplements. “You are driving me out of my mind,” Viki told her kids gently but firmly. Once more, she beseeched her children to live their lives and allow her to live hers without treating her as a victim or martyr.

When Joey told Kelly about his mother’s cancer, she realized why Kevin had been pushing her away. Midge wonders how Kelly can live with herself. I mean, she sees how much Joey trusts her and needs her, especially given Viki’s illness, but she still can’t stay away from Kevin. Now that she knows Kevin still has feelings for her, Kelly is all happy again. At Crossroads, she followed Kevin outside to tell him she wants to be there for Joey and they should try to be friends again. Then she gave him a friendly peck on the cheek (which Sophia saw and possibly misunderstood).

Hank offered Sam a deal for Will: Plead to a reduced charge in exchange for a five-year sentence. Sam said no dice. I agree that five years seems stiff, but Sam seems to forget that Will did embezzle money. Hank said he’d leave the offer on the table for 24 hours, then Sam and Bo got into it. Sam accused Bo of wanting to hold onto Nora, but Bo refused to discuss his most recent ex-wife with Sam. Seems like that’s a taboo subject for Bo.

Meanwhile, Truth Crusader Nora Buchanan paid a visit to Lindsay at the galley and seemed surprised at Lindsay’s less-than-hospitable reaction: Get out! I don’t blame Lindsay one bit for being fed up with Nora. Her pregnancy is none of Nora’s business.

Later, Viki stopped by Nora’s and they both “unofficially” acknowledged Viki’s condition but agreed not to discuss it openly. Nora admitted she’s jealous that Lindsay is having Bo’s child. Viki asked: “Is it Bo’s child you want or is it Bo?” Good question!

After Viki left, Nora decided to psych up for her little chat with Bo. She was right in the middle of rehearsing her “Lindsay’s pregnant” speech when Sam walked in. Sam seemed to think Nora was rehearsing some kind of romantic declaration to her ex. When Nora tried to explain, Sam acted chilly, though he warmed up a notch when Nora told him he was never second choice and assured him she was doing everything she could to fix what’s wrong between them.

Determined to tell Bo about the baby, Nora stopped by his office, but Bo wasn’t there, so she left a note for him to call her. Then Hank walked in and warned Nora that Bo was close to the edge. Conflicted about the right course of action, Nora ripped up the note, just then Bo arrived.

Once again, Nora tried to tell Bo about Lindsay’s pregnancy, but Bo was fed up with the whole situation. He accused Nora of trying to make a play for him, so then Nora got mad and stalked off without telling him anything. Bo is really crabby these days!

Over at Crossroads, Lindsay delivered some photographs (for the decor) and promptly turned green at the sight of some oyster hors d’oeuvres and lost her lunch (lovely!). Defrocked doc Ben made a speedy diagnosis: You’re pregnant with Bo’s child. Just then Bo walked in!

Bo was cordial to Lindsay, but quickly butted heads with Ben, warning him: “Stay away from my father or you’re gonna deal with his son.” Oh yes, the irony is flying fast and furious these days. Ben told Bo not to worry and said he wouldn’t waste his time on Asa, but when Bo pressed the issue, Ben told him to go to hell. Is that any way to talk to your big brother?

Bo stopped by to see Asa and, for a moment, both men let down their guard and let some warmth and affection shine through. But they were soon back at loggerheads. When Asa said he’d had a dream that Ben was going to kill Max, Bo tried once more to make his father see the futility of his feud with the Rappaports. Of course, Asa again accused Bo of being disloyal and started singing Max’s praises. When Bo told Asa that Max was nothing but a yes man, Asa made a cruel comment about Bo not knowing what it means to have a son. That’s hitting below the belt!

Back at Crossroads, Lindsay started cramping and Will drove her to the E.R. After a sonogram, the doctor told her the baby was fine, but she needed to rest and relax. But when Will admitted he knew about the baby and Nora did too, Lindsay freaked and rushed off to find Bo.

Back home, Nora had a visit from Sam and as she watched his loving interaction with Matthew, she resolved again to tell Bo about Lindsay’s pregnancy. Jeepers, Nora, just spit it out!

Upset with his father, Bo went home to unwind. As he listened to some golden oldies, he read a postcard from Clint that made reference to Nora’s current availability (frown), then some photos arrived of his almost-wedding to Lindsay (more frowns). Disgusted, Bo left (to get a pizza), and when he returned, there stood Nora. Bo was not happy to see her. Bo glared at Nora, dropped the pizza box, and stormed out, almost running over Lindsay in the process. Then Nora and Lindsay had it out. Lindsay became hysterical and grabbed her abdomen in pain.

Bo ended up at Rodi’s where it was apparently testosterone night. Antonio, R.J., and Sykes started up the “who’s a bigger macho jerk” competition and when Bo arrived, he joined right in. He started hassling R.J. about coming to a “cop hangout,” then when R.J. taunted Bo about his messed up love life, calling him “King Loser”, Bo went off and started beating R.J. Police brutality!

Over at Crossroads, Viki showed up in a low-cut gown (by Viki standards, still tasteful). She wanted one more night of feeling womanly and attractive and whole. Naturally, Ben was thrilled to see her, “You look beautiful.”

Ben gave it his best shot. He begged Blondie for another chance, he swore his quest for vengeance was a thing of the past, he even proposed again, telling Viki “We have the rest of our lives together.” But a tearful Viki pulled away: “It’s a beautiful fairytale that can’t come true.”

Back at Llanfair, Jess discovered her mother cooking up a storm in preparation for her stay at the clinic. Jess and Viki had a nice other/daughter heart-to-heart about life and love. Then Cris showed up to talk to Jess. For the first time in a long time, Jess seemed happy to see him.


I find it a bit far-fetched to have Skye beaming her approval at Ben and Blondie!

So how come Will has never taken a polygraph?

LOL when Sophia playfully ribbed Ben about his resemblance to her other “grouchy boss” Bo.

The writers are dragging the Nora/Lindsay/pregnancy secret out too long. There have been many opportunities for Nora to share what she knows with Bo, so these constant interruptions are an irritating
and obvious plot device.

Of course Ben would interpret Viki’s appearance at Crossroads as a sign that there’s still a chance -- what did she think?

Ben had better start treating Sophia better! Call the barmaids union!

Looks like Jessica is *finally* starting to soften her hard line on both Will and Cris.

So where did those Lindsay/Bo “wedding” photos come from?

Skye is really a blabbermouth!

Sophia was a real trooper to apologize to Joey for “lying” about Kelly and Kevin.

How about Ben and Blair as a couple? They could swap anti-Asa’s stories. After all, both of them have left the old devil on the floor fighting for his life.

Was that really Viki drinking beer -- and from a bottle?

I don’t care if R.J. was taunting Bo, Bo was way out of line.

I wanted to see Hank’s reaction to Jared’s confession not just hear about it later! I really hate it when soaps “play” interesting scenes off-screen.

What’s holding Viki back? She wants Ben to love her for herself and not out of pity. Well, he knows nothing about her illness and he just proposed again -- what more proof does she need?

Blair looked very “Matrix” in her black leather pants, turtleneck sweater, and black leather trenchcoat.

Till next week!



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