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February 14-18 2000

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Let me just say this: A pox on everyone who's sitting in judgment on Nora this week, and that includes Bo and especially Sam. It certainly doesn't bother me that Lindsay is mad at Nora. First of all, she has a right to be (more or less). Secondly, she's always mad at Nora. But for Bo and Sam to treat Nora with so much coldness, anger, and recrimination is unforgivable. She should say "Good riddance" and send them both packing!

Last Friday's cliff found Nora at the alter, telling Bo the whole sorry saga of how Lindsay altered his fertility test results to get back at Nora.

Unlike Cristian, Bo didn't thank Nora for telling him the truth about his bride to be. In fact, tons of people gave Nora a hard time. Not just the obvious choices, like Lindsay and Sam, but Dorian, Will, and even Hank. It made me mad. The way I see it, Nora has absolutely nothing to apologize for. I was so pleased by the support she received from Renee and Viki. And how about Andrew's hug! Oh, how I miss this character's boundless compassion. When Nora told Sam, "I did the right thing," I shouted at the TV, "Yes!" in righteous affirmation. Go Nora!

While the wedding guests murmured and clucked in their pews, Bo took Lindsay somewhere private where she admitted to altering his test results. First, Lindsay attempted to justify her behavior at the time, then she tried to apologize to Bo. But guess what Bo said? "I lost Nora because of you." Lindsay didn't like the sound of that! You see, with Lindsay, if forgiveness doesn't come fast enough, her contrition quickly turns to anger. So she changed tactics and started attacking Nora -- not the best move, given her claim that the anti-Nora sentiment which had motivated her cruel actions was a thing of the past.

BTW: Does anyone else think Sam's anger at Nora and reaction to her telling Bo is just a bit out of character? Can he really not understand why she needed to tell Bo the truth?

Ultimately, Bo told Lindsay that the marriage was off and asked her former fiancée, "What kind of person are you?" So Lindsay pulled out the big guns: "Bo, you have to marry me, I'm pregnant."

Naturally, Bo refused to believe Lindsay and said they were over. He told her she should have trusted him with the truth but that now it was too late. Then Lindsay changed tactics again in move I'm still trying to figure out (more self-destructive duplicity?). She told Bo he was right, that she was lying about being pregnant. She said she didn't deserve him and gave him back his ring. Bo left. Then Lindsay lit into to Nora, but when Nora started to defend herself, Sam told her to leave and stayed to comfort Lindsay. After Nora left, Lindsay broke down.

Eventually, Lindsay pulled herself together. She told Sam she didn't want Bo to know about the baby because she didn't want him to feel obligated to be with her. At first, I thought Lindsay was being mature, but then she went on to say that if Bo *really* loved her, he would've believed she was pregnant. Now that's the Lindsay I know: endlessly self-justifying and continuously blaming others. For Lindsay, knowledge is power, and she wants to keep the baby a secret to hurt Bo.

After sending Sam away, Lindsay (accompanied by Will) went downstairs to have dinner in the Palace dining room, head held high. Renee was grudgingly respectful, telling Lindsay, "You got a lot of guts, lady," but Asa couldn't keep from crowing and stopped by the table to toast Lindsay's "happiness."

When Bo got home, Hank was waiting, but Bo said he needed to be alone. Standing out on his balcony, Bo was just about to fling Lindsay's ring to the four corners when there was a knock on the door: Nora. When Bo opened that door and their eyes met, the moment was electric!

It was clear Nora had come seeking some kind of absolution, but bitter Bo was ice cold. He told Nora he was neither thankful nor grateful for what she had done. He accused her of wanting to pay Lindsay back and being no better than Lindsay. He told Nora he wished he was married to Lindsay now. He said he loved Lindsay and that Nora's revelations
had ruined that for him.

My heart went out to Nora as she listened to Bo's harsh words and cold tone, but she stood her ground with great dignity, asking Bo to put himself in her position and explaining that she couldn't let him marry Lindsay while she knew the truth and kept quiet. Nora nearly broke down when she explained that if Lindsay hadn't changed the results, she never would've slept with Sam and she and Bo would have a child of their own. Bo admitted that was true, but told her, "Go home, Nora, go anywhere, but leave me alone." When Nora got home, Sam's bags were packed and he started making noises about visitation and custody. Nuts to you, Sam Rappaport! Nora Buchanan doesn't need you!

