One Life to Love

January 3-7 2000

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Well, if you thought that Bo and Nora and Cris and Jess were on the road to reconciliation -- guess again! In true soap fashion, the status quo remains the same -- for now. Reunions, if any, have been postponed for another day (year? century? millennium?) -- 'cause that's what the genre is all about! Keeping us wishing and hoping is what keeps us tuning in. And, IMHO, OLTL is doing a masterful job of making us believe that those tantalizing reunions are just out of reach.

Back at the warehouse, Nora was able to revive Bo with some CPR. Her relief was palpable, and both during and after the scare she uttered several revealing statements:

"I'm not going to lose you again."

"I can't imagine my life without you in it, Bo."

A bit later, Nora also told Bo that the decision to marry him (Bo not Sam) was the best one of her life. Does this sound like a woman who's ready to make a lifetime commitment to another man?

And how about the fact that during a few moments, Bo and Nora were "this close" to a kiss! It seemed to me that Nora was sending out all the right signals -- leaning into Bo, sighing a lot -- but Bo kept his distance. But when they turned on a radio and an oldies station was playing "Will You Love me Tomorrow," Bo and Nora were soon dancing together, just like old times. Magic!

And it was at that precise moment that Sam and Lindsay found them. There they stood, staring into the warehouse with their noses pressed up against the window watching Bo and Nora dancing in each otherís
arms. It didn't look good.

True to form, Lindsay ranted and raved like Cassandra, the mad truth-teller. Then she screamed at Bo to "Go straight to hell" and flung the key to his place at him. After Bo left, Lindsay and Nora had a huge blowout, mainly about Bo. I loved it!

God, but my heart went out to Sam this week. He's such a brick when it comes to Nora -- whatever she wants, whatever she needs, he's there for her. But what he saw through that window and, more importantly, what he saw in Nora's reaction to Lindsay, made it clear to him that Nora still has a huge emotional investment in Bo. That must have been devastating.

While Lindsay was all nerves and raw emotion, Sam was the voice of reason and logic. But when Nora and Sam got home and surveyed the sad remnants of their beautiful wedding plans, he became very quiet and Nora got scared. Kale Browne was marvelous in these scenes -- underplaying with quiet intensity. Then calmly and with great dignity, he asked Nora for the truth.

After hemming and hawing a bit, Nora told Sam that she still had deep, though not romantic (ha!) feelings for Bo. But Sam wasn't buying it and told his betrothed, "I think it's very simple, Nora. You never stopped loving Bo."

So what did Nora say? She said that her feelings for Bo were a form of love, but still denied that they were romantic. Then she told what I consider to be a big whopper: Nora admitted that she and Bo almost kissed (true), but explained that the reason they didn't was because she realized how much she loved Sam (false). Oh, I'm sure Nora loves Sam (in her own way), but the reason she and Bo didn't lock lips is because Bo kept her at arm's length. So is Nora just a big ol' liar? Not really. She's just suffering from a big ol' case of denial. She cares about Sam very much, she's very grateful to him, and she thinks he's the father of her child. "Loving" Sam works, while loving Bo is a dead end. He's with Lindsay now and he's not giving Nora any signals that he wants her back. So, can you really blame Nora?

Nora managed to convince Sam that nothing between them had changed. The next morning, Nora awoke from yet another dream where she was torn between Sam and Bo (literally hand-cuffed to her ex-husband). Frustrated by these messages from her subconscious, Nora decided that she and Sam just *had* to get married today. So they dashed over to the courthouse and Nora pulled one of her Nora numbers to get Judge Fitzwater to make time for the wedding on her crowded docket. One question remained, would Sam see through this desperate ploy?

Meanwhile, Lindsay stopped by Bo's to apologize and tell him she was leaving town to spend some time with her daughter and work on her "issues." So what did Bo do? He popped the question! Say what!?! Bo must love emotional roller coasters because that's what marriage to Lindsay will be. Lindsay's response? She gratefully and tearfully declined -- smart move, sister!

The next day (the same day Nora was trying to rush Sam to the alter), before Lindsay could leave for Europe, Bo had her brought to the station house and gave her the faux third degree about why she refused his proposal. These scenes were supposed to be cute, but I thought it was a dumb approach and out of character for Bo. Bo Buchanan is a straight shooter, and gimmicks like this aren't his style.

Things improved when Bo dropped the act and just started talking to Lindsay. I must say, I was a little disappointed in Lindsay. I thought she'd finally achieved a level of self-awareness and wanted to get herself together before making a serious commitment to Bo. Turns out she was still worried about Nora. Bo managed to (yet again) reassure her that things were over between him and Nora. He told Lindsay that he felt something for Nora, but not love (same thing Nora told Sam). Convinced (for now), Lindsay agreed to be the latest Mrs. Bo Buchanan.

So is Bo in love with Nora or Lindsay? This one, I'm not totally sure about. I'd like to believe that he's still in love with Nora, but he's not exactly acting that way. It could be that Bo's in even deeper denial about his feelings than Nora. Let's not forget that he was devastated by Nora's betrayal (he admitted as much to Lindsay). He may never be able to completely trust her again, so what kind of future could they have? I think it's interesting that's he's chosen to hook up with someone who couldn't be more different from Nora. Food for thought.

What's really behind Nora and Bo's desperate need to get married? Getting married to shore up a shaky relationship or to prove you're over the previous one is just about as stupid as having a kid to shore up a shaky marriage!

