One Life to Love

February 7-11 2000

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What an exciting week! One of Lindsay's big bad secrets is finally out in the open -- (wide open -- we're talking a churchful of witnesses) and it's not even her biggest one! Max's seduction of Skye has propelled him from the frying pan into the fire. And Dorian's new romance is heating up at breakneck speed.

Max and Blair's lonely nights sleeping single in double beds finally came to an end. Blair approached Max in complete sincerity and told him she loved him and didn't want to lose him. She returned all the money to his bank accounts and tore up her power of attorney. A fine time for Blair to turn all trusting and true -- just after Max cheated on her (yeah, yeah, he had his reasons).

Across town, Skye sauntered into Crossroads acting all innocent and concerned about Ben -- even vaguely regretful of her willful malice -- HA! (Why Ben didn't she boot her skinny butt out the door, I'll never know.) Seeing Ben seemed to make Skye realize that her attention had shifted to Max.

Then Skye showed up at Casa Asa acting all sugary sweet, as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. She told Blair and Max that she'd seen the light and now realized all her schemes and manipulations wouldn't make her happy. She intended to turn over a new leaf and Max and Blair had nothing to fear from her.

Crafty Blair didn't believe a word of it and promptly went to see Ben to confirm Skye's story. That's when Ben told her about Max's episode the other day (the lie he told Ben about thinking Nigel was Carlo Hesser). Blair doesn't realize the truth yet, but it's only a matter of time. Ben is wising up even sooner.

Back at Asa's, Skye jumped Max's bones right in his own bedroom! Max isn't sure how to play this situation. If he gives Skye the brush-off, she'll surely make him pay, but if he keeps giving Skye what she wants, she'll never leave town. Yessiree, Max seems to have outfoxed himself. Then again, how tough could it be to romance a gorgeous woman? Asa walked in on Max and Skye in flagrante delicto (they were too, uh, busy to notice), and covered for Max when Blair came home early.

Poor Skye! She's never been a heroine, but her actions lately make her seem completely pathetic, obsessing over any available male. Just another stereotypical soap vixen.

Ben is starting to think Max is faking his brain damage, so he went to the hospital for another look at Max's medical records and almost picked up Viki's file by mistake!

Asa has assumed a new role: Mack Daddy. Looking for a way to bust up Max and Blair, Asa hired Skye to be Buchanan Enterprises' new head of PR. The first order of business: to work *very* closely with Max.

Finding out about Max's affair was the highlight of Asa's week. When he tried to take Bo out for a pre-wedding drink, Bo coldly rejected the offer and banished him from the wedding. Then Renee lit into him about the Will situation and banished Asa from her bedroom! Guess he'll have to live vicariously through his younger "son" for the time being.

Not much happening with Llanview's younger set. Foolish Will was too gallant to reveal Roseanne's true role to the police. As you may recall, Will wanted to stop funneling cash to Roseanne after the first $5,000, but Roseanne threatened him with exposure. Why protect her? Naturally, Roseanne had no qualms about selling Will down the river without batting a lustrous lash. At Will's new bail hearing, the judge seemed to be leaning toward the prosecution (revoking bail) until Bo stood up and made an extraordinary (and wildly inappropriate) plea for Will. He asked that Will be remanded to his custody and vowed to turn in his badge if Will didn't live up to the terms of his bail. Hank looked vaguely disgusted!

I like the fact that despite his anger with Will, Cris is still open to a truth that paints Will in a less damning light, but I'm worried that he isn't smart enough or tough enough to get rid of Roseanne. Hopefully, brother Antonio can help hold his younger brother's feet to the fire.

Roseanne is so unbelievable. She won't (can't?) even acknowledge that what she did was wrong. She just keeps repeating the same one-note excuse over and over and over: "I did it for you, Cris."

More troubled couples: When Joey tried to pin Kelly down on a wedding date, she suggested the fall, but Joey persisted. Finally, they settled on June. When Kevin heard the news, he made a sour face. Later, at Bo's bachelor party at Rodi's, Joey raved about Kelly while Kevin squirmed with barely sublimated jealous lust.

Meanwhile, Dorian and Drake are getting friendlier by the minute. After another intimate dinner out, Drake took Dorian home and gave her a smooch. Yup, old Drake planted one on her and Dorian went back for seconds!

But the big news this week involved Nora. When Nora realized that little Miss Lindsay was the deus ex machina in the demise of her marriage to Bo, she flew into a rage and good friend Viki had a helluva time calming her down. "She's not gonna get away with it" and "I'm gonna make her pay" were just a few of the choice comments that flew out of Noraís mouth. And can you blame her? This wasn't the hand of fate or simple bad luck -- it was Lindsay's seething malice that got the ball rolling.

Viki did her best to make sure Nora didn't get carried away by her anger. She cautioned Nora to search her conscience and her heart and to be very sure she could live with the consequences of her actions.

After Will's reprieve, Bo, Hank, and Sam went out for a drink (which turned into a great surprise bachelor's party for Bo), and Nora invited Lindsay to dinner (I'd suggest the nearest grill!). Lindsay confessed a secret. No not that one. She told Nora she'd had a one-night stand with Drake Farrady during her marriage to Sam. She said Bo had transformed her and she would be a totally different person now and a wonderful wife. Lindsay pleaded her case not even knowing that Nora had the goods on her. Finally, Nora could take it no more and walked out, determined to find corroboration from the only available source: Dorian.