It took a long time before I could even consider the possibility of Sam and Nora, but as Sam stood by Nora and supported her, I grew to accept them together. No, they weren't Bo and Nora, but who is? However, in this past week, Sam is fast losing ground with me. How dare he reject Nora so coldly and say, "I will not be consolation prize, no matter what." I realize it's tough on the old ego, Sammy, but consolation prize is all you've ever been and all you'll ever be. Frankly, you’re damned lucky to get that job! Take a page from Roseanne's book, Sam. When the person you love loves someone else, be grateful for whatever you can get.

If anyone has a right to be mad, it's Nora -- at Sam! How can he equate Nora's need to tell Bo the truth about Lindsay with Nora being in love with Bo (even though it's true!). Couldn't Nora just as easily accuse him of loving Lindsay because he felt the need to cover up her lie?

On Friday, Sam decided to test Nora's protestations of love with a proposition: Marry me -- now! Somehow, I don't think Nora's response will be the answer he's looking for.

Of course, Bo's imploding lovelife wasn't the only news this week. Max and Blair were headed for a steamy Valentine's Day, till the Skye in the ointment showed up. Trying to keep his stories straight and juggling two women, Max's brain has never had to be so nimble! Ironic, ne c'est pas? So to kill two birds with one stone (break up his romantic evening with Blair to throw Skye off the scent and keep up of the "loco Max" pretense to keep Ben in the dark), Max decided to "undress" for dinner by strolling through the Palace in his birthday suit. Is that sanitary?

Later, Blair almost discovered Max in Skye's bed. Poor deluded Blair, she still thinks Max is ill. Ben, however, is getting suspicious. I hope Blair finds out soon. I'm tired of seeing her duped and Max and Skye's bedroom gymnastics are becoming boring.

In yet another attempt to get rid of pesky Skye, Blair used her Sun-style reporting skills to dig up a pile of old Pine Valley dirt (correct in every detail!) on Skye. Blair threatened to publish all the sordid details of Skye's checkered past in the Llanview press. Soon the two gals's verbal digs escalated to an all-out physical confrontation. I usually hate catfights, but was glad to see Blair get in a few good licks. Eventually poor Nigel wound up in the middle and Asa had to break things up. Then
Asa almost let the cat out of the bag about Max and Skye, but Max showed up in the nick of time.

While all this was going on downstairs, Ben was upstairs snooping for clues about Max's condition. Ben has really improved of late. Instead of huffing and puffing over Asa or mooning over Viki, he's actually showing some smarts and a sense of humor. He broke into Asa's and found a book on brain damage symptoms in Max's bedroom and quickly figured out that Max is faking. Then Skye walked in and tried to cover up for Max by telling Ben the book was hers and she and Max were having an affair (great cover story -- NOT!). Blair overheard the whole thing, but Skye quickly denied the affair and said she was trying to make Ben jealous.

I wonder: When Skye and Blair realize Max has been playing both of them for fools, with they band together to make him pay?

Across town in Angel Square, Cris tried to be nice about giving his new bride the heave-ho, but Roseanne won't take no for an answer. It's hard to misinterpret statements like "I don't want you" and "I want you out of my life for good," but Roseanne won't budge.

Determined to get Cris back by hook or by crook, Roseanne finagled some drugs from R.J. (roofies?) to trick Cris into bed. Thank heavens the plan backfired. When she slithered into Cris's bed, guess what? The other occupant was Antonio! Boy, was I relieved! Women drugging men into to bed is one of my most-hated soap plot devices.

Back at the Palace, everyone hashed over the wedding that wasn't, and Joey said that maybe it was all for the best. He told Kelly he wouldn't want to marry someone who lied to him and betrayed him. Kelly turned green and Sophia's wheels started spinning. Then Sophia overheard Kelly and Kevin talking about their little New Year's Eve encounter. Sophia is eager to tell Joey the truth, but John Sykes counseled her keep quiet. Sophia? Quiet? Is that possible?

One of my favorite scenes this week was when Jess cut Will dead at Bo and Lindsay's disaster of a wedding. I'd been thinking Jess was too hard on Will, but after his snotty remarks to Nora, I cheered her verbal slap in the face. Comparing Will's behavior to his mother's, Jess said:

"You both hurt a lot of people, and you can't go around acting like you're the ones who need to be excused and understood because of all you've suffered -- not when it's all your fault." You go, girl!