And what about the younger generation? There was a nice parallel between Roseanne/Will and Lindsay/Sam as they searched for their errant lovers. Both men refusing to believe the worst, both women sure they'd lost their men.

Cris took Jess back to the cabin they'd stayed at during their failed elopement and attempted to rekindle the relationship. He told Jess that he'd never stopped loving her and that he knew she still loved him. And it seemed like Jess might be going for it, but I think Cris made a tactical mistake by getting too physical too quick. I think it overwhelmed Jessica and made her feel too guilty about Will, so she pulled back. She told Cris that what they had in the past was over and that she loved Will now. Maybe she's telling the truth, but Midge thinks otherwise. And it's also true that Jessica is still steamed about the Roseanne situation -- she admitted as much later in the week. Let's see how Jessica feels about Will when she finds out about his lies and manipulations!

When Will and Roseanne arrived, Jess told Will, "All you have to know is that I had a choice and I chose you." Actually, I'm glad Jessica put the brakes on with Cris. It would've have been a bit much for her to hop into bed with him. She's not Blair, for Pete's sake!

Cris tried to apologize to Roseanne, but his words were cold comfort. If she was smart and had an ounce of self respect (not to mention self-esteem), she'd break up with him or at the very least make him beg for forgiveness.

After hearing about Cristian's play for Jessica, R.J. told Roseanne to forget about Cris and go back to New York. Good advice. Later, Cris tried again to make up with Roseanne, but she stood her ground -- at least for now. Good girl. I mean, what is he thinking? It's obvious that Jessica was first choice. Is Roseanne just supposed to forget that? If Jessica had said "yes," Cris would be saying "Roseanne who?" round about now.

Ben and Skye received their divorce decrees this week with wildly varying reactions. Newly free, Ben "kidnapped" Viki from Sam and Nora's aborted wedding reception (did they even leave a note?). First he gave Viki a glittery form-fitting red dress. (Kudos to Erika Slezak for managing to both put the dress on and pull off the wearing of it -- well, almost). Then they headed for Crossroads (which Ben now owns), where Ben proposed (again) and they danced the night away. I get a little tired of this couple's non-stop nostalgia for the days of their courtship. However delightful, the past is past -- why not live in the present? Sometimes I think all this Ben and Blondie shtick is designed to hide the fact that this relationship has trouble surviving in the real world.

As for Skye, after a brief moment of melancholy when she received the divorce papers, she and Max spent some "quality time" together. There was a very funny and sexy scene as Max tried to convince Skye that his
condition was legit by coming on to her as if she were Blair. At first, Skye was taken aback, then quickly figured out the ploy and called Max's bluff by playing along with his romantic overtures. What followed was an amusing game of sexual chicken. Max pulled back first, but not before they were both buck naked under the covers in Skye's hotel room. Just wait till Blair finds out!

After almost getting down and dirty, things got downright nasty between Skye and Max. The insults flew fast and furious, but ultimately the two schemers agreed to an unholy alliance: Skye will keep shut about Max's true condition and false paternity as long as Asa keeps sticking it to Ben.

Last week, as the clock struck 12 and Kelly and Kevin steaming up the Mill House windows, Joey and Sophia were stranded together on the Palace roof. Sophia let down her guard a bit and Joey seemed to take a fresh look at her. The pair achieved a degree of understanding and reached a truce. Together, they watched the fireworks display Joey had arranged for Kelly's benefit.

Kelly and Kevin managed to halt their gropefest before things went too far (though both were shirtless by the time they pulled apart). So what happens next? Kevin convinced Kelly that the best course of action would be to leave Joey in the dark since the truth would hurt him too much. Kelly reluctantly agreed but said that she and Joey should move out (duh!). Then Kevin dumped out all his booze. Nice gesture. Will it last? Even though Kevin and Kelly "agreed" that their little smooch session was an aberration, Midge detected a few smoldering embers. This ain't over by a long shot.


I realize that honky tonk angel Nikki Smith is now part of a fully integrated Viki, but I really don't care to see Victoria Lord draped over on a pool table in a dress more suitable for the local drag bar!

I had to rewind to make sure that zipper sound effect was attributed to Skye's dress rather than Max's trousers -- oh behave!

LOL when Max told Skye, "You ain't stealing my mojo, baby!"

Skye sure was sporting some sexy skivvies!

Blair and Skye's little feud is much more entertaining these days. And just wait till Blair finds out what Max and Skye have been up to!

So Lindsay's going to close the gallery -- who would notice?

Somebody on the OLTL writing staff has done their homework regarding Skye's past. I loved it when she told Max about the time she faked a coma (to test then-husband Tom Cudahy's devotion) -- I remember that!

I picture poor Jennifer Rappaport on crutches at the Swiss Air terminal waiting for her mother to arrive. I guess Lindsay's concern for her daughter evaporates once she makes up with Bo.

Asa hit the roof when he found Jess and Will in a hot 'n' heavy smooch. Gee, Asa, what did you think they were doing at the Bayberry Inn -- playing tiddly-winks?

Did anyone else get misty-eyed when Bo was looking in his closet for a flashlight only to uncover a cache of Nora-related mementos (their wedding photo and a ribbon from a dance contest) *sniff*.

When Hank found out that Bo had proposed to Lindsay and wouldn't take no for an answer, he told his good buddy, "We need to get you to the hospital, that electric gate fried more than your chest hair." You said it, brother!

Till next week!



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