Nora went to Dorian demanding answers. Dorian refused to confirm Nora's suspicions outright, but when Nora spelled out her theory of what happened, hitting the nail completely on the head, Dorian didn't deny it, she simply pleaded with Nora to let sleeping dogs lie. But when Nora said she was going to Sam with the truth, Dorian told her, "Sam already knows." Nora didn't believe her.

The scenes between Nora and Dorian was fantastic. HBS did some fabulous acting and RS provided some equally fabulous reacting. As much as I love the idea of Dorian leaving town on the wings of an exciting new romance, I hate the fact that more of RS's final scenes arenít as substantive as this one with Nora, chock-full of history and emotion. Drake Shmake -- What I really want to see is Dorian with Nora and Blair and Kelly and Viki before she leaves.

I loved Wednesday's great closing montage as Nora's vow to expose Lindsay played over scenes of Lindsay praying and Bo dancing at his bachelor's party in blissful ignorance.

On Thursday's show, Nora told Sam she'd discovered Lindsay's secret and tried to enlist his help in exposing her. Sam said no. When he confessed that he'd known the truth for months now, Nora hit the roof. Sam and Nora had a major fight -- a nasty confrontation filled with harsh, wounding words. Sam told Nora, "You have no rights when it comes to Bo," and accused her of being a petty jealous ex-wife. Nora spat back that Sam had betrayed her trust. Then Sam leveled an ultimatum: Break up Lindsay and Bo and we're through.

On one level, I honestly feel sorry for Lindsay, but the bottom line is that Nora is right. Whatever her motives, Bo deserves to know the truth. If Lindsay had had the guts to come clean with Bo herself, there's a good chance he would've forgiven her. You snooze, you lose, baby!

I think Sam is full of it to attack Nora's motives. Does he really think Nora can or should stand by and keep Lindsay's secret? Let's not forget Lindsay's very public humiliation of Nora, and Nora's deceit was a least motivated by love for Bo. Lindsay's vicious prank was pure unadulterated spite.

Nora marched into St. James just as Bo and Lindsay were exchanging vows, both of them beaming with love and happiness. A lesser woman might have lost her nerve, but Nora was all steely resolve. Whatever the price, whatever the cost, this was something she had to do. As first Dorian, than Sam tried to pull her away, Nora spoke:

"Bo, I have something to tell you... I'm gonna tell you in private or I can tell you in public, but I will tell you."

And then she spilled Lindsay's dirty little beans before Bo, god, and the entire group of wedding guests.


  • There was quite a gaggle of gorgeous guys surrounding the groom: Joey, Kevin, Hank, and Will all looked splendid. Bo looked good too, though I found his vest a tad fussy.

  • Lindsay had a gorgeous Georgian-style gown with a sweetheart neckline, cap sleeves, and empire waist, though I found the long white gloves and veil distracting. I guess that stuffy old rule about white being only for dewy young first-time brides is passe -- at least on soaps!

  • I wasn't overly fond of Dorian's matron of honor ensemble -- too stiff, too bead-encrusted, too '80s -- and that modified Nehru collar -- too much!

  • Jessica's knit outfit was a very pretty periwinkle blue, but a bit matronly style-wise.

  • I don't expect Clint Ritchie to fly in for every family occasion, but couldn't there at least have been a phone call from Clint? Or maybe not, considering his history with the bride.

  • Gee, Bo waited till the last minute to write his vows -- a sign?

  • Come on, Nora. Lindsay's no saint, but she didn't force you to sleep with Sam to conceive a child for Bo.

  • Maybe Nora should've asked Jessica's advice rather than Viki's. Jessica's been there -- and recently!

  • Consequences be damned -- if it was me, I'd tell Bo everything -- pronto!

  • Jeepers, Will barely escapes jail because Bo promised to keep tabs on him, then everyone goes out to a bar and leaves Will alone. Is that what the judge had in mind?

  • There's a nice relaxed friendly chemistry between Ben and Blair.

  • Hank's toast to Bo was wonderful. Through thick and thin, front- and back-burner, these two have a great friendship. I also enjoyed Kevin's warm words and even Sam got in on the act.

  • When Asa saw what Max was up to with Skye, he looked relieved that someone else was misbehaving too!

  • LOL as Asa tried to keep Blair from walking in on Max and Skye by pretending to like one of his least-favorite people.

  • I realize there's a lot happening on the show right now, but I still think Antonio's return could've been more hyped.

  • It seems to me that Hank doesn't really care for Sam.

  • It's great to see Wortham Krimmer back as Andrew, if only briefly.

  • I love how these big soap parties are always populated by a few good friends and tons of complete strangers.

  • Is it me or does anyone else think it's kind of creepy that Mel's "old friend" is putting the moves on his widow?

  • So Sam and Bo partied all night -- on cognac and chips? That's what I call a lethal combination.

  • Seeing Lindsay in a sweatshirt was a pretty novel sight.

  • How can Will stay at Bo's? Isn't his place a one-bedroom at best?

  • Will didn't look too happy to be at Dorian's house as his mother got ready for her wedding.

  • So, what's the story on an Andy-less Antonio?

  • Awww, who'd have figured Sophia would be such a sappy softy for weddings.

  • Gee, if Max was so worried about Blair discussing him with Ben, why did he leave the hospital without her?

  • Max really needs a doctor now -- for some Viagra! Between Skye and Blair, how long can he keep up the pace?!

Till next week!



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