My brief impulse of sympathy for Will is rapidly fading. Why can't he just leave Jessica alone? If she decides to forgive him, she needs time, not pressure. Instead, of giving Jessica her space, Will ran over to Llanfair to tell her he had donated $10,000 in Megan's name to the hospital. So what? It might've meant something if he hadn't felt the need to advertise it.

There was yet another suspicious attempt on R.J.'s life: Someone tampered with the gas in his apartment. When Sykes arrived he made the observation that Tea might be the target -- Duh! I thought someone was going to finally mention the "T" word: Todd, but instead Sykes theorized that it could be an angry perp looking for payback.

As February 23 draws nigh, every Dorian scene is precious to me, to be rewound and savored. I loved the way Drake stuck up for Dorian in front of Asa. This couple is getting together at the speed of light. Drake told Dorian, "I feel a profound connection with you," and asked her to come away with him when he leaves Llanview. Dorian looked mighty interested.

Later in the week, Dorian invited Viki, Kelly, R.J., and even Sophia to her house for a special announcement!

Lindsay probably won't be among the guests that night. After she accused Dorian of ratting her out to Nora (false!), Dorian gave Lindsay some good advice: Tell Bo the truth about the pregnancy and stop keeping secrets! Did Lindsay listen? Nah? Then Lindsay told Dorian about her one-nighter with Drake and stormed off. Drake denied any past knowledge of Lindsay, biblical or otherwise.

The final big event of the week involved Viki, and the news wasn't good. The specialist told her there was a chance of cancer. Viki wasn't prepared for this and stood there in a daze while the word "cancer" echoed in her head. This new doctor is horrible. Poor Viki was clearly in shock after hearing the diagnosis but all this guy did was hand her a pamphlet.

Thank god, Kevin was there. As mad as I am about the Kelly situation (and I'm mad at her too), I love Kevin's support for his mother, and I'm glad she's letting herself to lean on him.


  • Talk about bad timing! What was Sam thinking of interrupting Bo and Lindsay to put his two cents in? He accuses Nora of
  • interfering, then can't keep his own trap shut!
  • We rarely see R.J.'s cool bachelor pad, so this week was a treat.
  • Too bad Antonio didn't send Cris's beer bottle out for analysis -- then he'd have some leverage with Roseanne.
  • Did anyone else get choked up seeing Bo's tears?
  • Tea is an ADA and an officer of the court, but she doesn't realize it's illegal for a convicted felon like R.J. to have a gun?
  • I know Roseanne is a lying little twitch, but Antonio is coming on awfully strong. I hardly think his manhandling and verbal abuse are going to make her more cooperative.
  • So where exactly was Cris when Roseanne mistakenly got in bed with Antonio?
  • If I lived in Llanview, I'd start a new business: wedding insurance.
  • Thumbs up to Kevin's sleek new close-cropped haircut.
  • I'm glad to see Carlotta is now in favor of an annulment.
  • R.J. should've kicked Carlotta, Sykes, and big-mouthed Antonio out of his crib. A man's home is his castle, so why should he sit there while they give him grief in him own home?
  • Oh yeah, Lindsay's a *much* different woman now than the one who altered those fertility test results -- NOT!
  • Let's hope Sophia spills the beans to Joey *before* the wedding!
  • That spider mites = cancer metaphor was pretty heavy-handed.
  • I just loved Kelly's darling cream coat with its faux leopard piping on the Peter Pan collar, cuffs, and pockets.
  • When Asa came face to face with Jared Hall, the two butted heads on the subject of Sam, but Jared stood his ground.
  • Boy, just when she's about to leave town, Tea is finally getting interesting again. What's the damaging data she has on new ADA Jared Hall? And did I detect sparks between these two?
  • LOL at R.J. having a good chuckle over Max's current dilemma and at Sophia's pantomime of disgust overhearing Kelly and Joey's kissy-face routine.
  • Usually Skye looks terrific, but that cream sweater and skirt set was not one of her best -- too dull.
  • I know it's realistic, but that crinkled paper in the doctor's examination room has to go, it's terribly distracting!
  • Dorian's head made a rather a harsh "clunking" sound when Drake backed her against the door for a kiss -- ouch!

Till next week!



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