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January 18-22 2000

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This week, Will's sorry saga continued, Cris and Roseanne are breaking land-speed records in their rush to the alter, Ben lost his cool -- big time, and Viki received some very disturbing news.

As the week began, Will was still pushing Sam away. What an idiot! Then he waived his rights to an attorney altogether -- unbelievable! Have the Ramseys taught us nothing? Keep your lip zipped and you can get away with plenty. Thank heavens Bo showed some mercy and allowed Sam one more shot at convincing his son to accept help.

At first, Will persevered with his stoic routine, but Sam kept at him, even begging his son to let him help. Finally, the scene I've been waiting for: Will broken and blubbering, "How could I have been so stupid." (good question). But Sam didn't lecture or scold, he just told Will he was there for him and would stand by him no matter what. It was a very touching scene and believe it or not, crusty old Midge got a wee bit misty-eyed. Even diehard Bo and Nora fans have to admit that Sam is one of the good guys.

So now Will has Sam, Lindsay, Nora, and even Bo in his corner. They all believe that Asa is behind the lion's share of the missing cash, but can they prove it?

Nora tried twice to get Asa to fess up, but he wouldn't budge. In fact, Asa turned the tables on Nora and tried to make her confess she still loved Bo! You gotta love that old devil -- he's too much!

Nora had a great scene with Will. She got him to stop feeling sorry for himself and start fighting back. Will realized that he'd been wrong about Nora too. Don't forget that Will and Nora used to have a good relationship when he was clerking for her -- before all the sh*t hit the fan.

So everyone is rallying around Will with one key exception: Jess.

At first, Jessica refused to believe Will had done anything wrong, but Asa's powerful evidence shook her confidence. Then when she called Roseanne to ask about the checks, Roseanne hung up on her. Finally, she talked to Will, and he admitted that he'd taken $30,000 and sent it to Roseanne to keep Cristian in New York. Jessica had heard enough. She told Will his lies had destroyed their love.

Jessica's reaction felt right on to me. It's not so much the theft from the foundation (though that's bad enough), it's the lying, the conspiracy with Roseanne, and the deliberate manipulation and attempt at control that is so devastating.

Yeah, Will is getting a raw deal from Asa, but come on, people, let's define "innocent." Will is not innocent -- he's just not as guilty as Asa has made him out to be.

Once Roseanne heard about Will's arrest, she kicked "Operation Wedding" into overdrive, convincing her I.Q.-challenged fiancé that they had to get married tomorrow -- that's right, tomorrow.

IMO, Cris's scholarship deserved to be revoked. This guy is too stupid for college. He should be breaking rocks in the hot sun (shirtless, of course). I mean, he can't even add 2+2: Roseanne gets a phone call and freaks, suddenly she *has* to get married tomorrow -- send up any red flags, dum-dum?

So even though pre-marriage counseling is mandatory in order to get married in the Catholic church, Roseanne told the priest she was pregnant (more lies!), and he agreed to the quickie marriage.

That priest was pretty easily manipulated by Roseanne. You'd think that with a child on the way, the need for those pre-marriage classes would be even more important!

Despite her serious misgivings, Carlotta took the highroad and offered Cristian and Roseanne her full love and support on their big day.

But Roseanne still has one major obstacle: Jessica. Friday's show ended with Roseanne in her wedding gown and Jessica at the door.

I sooo want Jessica to shatter Roseanne's dreams! Now that Will's been crushed, Roseanne should pay too. This wedding must be stopped!

When Ben heard about Will's arrest, he decided to go after Asa. What a moron! Lots of people are upset about Will. His parents are devastated. But everyone is trying to deal with the situation and look for solutions. So how does Ben respond? He sits around Crossroads fondling his gun and plotting revenge.

When Viki found out, she asked him pointblank about his intentions. Ben told her, "If Asa doesn't confess, I'm gonna kill him." Hey, Einstein, don't you realize that any confession obtained under duress (at gunpoint) would be inadmissible in a court of law?

So Viki laid it on the line, "You choose the gun or you choose me." Ben chose the gun. Poor Viki!

Iíve had problems with this character from day one, but now I'm completely fed up. I'm sick of his boring hothead routine and tired of
looking at his grumpy face and constipated frown. Grow up! Better yet, get lost, loser!

I was glad to see Viki lay down the law to Ben, but furious with him for putting her through this. Just a few scenes earlier, Viki found out that "something" had shown up on her mammogram and further tests were needed. (BTW: The woman who plays Viki's doctor is excellent!) Right now, Viki needs for Ben to be an absolute rock -- not some gun-totin' maniac.

And speaking of couples on the rocks, things got pretty ugly between Max and Blair this week. Trust was never this couple's strong suit, but now it's completely evaporated. Max discovered that Blair was draining his bank accounts (she explained that she was squirreling the money away just in case Asa found out the truth and cut Max off financially), and Blair's more than a little concerned about what's going on between Max and Skye.

You know, Max has been acting pretty darn lucid lately. Doesn't that make Blair just the teeniest bit suspicious? Blair's usually pretty adept at putting two and two together.

Meanwhile, Max and Skye continue to steam up the small screen with their sizzling love/hate routine. Blair walked in on them and said she didn't know if Max was about to strangle Skye or kiss her. I don't think Max knows the answer either.

And speaking of nasty twosomes: Kevin and Kelly just can't seem to stay away from each other -- ewwww! Kelly is riddled with guilt, but Kevin is coming on strong. When Kelly said she was going to tell Joey the truth, Kevin asked her what truth: the truth that they almost slept together or the truth that they were sorry they didn't? Good question.

Kevin and Kelly are sickening together in a good way -- I just love to hate 'em!


  • Poor Jess, she thought Kelly and Kevin were at the lodge looking for her when all they wanted was some sleazy alone time.

  • It was disgusting watching Kevin trying to talk Jessica out of her honest impulse to tell Cris the truth about Roseanne. Just because he's a slimy hypocrite, he thinks everyone else should follow suit.

  • I hate it when Max calls Asa "Paw."

  • Robin Christopher and John Bolger were romantically linked on Another World -- is OLTL planning round two?

  • Suddenly Jessica's the email queen!

  • This week, the show dropped some mighty heavy hints that Ben is Asa's son.

  • Lindsay just loved hearing Will sing Nora's praises -- NOT.

  • Doesn't it seem pathetic that Ben is back at Crossroads? Isn't there something more useful he could do with his life? Hey, with his firearm fetish, maybe Ben could be the latest NRA spokesman.

  • Was it really wise to have Ben sit in on the meeting between Sam and Will? After all, he's not a lawyer. In fact, he has no legal privilege and could be called upon to testify against his nephew.

  • How tough would it be for Kelly to tell Joey she needed to move out of the Mill House because Dorian needed her?

  • I guess when you're Victoria Lord Buchanan you get your mammogram results on the spot. The rest of us mere mortals have to wait a few weeks.

  • Sophia tried to make a sincere apology to Kelly, but Kelly rudely brushed her off -- big mistake.

  • Hank is right. Why should he bend over backwards for Will Rappaport?

  • LOL at Roseanne's transformation for the priest's visit. Gone were the tube tops, skintight clothes, and exposed midriff, and in their place a matronly blouse and dowdy skirt.

  • Will better watch out -- when Jess gets mad, she gets even -- just ask Dorian!

Till next week!



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