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March 6-10 2000

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Lots of folks had a hurtin' on this week in Llanview -- from medical emergencies to devastating diagnoses to shattering identity crises to plain old broken hearts -- no wonder almost everyone ended up seeking refuge in the soothing waters of Serenity Springs by week's end.

There were strangely few reverberations following Todd's quickie return to Llanview and Tea's mysterious exit. Naturally, R.J. didn't take the news that Tea had apparently run off with Todd very well -- can you blame him? Frankly, I think Bo and Hank were a little too accepting of a version of events which may be true, but for which they have no evidence to support. After all, Todd left a note, Tea didn't. And as for there being no sign of struggle -- well, isn't Todd capable of drugging Tea or knocking her out and then straightening up the mess? Of course, that's not what we saw happen, but Bo is just about the last person to assume the best of Todd. I wonder how
open-ended the show intended this scenario to be? Hopefully, Tea will contact R.J. and Carlotta to explain what happened. She owes them that much.

I hope R.J. doesn't spend too much time brooding over Tea. Llanview still has plenty of available women: There's Skye (once she realizes Max has been playing her), Sophia (since John still seems stuck on Rae), and even old flame Nora is currently unattached -- interesting...

Back in the tack room, Asa was dying. I'm not sure if it was his innate decency or if he really believed what Max was telling him, but Ben decided to help Asa.

Later at the hospital standing over Asa's bed, Ben practically begged Max to tell him it was all a lie. Max obliged, hoping to salvage his shattered Buchanan identity.

Then Skye showed up and told Max she had "something" for him back at the Palace. No, not more hanky-panky, this time Skye was prepared to give up her tangible hold over Max (the adoption certificate) in the hope that an intangible hold (their "love") would endure. Just as Max and Skye were destroying the evidence, Ben burst in and grabbed a partially burnt document out of the trash. Reading it, his worst fears were confirmed. He is Asa Buchanan's son. Devastated by the news, Ben left with the evidence.

Then Skye urged Max to leave town with her before Asa discovered the truth, but Max refused.

Bo came to visit Asa at the hospital and, for a brief moment, father and son put their differences aside, but when Bo pressured his father to come clean about Will, Asa got mad and told Bo he was dead to him.

Later, Bo accused Max of being a fraud. For a minute, Max was sweating it, thinking that Bo knew the whole story. Suddenly, Asa’s condition worsened, and once he was stabilized, Larry said he needed a bypass to survive. Max gave a touching bedside speech to his "Paw." Major props to JdP for making cynical old Midge believe he does really does love Asa. It's not the easiest storyline to infuse with sincerity -- especially given Asa and Max's difficult history.

Once the immediate crisis was over, Bo confronted Ben and Max, demanding answers about what happened in the tack room to send Asa into cardiac arrest. Ben was just about come clean to Bo (and Sam), when Max faked another episode to buy time. But instead of telling Bo and Sam what really went down that night, Ben made up some story about Max having an episode and attacking Asa (which an ungrateful Max promptly denied).

Later at Crossroads, Max confronted Ben, and that's when Ben offered a deal: I'll forget you aren't Asa's son, if you forget I am. The words were music to Max's ears, but there's still one problem: Skye.

If Bo was coming on strong with Max and Ben, he seemed to be thawing a bit towards Nora -- so much so that she was on the verge of telling him her theory about Lindsay being pregnant when his cell phone rang with the news of Asa's heart attack. Will Bo turn to Nora to help his through this family crisis?

When Lindsay ran into Nora over at Sam's, Nora dropped some pretty heavy hints about the baby on board. When Lindsay left the room briefly, Nora inadvertently dumped out the contents of Lindsay's purse -- the soda crackers and vitamins she saw made her more suspicious than ever.

Feeling snoopy, Nora went to the hospital looking to sneak a peek at Lindsay's medical records. Bo almost caught her. Nora played it coy, but Bo figured out she was up to something, he just wasn't sure what. Bo continues to act friendlier and more comfortable towards Nora, something Lindsay picked up on when she walked in on them.

Then Nora got a real bright idea -- NOT! She confided her suspicions in Will and asked him to find out if Lindsay was pregnant "for Bo's sake." Huh? Naturally, Will refused and who can blame him. In this case, Will is right. Nora needs to leave well enough alone. If she's so concerned about Bo, then tell him what she suspects and leave it at that.

This week, Viki found out the truth about her illness. The night before she was scheduled to get the biopsy results, Viki was plagued by nightmares. Later at the hospital, she was overwhelmed by visions of dying and her family's pain. Overcome with fear, Viki left before hearing the news, telling Kevin she needed one more day of hope.

Viki ended up outside of Crossroads where she ran into Ben who was reeling from his own dose of unwelcome truth. When she asked her former lover, "How do you face a truth you don't want to face," Ben urged denial and was too wrapped up in his own pain and confusion to realize that Viki needed help. Then Viki drove back to the hospital to face the diagnosis. When the doctor told her the tumor was malignant, all the air seemed to drain from the room. Viki whispered the word, "cancer," as the camera zoomed in tight and her stunned countenance filled the screen.

Viki was absolutely rocked by the news. Instead of the strong composed woman we've come to expect, she broke down in front of Kevin. But Kevin remained calm and supportive, and when he urged his mother not to lose hope, she seemed to draw strength from him.

Then she saw Ben again. Realizing how desperately she needed him now, Viki tried make things right between them: "I need you, I need your strength," but Ben was too fixated on his own identity crisis to notice Viki's anguish and more or less brushed her off, telling her "Don't love me, don't need me, don't even think about me." How much more can Viki take?

Seeking refuge in the distraction of work, Viki went to The Banner. Then Nora showed up at Viki's office to use her as a sounding board about the Lindsay situation, but when Viki seemed disinterested, Nora suggested they both take the afternoon off to luxuriate at Serenity Springs.

The Springs were particularly busy that day. Lindsay was there checking out pre-natal exercise classes. Skye and Sophia were there, along with Kelly and Blair -- a pretty volatile mix!

First Blair threw cold water on Skye -- literally and figuratively -- letting her know that she and Max were once again sharing a bed, then Sophia scolded Kelly about her feelings for Kevin and what it could do to Joey. I like the fact that Sophia isn't trying to be malicious, she sincerely cares about Joey and when she saw that Kelly was really upset, she backed off. But not before Viki overheard the conversation.

You know, I love Kelly, but lately I'd like to slap her face. I know she's confused, but how rude is it to be glued to Joey on the dance floor while darting come-hither glances at Kevin over his shoulder.

Kevin seems to be trying to keep his distance from Kelly, but the news of his mother's cancer proved too much and he reached out to her for comfort. That's when Kelly told him they need time together to figure out what was going on between them "for Joey's sake." -- That's a novel excuse for cheating! At that preposterous suggestion, Kevin became very harsh with Kelly and said he had no feelings for her and urged her to stick by Joey.


• Hank hit it right on the money when he told R.J. that Tea was "hooked into Todd," the terminology of addiction is clearly applicable.

• I really like Will and Lindsay's relationship. They have an excellent mother/son vibe going on.

• Excuse me, Lindsay, but those charges against Will are not completely "trumped up." He did steal money from the Megan Foundation.

• Has Nora even spoken to Sam recently and vice versa?
Oh, Nora, mighty seeker of truth -- can't you see through Viki's story about a "friend" with cancer?

• Blair was true to form in her suspicions about Renee's kindness toward her -- and she's right. Renee knows that Max is cheating. And how about that crass comment Blair made to Max about the benefits they'd reap if Asa kicked the bucket.

• I have to hand it to Lindsay, she's coping a lot better post-wedding disaster than I would have imagined.
Personally, I like Kevin and Skye together -- I think they've got potential.

• Yeah! Joey mentioned Dorian.

• Has that brief moment of near-friendship between Sam and Bo slipped away? Too bad, these two straight-shooters have a lot in common.

• Asa really did look like he was at death's door in that hospital room. Is it more good acting by Phil Carey or is he truly as exhausted by his heavy storyline as he claims?
Come on Ben, look on the bright side. Is the glass half empty or half full? We know you hate Asa, but Renee's real nice.

• Anyone else think that Nora has been engaging in some very Lindsay-like behavior lately!

• I like the fact that Kevin is still struggling to forgive Asa for what he did to Grace.

• Why didn't Nora just say to Lindsay in front of Bo: "You're pregnant aren't you?"

• Asa's hospital room security is worse than at home. He’s in intensive care, yet arch-enemies Sam and Ben are able to pop in at will.

• You know who Viki needs now, don't you? Clint. I'm not saying they should get back together romantically, but she needs his solid support. And given Clint Ritchie's legal problems, he could probably use the payday.
Ben looked totally freaked when Renee thanked him for saving both her husband and her son and gave him a big warm hug. The look in his eye said, "mother?".

• Bo has never accepted Max as a true Buchanan -- he senses that something is not quite right about the whole set up.

• If I were Viki, I'd much rather discuss treatment options with that nice nurse-educator than her cold MD.

• I hope OLTL keeps Robin Strasser in the opening credits forever!

• Since Ben is holding all the cards, couldn't his deal with Max have included a request for Max to convince Asa to drop the charges against Will?

• I really like the fact that Nora and Viki's friendship is back on track.

• Can you believe Queen Victoria actually said, "busted," when Nora asked if she'd been crying?

• Gee, Lindsay, that's a real good way to hide your pregnancy: Go to an ob/gyn at Llanview hospital and ask about pre-natal exercises classes at Serenity Springs.

• Viki is right, Nora is "playing god" with her attempts to find out the truth about Lindsay's pregnancy.

• It's nice to see the old Serenity Springs set getting a real workout.

• Bo was hurt when Asa rejected him, but isn't that just what he did to Asa a few weeks ago?

Till next week!



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